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March 2019
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Archangel Haniel – The Power of Synchronicity


Hello my beloved ones.

Today you are asked to work on being more consciously aware of synchronicity in your life.

Synchronicity is akin to an angel alarm, alerting you to pay attention to what is unfolding and what doorways are opening up to you. Synchronicity can come by way of numbers, colours, music, experiences, people, particular words or even particular dreams.

Synchronicity is when everything moves into alignment. Like a bridge that had its arms raised, but is now lowered, to allow you passage. Synchronicity is when everything has come together, joined up in unison so you can see the way forward.

Doorways of opportunity exist all the time and each time you experience synchronicity, recognise this as confirmation that you are advancing, you are being helped.

During periods of synchronicity, try to move into the energy of what is being conveyed to you. If for example you keep seeing numbers 17:17 or 71:71, 4:44 44:88 or number sequences 132, 231, 123, move into the presence of the numbers given to you during meditation. Or hold the visualization as you prepare to go to sleep.

This will enable you to receive guidance and experience a shift in your awareness. Sometimes with numbers, rather than a specific message, they may be source codes that help change your energy frequencies. By meditating upon these synchronistic symbols, you will open up your pathway. Allow your energy to flow freely today, and be open to the world of synchronicity.

Archangel Haniel







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