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December 2018
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Ignatia – Algalithian Galactic Wisdom – Now it begins

Hello, I AM Ignatia of the Algalithians. Although you channel me as one voice, know that we are a collective consciousness and that the best frequency to commune with you is through Ignatia, who is one of our Higher Council Advisors.
We have come forward and are most excited of this opportunity to speak with you today. For aeons, we have awaited the time when humanity would be ready for the great galactic shift, which will relaunch humanity back on the path it was meant to travel upon.
For much of your planet’s evolution, there has been an impasse of energy surrounding your planet that has kept your ability to advance and evolve very much at bay. Loops of wars, disease, tragedy, famine and poverty are continuous loops that despite having amassed lots of knowledge over a period of time, very little has been done on an intellectual scale to overcome these issues humanity face.
Like a time loop, you are now conditioned to keep making the same mistakes, repeating patterns of behaviour, sticking with what you know rather than collectively combining knowledge, beliefs, opinions and ideas that work for the greater good.
So why now have we come forward, why are you able to communicate with us? The multi-universes have many entry and exit points, vibrationally they change, as they change, each entry and exit point meet up or close. It has taken some time, but finally, the vibration and frequency of Mother Earth, which is very much conditionally to the vibration and frequency of humanity, has managed to align itself with our energy portal.
(Note from Jill – I am picturing here the moving staircases in Harry Potter film the Philosopher’s Stone, at certain times the staircases thereby allowing access to other parts of Hogwarts Castle that at other times remained inaccessible)
You are right that we already know what you are thinking. Our ability is to read everything within your energy field, so it may seem strange that we answer you, as you think something, but you will get used to it. You are correct there is nothing you can hide, all is transparent, but this is not something to be feared, in fact, it should be refreshing because there is nothing to fear. For if you are afraid or unsure we will work with you to allay your concerns or help you to understand more fully.
So back to your first thought about Earth’s vibrational frequencies being in alignment with ours. Yes, we could have used our technology to visit you, or we could have telepathically communicated with you, but what we wish to bring to help humanity at this time, would not have been believed nor well received.
Our teachings in many ways will be very radically different to all you have learnt before. Our way of being will rattle the very strong fears of those who use power to control others and things. Our way disempowers those who would desire have things purely for themselves.
Our way creates peace, harmony, equality and balance. There is still individuality, but with that individuality, there is an essence of honouring others, so we are not clones of one another, nor are we robotic. We have free will, but we use that free will to support not suppress life.
Can our teachings and technology help you? We know they can. The question is, is humanity ready for the great galactic shift, which is to come? Will humanity now embrace what we have to offer them? We think the time to sow new seeds of opportunity is now.
One of the ways in which we can help you is to show you how you can use your current level of technology to assist you in healing without the need for infusing chemicals and poisons into the body.
Already, many starseed ancient masters have and are entering planet Earth to assist in the rebirthing of humanity. In the time to come, there will be those who are unable to embrace the new way of being, sadly not all can be saved in the way we would like them to be saved. When we talk of saving, we describe this in human terms, for in your eyes, this would mean avoiding the physical transformation you term as death.
Over the coming months and years, we will assist those of you who are ready to embark on a new way of living and being. Our guidance and suggestions are offered with love and hope for humanity. We will bring teachings about how to use your energy bodies correctly. How you can use your energy bodies to heal yourself. We can offer you insight into God, the nature of being spiritual, insight in time, space, illusion, reality and most importantly how to focus your energies to heal physical impediments that are currently seen as incurable.
We understand your desire to download and take as much information as you can, but like creating the perfect presentation, everything must be done in stages if it is to be understood, embraced and absorbed.
We have forged our way through many similar issues humanity has and is dealing with. We have assisted other starseed races in similar quests. Our desire is to build and create a greater galactic family for the future, just as you hop in your vehicles to visit your relations, it is hoped that in the not too distant future, visiting your galactic family will be just as easy.
You will get to know more about us soon but for now, we hope you will allow us to show you how to begin using just more than 10-15% of your brain and your energy fields for greater personal transformation. At this time, personal transformation is key, for once you see the benefits of what we offer you, the more you will embrace some of our more radical knowledge which challenges some of your current scientific and spiritual beliefs.
For now, here is something to consider, ponder and try to find the answer to, when you have a thought, where does that thought come from? It may be processed within the cerebrum, but where does it originate from? How does thought affect your perception of everything within and without you?
It has been my honour to communicate with you.
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