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June 2019
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Ascended Master Lady Nada – A Different Perspective

Today, I would like to offer my help so you can see your life from a different perspective.

Try, if you can, to perceive and imagine yourself sat way upon a beautiful white fluffy cloud.

As you look down upon the world, you can see nothing but rows, upon rows of gardens. Each garden has a pathway that leads you out into the wilderness. Call upon Archangel Uriel and ask for your own personal garden to be revealed to you.

Allow yourself to perceive, see and sense the energies of your own garden.

What do you perceive, feel and see?

Do you see a garden that has been well cared for? Is it well planned, orderly, are there beautiful colourful blooms, wholesome fruits and vegetables to sustain you?

Or do you see an unkempt, overgrown garden with weeds?

When you look at your life as if it was a garden, it gives you the ability to see your life from a different perspective. It reveals to you what you have sown and created. It reveals how much you have focused your time and energy on a particular area. It helps you to highlight those areas, that perhaps are beginning to allow the darkness of weeds, to hide an aspect of yourself or inhibit your ability to grow and flourish.

If within your garden you were able to see birds, wildlife, butterflies, your aura is open and you are happy to share yourself. If your garden is walled or gated, you may fear being vulnerable.

Is your garden tranquil and peaceful? Is the design of it chaotic?

What you see in your garden, is what you currently hold within yourself. Everything you can see will help you learn to understand yourself and what you are beginning to manifest.

Your garden will help you to learn to show love, forgiveness and compassion to each aspect of yourself that you have forgotten to nurture. The beauty of your garden can easily be transformed. When you find the need for inner peace, retreat to your inner garden. Spend time tending to your inner garden.

Here you will be shown what you need to uproot and discard. Here you can plant new seeds of consciousness and nurture your garden with divine energy. The garden can represent your own energy fields. Each section will help you contemplate and nurture your own soul’s growth.

If you don’t know where to start, draw a grid of 12 squares upon your garden and put into those 12 squares either spiritual qualities, or personal and professional areas you have in your life. Be sure to create a space for play and creativity. Make a space for your friends and family. Your career, Your home, your emotional needs, your physical needs, so on and so on.

Learn to bring your spiritual insights down into the physical world. Begin with ensuring each segment of your garden holds peace and balance. If it doesn’t, who or what, do you need to release in order to gain peace? You cannot plant something new, without clearing and preparing the ground.

As you venture through each segment of your inner garden, do the energies there bring you a feeling of expansion or restriction? Learn to be conscious of the energies in your own garden.

The beauty of your own garden is that, as it is a reflection of your own energies, you have all the tools you need to transform your inner garden. You can create an incredible place. Look at where you need to plant forgiveness, love, mercy, compassion, hope, faith and joy.

Plant and allow yourself to grow an abundance of colour. Create your own personal sanctuary. The more unified and energised your inner garden becomes, the greater the outer-world will begin to manifest what you are creating.

Creation is a dance, it is a weave of energies, and it is a harmonious, colourful vibration. The more you come to this place, the greater the change you can experience in your own life.

Think of yourself as the constructor of an orchestra, the way in which you use your own conscious energy will weave and create the music of your life.

Your garden is your musical masterpiece that helps your garden to grow. Never be afraid to dream and create. Providing you nurture and take care of your dreams, you will find you can achieve everything you set out to do.

Blessed be
Ascended Master Lady Nada

ASCENDED MASTER MARY MAGDALENE – Controlling Energy Displacement

Dear ones, please take a moment to stop and breathe. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the drama of life as soon as you open your eyes but when this happens your energies are displaced, which in turn, displaces your focus, your emotions and your actions.

Guided meditation, Meditation or prayer, even if it is just two minutes really helps you to stop the displacement of your energy fields. Try to think of your four energy bodies like water. When you wake up and jump into action, this means that the waves on the surface of your energy fields are creating turbulence in the deepest waters of your soul.

By breathing, and focusing on where your energies are, consciously grounding your energies, you instead smooth the turbulent waves above you, or at least you prevent them from destabilising you.

Learning to shield yourself from negativity is an art form. It is necessary to always be aware of how your core energy is behaving, it is being controlled by external factors? Or, are you able to ensure you can calmly and peacefully stay centred?

Learning to stay centred ensures you can remain open to what is unfolding, compassionate, understanding and detached. You may believe being detached means you do not care, but this is not true. Being detached means you are not swayed by human emotion or logic, instead, it gives you the ability to choose how to view and act for the greater good of all whilst maintaining balance. It is seeing and hearing from a spiritual perspective.

You may like to, if your day has begun in a whirl of frenetic energy, take a moment to just breathe, focus on your solar plexus, feel where within you there is any misalignment, anxiety, frustration or irritation. Imagine that energy like the waves of the ocean and breathe gently to calm down those waves. When you do this, the deepest waters of your soul will ensure your outer energy fields are a lake of calm, peace and serenity. I bid you a day of peace, love and joy.

Mary Magdalene.