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June 2019
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Inner Fire – Archangel Michael

ASCENDED MASTER MARY MAGDALENE – Controlling Energy Displacement

Dear ones, please take a moment to stop and breathe. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the drama of life as soon as you open your eyes but when this happens your energies are displaced, which in turn, displaces your focus, your emotions and your actions.

Guided meditation, Meditation or prayer, even if it is just two minutes really helps you to stop the displacement of your energy fields. Try to think of your four energy bodies like water. When you wake up and jump into action, this means that the waves on the surface of your energy fields are creating turbulence in the deepest waters of your soul.

By breathing, and focusing on where your energies are, consciously grounding your energies, you instead smooth the turbulent waves above you, or at least you prevent them from destabilising you.

Learning to shield yourself from negativity is an art form. It is necessary to always be aware of how your core energy is behaving, it is being controlled by external factors? Or, are you able to ensure you can calmly and peacefully stay centred?

Learning to stay centred ensures you can remain open to what is unfolding, compassionate, understanding and detached. You may believe being detached means you do not care, but this is not true. Being detached means you are not swayed by human emotion or logic, instead, it gives you the ability to choose how to view and act for the greater good of all whilst maintaining balance. It is seeing and hearing from a spiritual perspective.

You may like to, if your day has begun in a whirl of frenetic energy, take a moment to just breathe, focus on your solar plexus, feel where within you there is any misalignment, anxiety, frustration or irritation. Imagine that energy like the waves of the ocean and breathe gently to calm down those waves. When you do this, the deepest waters of your soul will ensure your outer energy fields are a lake of calm, peace and serenity. I bid you a day of peace, love and joy.

Mary Magdalene.

Archangel Jophiel – Are You In Your Natural State?

canstockphoto21335442-1Archangel Jophiel – “Today open your heart and enter into your natural state of love and light. You are reminded that fun is not a sin and that when you immerse yourself in fun, you transform yourself back to the natural state of love and light.

Today allow yourself to experience pleasure, there are no fires in hell waiting to condemn you for entering into fun and joy. Your authentic soul is one of fun and joy, therefore beloved ones, look at where currently are, if you are not having fun, then you should not be where you are. 

If there is not enjoyment where you are, you shouldn’t be there. Life is not meant to be painful, unhappy and sterile. Your choices will dictate how much you experience your natural state, so if life is not easy and you are not joyful, reclaim your fun and go play. If you are surrounded by others who are fun-less, then recognise your soul is reminding you, that you belong elsewhere and with other more fun, joyous, loving and light people.

In order to open another door, you must go where you can experience fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun today.”



archangel gabrielToday you asked to speak up about something that has been bothering you for some time. Don’t worry for Archangel Gabriel will help you to find and say the right words, but you are urged to speak from your heart, so that you can free yourself. Failure to speak up will mean you continue to be emotionally unavailable. You have the right to say what you feel and you have the right to be heard, so don’t become out of touch with what you’re feeling, say it and feel glad that you have finally cleared the air.

Don’t be caught off-guard – Archangel Michael


TArchangel-Michael-Protectionoday you will be drawn to new, unusual and different ideas and all of these could have an emotional impact upon you. This emotional impact can affect the way in which you view your relationships and personal security, so be alert and don’t allow others to catch you off-guard and deflate your enthusiasm to change or be different. You were meant to effect change in the lives of others, so don’t worry if others view you as eccentric or a social reformer.

Archangel Michael – Spiritual Teacher

02-michael-copyIf you are feeling unfulfilled at this time, recognise your soul is calling for you to spend time meditating, focusing upon your inner guidance and finding a spiritual teacher who can help you with guidance, counselling and wisdom. Your soul needs nourishment in the form of peace and enlightenment. Self-discovery is called for, go out into nature and meditate. Take a retreat or join a class. Consider ways in which your inner light can be made even brighter and immerse yourself in knowledge that will help you to expand your potential.

Archangel Nathaniel – New Doorways

01-nathaniel-copyToday the angels wrap you in cosmic love to help you realise and feel that you are invincible, and that whatever you try to do today, you can achieve.
Your angels ask you to trust in your inner guidance and if you are willing to make time to tune into the angelic support which is being offered to you, you will find who you need to be with, where you need to be and how to feel in tune with the universal life force energy so you’re in the flow.
New doorways are opening up, one which offers you a positive transformation, transmuting negative energies, negative people, so renew your faith in your angels who only desire the best for you.


Archangel Uriel - Angel MessengerToday you are being guided to recognise that each of life’s ups and downs are opportunities for you to explore your inner objectivity. The stronger the challenge you face, the more the angelic realm are surrounding you at this time.

The challenges, particularly the tough ones, are signs of your readiness to move up and onto a higher level of awareness. Once you have made that transition, the challenge will disappear. Rather than focus on the challenge, try to consider how this is serving you and the purpose of why this is unfolding in your own life. What inner qualities are you being called upon to access and utilise? Where can you best bring your own inner light to the situation and what is the best that you can do for you and all those concerned?


By examining your problems from this aspect, you will discover aspects about yourself that you didn’t realise you possess, be it inner strength, wisdom, faith to name just a few.


Find comfort that in your darkest hour, you are surrounded and connected with the angelic realm and that you are being guided. Stay calm, trust in divine order and allow yourself to be led by your angels through the darkness that you see before you.

Archangel Gabriel – Ending

Archangel Gabriel Message with Jill Harrison - Angel Messenger
Archangel Gabriel Message with Jill Harrison – Angel Messenger

I AM Love

Diamond heartAngel Message For The Day – Today the angels remind us that if we want more love in our lives we must open the door of our own heart to self-love. You cannot give to others what you lack for the self. By loving and honouring your spirit, you open the door to attracting more loving tenderness to you in return. The universe always returns what you send out, so just for today, let your mantra be “I AM LOVE”.