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September 2016
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Archangel Raguel – Where Are You Going?

Archangel Raguel
Archangel Raguel – Where Are You Going?

Today, the angelic realm draw close to you because your inner soul’s light is looking dull. There is a need for you to ruminate upon what you have built in your life and why. Often when you are unhappy, it is because your life is an array of other people’s expectations and not your own. Are you living life on your own terms or someone else’s?

We encourage you to make some time to think about where you are going with your life, and we lovingly support and encourage you to put aside all the unnecessary emotional baggage which you have accumulated over years. Release your worries to us, don’t concern yourself about status and how others may view you. It is time to stop listening to others who deem it their purpose to interfere with your soul’s journey, by telling you what they think is good for you. Instead go within and listen to what your heart is calling for you to do and be. 

To listen to others and do what you feel others expect of you, will only result in you wasting time pursuing goals that were not part of your soul plan, and which are of no benefit to you in the future.

If you really do look into your life, you will see that truthfully, you would like nothing more than to change your lifestyle and have some personal time for you and your loved ones, so you can experience freedom and independence. Your inner-self would really prefer freedom, experimentation and flexibility right now, not rigid work schedules. Reignite your passions, when you live your life on your terms, your soul is colourful, radiant and reveals the beauty that is you.

Your life’s journey is not about the destination, but the journey itself, experience each day in its fullest sense, be present in the now and make it matter to you. It is not a crime nor a sin to enjoy life. Have fun, play, dance and sing. If in doubt of where to go and what to do, call upon me, I will bring you the answers you need in your dreams.

Blessed be,
Archangel Raguel

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