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October 2016
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Archangel_MurielBlessings I AM Archangel Muriel and I come forward today to support you with any turmoil that you may be going through. Turmoil is when one feels great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty and yet, this unfolds because the beliefs, values, and behaviour your are clinging to, no longer are part of your soul’s journey.
Like a tree, the more you cling to staying put, eventually the winds of change will snap that, which is unyielding to the changes that need to take place.
Letting go and being willing to step into the unknown is a test of faith. A test that for you to trust in yourself, the world and spiritual realm to support you in everything. Everything you are experiencing at this time is because you are strong enough, clever enough and ready to deal with what is unfolding. In other words you have completed one exam with flying colours and now you are ready for the next. The more tested you are, the more spiritually enlightened you are becoming.
The song ‘Let it be’, is about just that, let things be, and stop trying to change things that you have no control over. Allow yourself to have faith and allow that faith to gently carry you through the storm you find yourself in.
By looking at what options are available to you and making plans for all eventualities, you will begin to see that what you once thought was a block, is in fact a doorway.
Today be willing to look at what you are resisting, or afraid to embrace. Instead of resisting or being afraid, call upon me and allow me to hold your hand and gently support you with each new decision, belief or action you take. Just remember storms do not last forever, and with a calm, level headed approach, just breath, accept it is time to move forward and let it be 🙂
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