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December 2018
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Ignatia – Algalithian Galactic Wisdom – Move the Without

Hello, it is my pleasure to assist you more in your understanding of yourselves and what is next in your own personal transformation and evolution.
So many of you are not sure what you are, what you are doing and what you will face next. It is extremely interesting how much worrying and forboding humans have. Generation after generation has trained each new soul from birth to run the programmes of worrying, fearing, doubting and untrusting. This is so far from what you were meant to experience.
It would please us greatly if you would begin to consider yourself as a body of connective light within which a multi-dimensional interface of knowledge and wisdom is held. For example, your Akashic records create a false illusion of what the Akash is. For many of you believe it is linear, a long record somewhere of everything you have ever been, done, felt or thought, through the aeons of time. In reality, your Akash is in the embodiment of the multi-universes consciousness and it is also at the same time, held within your own energy fields.
All the knowledge, the wisdom, the memories, everything is already within your own energy fields, your energy fields are the Akaash and they are a part of your soul, which can guide, inspire, motivate and demotivate you. Those moments when you have what you term a ‘Deja vue’, are when you unconsciously attune to your own Akash energy fields. This is why you can seemingly pull out of nowhere a memory of information that you didn’t know previously existed within.
Your ancestors and those ancestors before them had limited intelligence, so going back all the way through history, everything was explained and written about, with the limited intelligence capacity those ancestors had. This means that when you read old ancient texts, remember that these beings had a lower state of consciousness than you. This means that you cannot take what was written literally, instead you must read with compassion, and see how it may have been, not as it was.
Again, using what was written in the past, learn to access within your own Akash energy fields and remember those times. For rest assured, you will be able to recall either being around at that time or a similar circumstance. The original teachings of Ancient beings are not without you but within you.
It is time now to release what you know and begin again. Times are changing rapidly upon your planet. This is a powerful and beautiful opportunity to reframe, amend and begin anew. If you have been trained to think one way from birth, it is possible to retrain how you perceive information and use that information. All it needs is your willingness to start taking steps towards remaining open, nonjudgmental and focused.
To prepare yourself, begin to affirm that you can access all the knowledge within your Akash energy fields. Command your own Akash energy fields to reconnect you to the positive information that helps you to reconnect with your true soul magnetic frequencies. Do not be in a rush and expect instantaneous revelations, but instead trust within yourself that all will be revealed. During moments of tranquillity, or prior to sleep, command your Akash energy fields to open so you may retrieve information which assists you in your next stage of evolution. Command your Akash energy fields to bring you that which will motivate, inspire, elevate and expand your consciousness to a higher level.
Should you find yourself in a situation that is negative, challenging, worrisome, step back from the energy. Take a few minutes to breathe and reconnect with peace, and then ask your Akash energy fields to access the information which will help you deal with the situation.
Ask your Akash energy fields to find the information, the memories of the best way you can deal with this situation and most importantly of all, relearn to trust what comes to you. Relearn to listen to your own inner navigation system, whether you call it your inner voice, your soul, your intuitive wisdom. The key message for today is learning to listen to your inner voice, above all else. Remember you are an ancient wise multi-dimensional master.
Develop a relationship with your inner voice. Listen to what it tells you or makes you feel. If you feel a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach, it is alerting you to being out of alignment. When this happens, spend a few moments in meditation, bringing everything into alignment. Spend a few moments grounding your energies. Drink water to cleanse and clear your energies. If necessary, wash, bathe or shower to reset your energy fields. Then, you will find things easier to deal with.
Remember, our guidance is offered for your kind consideration, in the hope that it will help you begin to remember your true essence and connect with the ancient wisdom that lies within you.
Goodbye for now
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