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66 Angelic Heart Healing with Archangel Chamuel - Audio CD

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Experience the vibration of divine love and the powerful healing energies of Archangel Chamuel.

What is this Angel Guided Meditation about?

This meditation focuses on establishing a strong connecting with Archangel Chamuel and learning how to open and clear the heart chakra. 

This angel meditation will assist you in experiencing complete relaxation and it also includes a powerful angelic attunement to Archangel Chamuel. You'll also have an opportunity to: -

  • Explore and understand the self
  • Release hurts and grievances of past experiences
  • Tap into a pure and spiritual energy where no hurt exists
  • Increase your ability to love
  • Increase your ability to hold compassion,
  • Discover how to forgive
  • Learn how to accept others and yourself
  • Remove grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others
  • Learn how to transform hurt into love
  • Discover how to open your heart to new people and new experiences
  • Discover how letting go is as easy as making a choice
  • Learn how to let go and move on
  • Increase your ability to create openness
  • Increase your ability to foster empathy and compassion
  • Heal your heart chakra so you can give love and receive love
  • Experience the power of Archangel Chamuel and his legion of ministering angels
The objective of this healing meditation is to help you establish a strong connection with Archangel Chamuel and to help you open and heal your heart chakra. We will be programming a crystal in this guided meditation, so ensure you have a crystal of your choice, or a silver or gold ring with you.

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Linda Parsons from London, UK   5 Stars
What a fabulous meditation. I had some wonderful experiences and I am so happy with this meditation. I have been working with my angels for some time now and was still doubting what I was getting. There was no doubt with this meditation. Thank you so much for this, it is fabulous.

Reviewer: Sarah from Bedford, UK   5 Stars
This was a very beautiful meditation and the timing of it perfect for what is happening in my life. Thank you Jill and Archangel Chamuel

Reviewer: Becky P from California, USA   5 Stars
Unique, informative and uplifting. This meditation with Archangel Chamuel is a wonderful way in which to clear and open the heart chakra. I feel balanced and clear. Thank you Chamuel and Jill