Archangel Jophiel – Are You In Your Natural State?

canstockphoto21335442-1Archangel Jophiel – “Today open your heart and enter into your natural state of love and light. You are reminded that fun is not a sin and that when you immerse yourself in fun, you transform yourself back to the natural state of love and light.

Today allow yourself to experience pleasure, there are no fires in hell waiting to condemn you for entering into fun and joy. Your authentic soul is one of fun and joy, therefore beloved ones, look at where currently are, if you are not having fun, then you should not be where you are. 

If there is not enjoyment where you are, you shouldn’t be there. Life is not meant to be painful, unhappy and sterile. Your choices will dictate how much you experience your natural state, so if life is not easy and you are not joyful, reclaim your fun and go play. If you are surrounded by others who are fun-less, then recognise your soul is reminding you, that you belong elsewhere and with other more fun, joyous, loving and light people.

In order to open another door, you must go where you can experience fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun today.”

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