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October 2017
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Hirohito – What Are You Thinking? The Japanese way to happiness…

Whether you are spiritual are not, please be open to reading the following, there may be a reason why you found this particular page.
Whilst visiting Japan for my Metatronic Spiritual School Tour, on my day off from teaching my students and meeting with clients for private sessions. I had decided to spend the morning at a little cafe tucked away from the noise and bustle of Tokyo. Down a small alleyway, was this lovely little Japanese cafe with an English theme. It had just a couple of tables and chairs and beautiful flowers in a vase. It was though it had magically appeared just for me. I sat down and ordered a coffee and something to eat.
I was enjoying the tranquillity when I felt the presence of spirit with me. I said hello and invited them to make themselves known. What follows is a discourse with a Japanese male who said his name was Hirohito. When I asked who he was and what he did, he said his physical role was not important. What he did in his last incarnation was not important, what was important is that he was simply known as divine energy, for in truth he said, that is what everything is.
He wished to share some of his knowledge with me to help me and asked me if I would like his assistance. At the time of ordering my coffee, I was wondering why life had so many ups and downs, so many disparities. My thoughts had drawn Hirohito to me. I invited Hirohito to share with me everything that he wanted to. I asked him if it was possible to write down his comments, so that I could share them with others to which he agreed. Here is what he had to say: –
“In Japan the most important aspect in life is respect.
Respect for all things, from a flea to a tall building, everything is representation of divine energy.
Having respect for your self and others is number one priority. How is your brain? What energy permeates those magnetic cells? If you think radiant thoughts you experience a radiant day. If you think sad negative thoughts, you experience a sad day. When you think radiant thoughts your energy fields are open to receiving divine energy, when you are sad, your cells are closed to receiving divine energy.

Your brain radiates highly charged magneto energy and the energies of a human brain reciprocate with the energies around it. Both feed each other. When your life is stagnant, you must first consider where in brain, your stagnant energy lies.
Let me give example. You look at a person you love but look at their faults, not their qualities. This interrupts flow of energy between you. Therefore, communication energy between you is not even, in harmony. This creates disharmony in your relationship with this person.
Now apply this to your business. If your workspace is filled with books, files, papers strewn everywhere, this shows disrespect to these things and it interrupts flow of energy and makes good work and financial flow difficult. For example, are you showing respect to the items on your desk? Respect must be shown even to a piece of paper.
Think of how Mother Earth has given of her energy to feed tree, think of energy given from tree to create said paper.
Place items neatly, give papers, books, pens, space to breathe. Open window to allow oxygen to purify and clear stagnant energy. If you have to move something in order to do something else, this is not good energy.
The more harmonious you are, the cleaner, purer your space, the quicker the flow of good fortune and luck will find you.
When a baby is born it is surrounded by a large aura infused with divine love. The first thing baby requires is food, warmth and shelter. When baby first takes its nourishment of mothers milk, it is a great example of human core nature. For it is not taking but sharing.
The baby helps physical release, sometimes eases pain in breast of mother. Mother gives her nourishment, warmth and love.
At the core of humanity is the desire to share love and support one another. There is mutual respect. If humanity can remember that only greatness can be achieved through respect and sharing, then much of humanities issues would be healed and happiness would be the energy upon Earth.
When you arise what are you thinking? You must be aware of how strong mind is and you must determine whether mind controls your experiences, or whether heart controls mind, which then determines experiences.
Prayer, meditation enables day to begin in love, gratitude and happiness. When someone is angry, they are expressing pain. When someone is cruel or nasty, they are expressing pain. Rather than reciprocate to another with same energy, thereby fuelling said energy, feel their pain. Acknowledge their dis-ease.
Ask how you may help to ease their suffering. This accomplishes two very important things. First, it makes person acknowledge their pain, their suffering and once they become aware of this, they unconsciously take the responsibility for their issues. Secondly, it opens communication which releases pain and suffering. It leads to greater debate and understanding.
Always come from a place of serenity. Sometimes one may have to show extreme patience, extreme tolerance, but in doing so, you help your inner energy stay at optimum level, so well-being and balance are maintained. You also ensure you continue to draw to you good energy. If you get angry, shout, you force energy out of your inner core like an explosion and this places great stress on the physical cells. It puts the immunity of the body under extreme duress and it shocks the physical cells.
Remembering your true core soul energy of giving and receiving, in gentle manner will help you to live long and prosper. To avoid confrontation, always listen and focus on understanding and learning. There is no need for comment unless you are asked for your thoughts on said topic of conversation.
Mankind is too quick to open mouth before engaging heart and mind. This is cause of much suffering. Great thought must be given to reply. You do not have to answer immediately. Consider is reply from heart or mind? Is it different in heart to what scientific, logical mind thinks? Can a balance between both heart and mind be found? Does answer help, or hinder conversation? For it is very important, energy response is with respect and love.
Does this mean you deny your integrity? No. Honesty is essential, one must never deny or jeopardise its integrity, but honesty that demonstrates respect, understanding and desire to find amicable solution is best. For example, husband says to wife “I am unhappy you have no time for me now we have children.”
If wife responds instantly, it is human nature to defend. Logical scientific mind will justify with reasons causing more pain and suffering for both husband and wife. But, if wife listens, breathes, contemplates, searches her heart and mind, she may feel husbands pain, even her own pain perhaps and acknowledge the pain.
Perhaps she may say… “I am sorry you feel I do not have time for you. I am sad also that we do not spend as much time together. How do you propose together we can make this better between us, what would you like me to do to help us rectify this situation?”
So you see this response make husband feel understood, it eases his pain and this fosters further dialogue and helps promote love energy between both husband and wife.
The human brain is always thinking. In Ancient Days it was possible to experience great peace by not thinking. The art of Nothingness, where nothing is present, nothing is important, learning to blank the mind was a talent many spiritual masters practised.
Learn to spend time doing nothing except breathing. Try to practise not thinking. Sit and every time you have a thought say “Blank”, then go back to nothingness, it will bring you great inner peace and harmony. To help you, you could focus on an object like flower, or sit and observe a scene without thinking. Learn to just observe without thought. Try to do this for one minute, then build until you can attain one hour. This enables your energies to heal mind, body and spirit quickly. It is way to allow body to use energies for healing time.
The way to enlightenment is through happiness and happiness is found in respecting Divine Energy. I will leave you to enjoy your refreshment and practice art of blanking the mind. Namaste.
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