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June 2019
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Ascended Master Lady Nada – A Different Perspective

Today, I would like to offer my help so you can see your life from a different perspective.

Try, if you can, to perceive and imagine yourself sat way upon a beautiful white fluffy cloud.

As you look down upon the world, you can see nothing but rows, upon rows of gardens. Each garden has a pathway that leads you out into the wilderness. Call upon Archangel Uriel and ask for your own personal garden to be revealed to you.

Allow yourself to perceive, see and sense the energies of your own garden.

What do you perceive, feel and see?

Do you see a garden that has been well cared for? Is it well planned, orderly, are there beautiful colourful blooms, wholesome fruits and vegetables to sustain you?

Or do you see an unkempt, overgrown garden with weeds?

When you look at your life as if it was a garden, it gives you the ability to see your life from a different perspective. It reveals to you what you have sown and created. It reveals how much you have focused your time and energy on a particular area. It helps you to highlight those areas, that perhaps are beginning to allow the darkness of weeds, to hide an aspect of yourself or inhibit your ability to grow and flourish.

If within your garden you were able to see birds, wildlife, butterflies, your aura is open and you are happy to share yourself. If your garden is walled or gated, you may fear being vulnerable.

Is your garden tranquil and peaceful? Is the design of it chaotic?

What you see in your garden, is what you currently hold within yourself. Everything you can see will help you learn to understand yourself and what you are beginning to manifest.

Your garden will help you to learn to show love, forgiveness and compassion to each aspect of yourself that you have forgotten to nurture. The beauty of your garden can easily be transformed. When you find the need for inner peace, retreat to your inner garden. Spend time tending to your inner garden.

Here you will be shown what you need to uproot and discard. Here you can plant new seeds of consciousness and nurture your garden with divine energy. The garden can represent your own energy fields. Each section will help you contemplate and nurture your own soul’s growth.

If you don’t know where to start, draw a grid of 12 squares upon your garden and put into those 12 squares either spiritual qualities, or personal and professional areas you have in your life. Be sure to create a space for play and creativity. Make a space for your friends and family. Your career, Your home, your emotional needs, your physical needs, so on and so on.

Learn to bring your spiritual insights down into the physical world. Begin with ensuring each segment of your garden holds peace and balance. If it doesn’t, who or what, do you need to release in order to gain peace? You cannot plant something new, without clearing and preparing the ground.

As you venture through each segment of your inner garden, do the energies there bring you a feeling of expansion or restriction? Learn to be conscious of the energies in your own garden.

The beauty of your own garden is that, as it is a reflection of your own energies, you have all the tools you need to transform your inner garden. You can create an incredible place. Look at where you need to plant forgiveness, love, mercy, compassion, hope, faith and joy.

Plant and allow yourself to grow an abundance of colour. Create your own personal sanctuary. The more unified and energised your inner garden becomes, the greater the outer-world will begin to manifest what you are creating.

Creation is a dance, it is a weave of energies, and it is a harmonious, colourful vibration. The more you come to this place, the greater the change you can experience in your own life.

Think of yourself as the constructor of an orchestra, the way in which you use your own conscious energy will weave and create the music of your life.

Your garden is your musical masterpiece that helps your garden to grow. Never be afraid to dream and create. Providing you nurture and take care of your dreams, you will find you can achieve everything you set out to do.

Blessed be
Ascended Master Lady Nada

Ignatia – Algalithian Galactic Wisdom – Move the Without

Hello, it is my pleasure to assist you more in your understanding of yourselves and what is next in your own personal transformation and evolution.
So many of you are not sure what you are, what you are doing and what you will face next. It is extremely interesting how much worrying and forboding humans have. Generation after generation has trained each new soul from birth to run the programmes of worrying, fearing, doubting and untrusting. This is so far from what you were meant to experience.
It would please us greatly if you would begin to consider yourself as a body of connective light within which a multi-dimensional interface of knowledge and wisdom is held. For example, your Akashic records create a false illusion of what the Akash is. For many of you believe it is linear, a long record somewhere of everything you have ever been, done, felt or thought, through the aeons of time. In reality, your Akash is in the embodiment of the multi-universes consciousness and it is also at the same time, held within your own energy fields.
All the knowledge, the wisdom, the memories, everything is already within your own energy fields, your energy fields are the Akaash and they are a part of your soul, which can guide, inspire, motivate and demotivate you. Those moments when you have what you term a ‘Deja vue’, are when you unconsciously attune to your own Akash energy fields. This is why you can seemingly pull out of nowhere a memory of information that you didn’t know previously existed within.
Your ancestors and those ancestors before them had limited intelligence, so going back all the way through history, everything was explained and written about, with the limited intelligence capacity those ancestors had. This means that when you read old ancient texts, remember that these beings had a lower state of consciousness than you. This means that you cannot take what was written literally, instead you must read with compassion, and see how it may have been, not as it was.
Again, using what was written in the past, learn to access within your own Akash energy fields and remember those times. For rest assured, you will be able to recall either being around at that time or a similar circumstance. The original teachings of Ancient beings are not without you but within you.
It is time now to release what you know and begin again. Times are changing rapidly upon your planet. This is a powerful and beautiful opportunity to reframe, amend and begin anew. If you have been trained to think one way from birth, it is possible to retrain how you perceive information and use that information. All it needs is your willingness to start taking steps towards remaining open, nonjudgmental and focused.
To prepare yourself, begin to affirm that you can access all the knowledge within your Akash energy fields. Command your own Akash energy fields to reconnect you to the positive information that helps you to reconnect with your true soul magnetic frequencies. Do not be in a rush and expect instantaneous revelations, but instead trust within yourself that all will be revealed. During moments of tranquillity, or prior to sleep, command your Akash energy fields to open so you may retrieve information which assists you in your next stage of evolution. Command your Akash energy fields to bring you that which will motivate, inspire, elevate and expand your consciousness to a higher level.
Should you find yourself in a situation that is negative, challenging, worrisome, step back from the energy. Take a few minutes to breathe and reconnect with peace, and then ask your Akash energy fields to access the information which will help you deal with the situation.
Ask your Akash energy fields to find the information, the memories of the best way you can deal with this situation and most importantly of all, relearn to trust what comes to you. Relearn to listen to your own inner navigation system, whether you call it your inner voice, your soul, your intuitive wisdom. The key message for today is learning to listen to your inner voice, above all else. Remember you are an ancient wise multi-dimensional master.
Develop a relationship with your inner voice. Listen to what it tells you or makes you feel. If you feel a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach, it is alerting you to being out of alignment. When this happens, spend a few moments in meditation, bringing everything into alignment. Spend a few moments grounding your energies. Drink water to cleanse and clear your energies. If necessary, wash, bathe or shower to reset your energy fields. Then, you will find things easier to deal with.
Remember, our guidance is offered for your kind consideration, in the hope that it will help you begin to remember your true essence and connect with the ancient wisdom that lies within you.
Goodbye for now

Archangel Uriel – The Inner Garden













Beloved ones; with life being so hectic, it is so very rare that you take time to enter into stillness. Many of you view making time for meditation, rumination, and even time for the self, as a hindrance.

If you continue to push on, and not take time to enter into stillness, you actually hinder your ability to process information and take action.  This in turn, creates even further frustration and stress.

If you experience frustration, or you feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, then please see this as the universe telling you to STOP. There is a place, a beautiful tranquil place, where you can receive healing; and this beautiful place offers you the opportunity to integrate information, in a simple way, so clarity is gained. What is this place? It is your inner garden.

The outside garden in the physical world contains weeds, dead leaves; and these need to be cleared, so that a resemblance of order can be seen and appreciated. Your mind contains weeds, dead leaves; and if you don’t take time to tend your inner garden, then your ability to process information and emotions becomes very tangled and overgrown. Make a point of not over-loading your brain. Remember to continually return to tend and care for your inner garden.

There is a time for activity and a time for stillness. Activity that is prolonged creates frustration and forced energies. Stillness creates time for planning, preparation, and gives you the opportunity to create a reserve of energy for the tasks ahead.

Today, take time to prune you inner garden. Allow yourself time to release the stress and strain of human living conditions. Be it prayer, meditation or simply taking time to breathe, if you make time for you, you will be in a much better position to serve the world.



Archangel Uriel.

Ignatia – Algalithian Galactic Wisdom – Now it begins

Hello, I AM Ignatia of the Algalithians. Although you channel me as one voice, know that we are a collective consciousness and that the best frequency to commune with you is through Ignatia, who is one of our Higher Council Advisors.
We have come forward and are most excited of this opportunity to speak with you today. For aeons, we have awaited the time when humanity would be ready for the great galactic shift, which will relaunch humanity back on the path it was meant to travel upon.
For much of your planet’s evolution, there has been an impasse of energy surrounding your planet that has kept your ability to advance and evolve very much at bay. Loops of wars, disease, tragedy, famine and poverty are continuous loops that despite having amassed lots of knowledge over a period of time, very little has been done on an intellectual scale to overcome these issues humanity face.
Like a time loop, you are now conditioned to keep making the same mistakes, repeating patterns of behaviour, sticking with what you know rather than collectively combining knowledge, beliefs, opinions and ideas that work for the greater good.
So why now have we come forward, why are you able to communicate with us? The multi-universes have many entry and exit points, vibrationally they change, as they change, each entry and exit point meet up or close. It has taken some time, but finally, the vibration and frequency of Mother Earth, which is very much conditionally to the vibration and frequency of humanity, has managed to align itself with our energy portal.
(Note from Jill – I am picturing here the moving staircases in Harry Potter film the Philosopher’s Stone, at certain times the staircases thereby allowing access to other parts of Hogwarts Castle that at other times remained inaccessible)
You are right that we already know what you are thinking. Our ability is to read everything within your energy field, so it may seem strange that we answer you, as you think something, but you will get used to it. You are correct there is nothing you can hide, all is transparent, but this is not something to be feared, in fact, it should be refreshing because there is nothing to fear. For if you are afraid or unsure we will work with you to allay your concerns or help you to understand more fully.
So back to your first thought about Earth’s vibrational frequencies being in alignment with ours. Yes, we could have used our technology to visit you, or we could have telepathically communicated with you, but what we wish to bring to help humanity at this time, would not have been believed nor well received.
Our teachings in many ways will be very radically different to all you have learnt before. Our way of being will rattle the very strong fears of those who use power to control others and things. Our way disempowers those who would desire have things purely for themselves.
Our way creates peace, harmony, equality and balance. There is still individuality, but with that individuality, there is an essence of honouring others, so we are not clones of one another, nor are we robotic. We have free will, but we use that free will to support not suppress life.
Can our teachings and technology help you? We know they can. The question is, is humanity ready for the great galactic shift, which is to come? Will humanity now embrace what we have to offer them? We think the time to sow new seeds of opportunity is now.
One of the ways in which we can help you is to show you how you can use your current level of technology to assist you in healing without the need for infusing chemicals and poisons into the body.
Already, many starseed ancient masters have and are entering planet Earth to assist in the rebirthing of humanity. In the time to come, there will be those who are unable to embrace the new way of being, sadly not all can be saved in the way we would like them to be saved. When we talk of saving, we describe this in human terms, for in your eyes, this would mean avoiding the physical transformation you term as death.
Over the coming months and years, we will assist those of you who are ready to embark on a new way of living and being. Our guidance and suggestions are offered with love and hope for humanity. We will bring teachings about how to use your energy bodies correctly. How you can use your energy bodies to heal yourself. We can offer you insight into God, the nature of being spiritual, insight in time, space, illusion, reality and most importantly how to focus your energies to heal physical impediments that are currently seen as incurable.
We understand your desire to download and take as much information as you can, but like creating the perfect presentation, everything must be done in stages if it is to be understood, embraced and absorbed.
We have forged our way through many similar issues humanity has and is dealing with. We have assisted other starseed races in similar quests. Our desire is to build and create a greater galactic family for the future, just as you hop in your vehicles to visit your relations, it is hoped that in the not too distant future, visiting your galactic family will be just as easy.
You will get to know more about us soon but for now, we hope you will allow us to show you how to begin using just more than 10-15% of your brain and your energy fields for greater personal transformation. At this time, personal transformation is key, for once you see the benefits of what we offer you, the more you will embrace some of our more radical knowledge which challenges some of your current scientific and spiritual beliefs.
For now, here is something to consider, ponder and try to find the answer to, when you have a thought, where does that thought come from? It may be processed within the cerebrum, but where does it originate from? How does thought affect your perception of everything within and without you?
It has been my honour to communicate with you.

Hirohito – What Are You Thinking? The Japanese way to happiness…

Whether you are spiritual are not, please be open to reading the following, there may be a reason why you found this particular page.
Whilst visiting Japan for my Metatronic Spiritual School Tour, on my day off from teaching my students and meeting with clients for private sessions. I had decided to spend the morning at a little cafe tucked away from the noise and bustle of Tokyo. Down a small alleyway, was this lovely little Japanese cafe with an English theme. It had just a couple of tables and chairs and beautiful flowers in a vase. It was though it had magically appeared just for me. I sat down and ordered a coffee and something to eat.
I was enjoying the tranquillity when I felt the presence of spirit with me. I said hello and invited them to make themselves known. What follows is a discourse with a Japanese male who said his name was Hirohito. When I asked who he was and what he did, he said his physical role was not important. What he did in his last incarnation was not important, what was important is that he was simply known as divine energy, for in truth he said, that is what everything is.
He wished to share some of his knowledge with me to help me and asked me if I would like his assistance. At the time of ordering my coffee, I was wondering why life had so many ups and downs, so many disparities. My thoughts had drawn Hirohito to me. I invited Hirohito to share with me everything that he wanted to. I asked him if it was possible to write down his comments, so that I could share them with others to which he agreed. Here is what he had to say: –
“In Japan the most important aspect in life is respect.
Respect for all things, from a flea to a tall building, everything is representation of divine energy.
Having respect for your self and others is number one priority. How is your brain? What energy permeates those magnetic cells? If you think radiant thoughts you experience a radiant day. If you think sad negative thoughts, you experience a sad day. When you think radiant thoughts your energy fields are open to receiving divine energy, when you are sad, your cells are closed to receiving divine energy.

Your brain radiates highly charged magneto energy and the energies of a human brain reciprocate with the energies around it. Both feed each other. When your life is stagnant, you must first consider where in brain, your stagnant energy lies.
Let me give example. You look at a person you love but look at their faults, not their qualities. This interrupts flow of energy between you. Therefore, communication energy between you is not even, in harmony. This creates disharmony in your relationship with this person.
Now apply this to your business. If your workspace is filled with books, files, papers strewn everywhere, this shows disrespect to these things and it interrupts flow of energy and makes good work and financial flow difficult. For example, are you showing respect to the items on your desk? Respect must be shown even to a piece of paper.
Think of how Mother Earth has given of her energy to feed tree, think of energy given from tree to create said paper.
Place items neatly, give papers, books, pens, space to breathe. Open window to allow oxygen to purify and clear stagnant energy. If you have to move something in order to do something else, this is not good energy.
The more harmonious you are, the cleaner, purer your space, the quicker the flow of good fortune and luck will find you.
When a baby is born it is surrounded by a large aura infused with divine love. The first thing baby requires is food, warmth and shelter. When baby first takes its nourishment of mothers milk, it is a great example of human core nature. For it is not taking but sharing.
The baby helps physical release, sometimes eases pain in breast of mother. Mother gives her nourishment, warmth and love.
At the core of humanity is the desire to share love and support one another. There is mutual respect. If humanity can remember that only greatness can be achieved through respect and sharing, then much of humanities issues would be healed and happiness would be the energy upon Earth.
When you arise what are you thinking? You must be aware of how strong mind is and you must determine whether mind controls your experiences, or whether heart controls mind, which then determines experiences.
Prayer, meditation enables day to begin in love, gratitude and happiness. When someone is angry, they are expressing pain. When someone is cruel or nasty, they are expressing pain. Rather than reciprocate to another with same energy, thereby fuelling said energy, feel their pain. Acknowledge their dis-ease.
Ask how you may help to ease their suffering. This accomplishes two very important things. First, it makes person acknowledge their pain, their suffering and once they become aware of this, they unconsciously take the responsibility for their issues. Secondly, it opens communication which releases pain and suffering. It leads to greater debate and understanding.
Always come from a place of serenity. Sometimes one may have to show extreme patience, extreme tolerance, but in doing so, you help your inner energy stay at optimum level, so well-being and balance are maintained. You also ensure you continue to draw to you good energy. If you get angry, shout, you force energy out of your inner core like an explosion and this places great stress on the physical cells. It puts the immunity of the body under extreme duress and it shocks the physical cells.
Remembering your true core soul energy of giving and receiving, in gentle manner will help you to live long and prosper. To avoid confrontation, always listen and focus on understanding and learning. There is no need for comment unless you are asked for your thoughts on said topic of conversation.
Mankind is too quick to open mouth before engaging heart and mind. This is cause of much suffering. Great thought must be given to reply. You do not have to answer immediately. Consider is reply from heart or mind? Is it different in heart to what scientific, logical mind thinks? Can a balance between both heart and mind be found? Does answer help, or hinder conversation? For it is very important, energy response is with respect and love.
Does this mean you deny your integrity? No. Honesty is essential, one must never deny or jeopardise its integrity, but honesty that demonstrates respect, understanding and desire to find amicable solution is best. For example, husband says to wife “I am unhappy you have no time for me now we have children.”
If wife responds instantly, it is human nature to defend. Logical scientific mind will justify with reasons causing more pain and suffering for both husband and wife. But, if wife listens, breathes, contemplates, searches her heart and mind, she may feel husbands pain, even her own pain perhaps and acknowledge the pain.
Perhaps she may say… “I am sorry you feel I do not have time for you. I am sad also that we do not spend as much time together. How do you propose together we can make this better between us, what would you like me to do to help us rectify this situation?”
So you see this response make husband feel understood, it eases his pain and this fosters further dialogue and helps promote love energy between both husband and wife.
The human brain is always thinking. In Ancient Days it was possible to experience great peace by not thinking. The art of Nothingness, where nothing is present, nothing is important, learning to blank the mind was a talent many spiritual masters practised.
Learn to spend time doing nothing except breathing. Try to practise not thinking. Sit and every time you have a thought say “Blank”, then go back to nothingness, it will bring you great inner peace and harmony. To help you, you could focus on an object like flower, or sit and observe a scene without thinking. Learn to just observe without thought. Try to do this for one minute, then build until you can attain one hour. This enables your energies to heal mind, body and spirit quickly. It is way to allow body to use energies for healing time.
The way to enlightenment is through happiness and happiness is found in respecting Divine Energy. I will leave you to enjoy your refreshment and practice art of blanking the mind. Namaste.

ASCENDED MASTER MARY MAGDALENE – Controlling Energy Displacement

Dear ones, please take a moment to stop and breathe. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the drama of life as soon as you open your eyes but when this happens your energies are displaced, which in turn, displaces your focus, your emotions and your actions.

Guided meditation, Meditation or prayer, even if it is just two minutes really helps you to stop the displacement of your energy fields. Try to think of your four energy bodies like water. When you wake up and jump into action, this means that the waves on the surface of your energy fields are creating turbulence in the deepest waters of your soul.

By breathing, and focusing on where your energies are, consciously grounding your energies, you instead smooth the turbulent waves above you, or at least you prevent them from destabilising you.

Learning to shield yourself from negativity is an art form. It is necessary to always be aware of how your core energy is behaving, it is being controlled by external factors? Or, are you able to ensure you can calmly and peacefully stay centred?

Learning to stay centred ensures you can remain open to what is unfolding, compassionate, understanding and detached. You may believe being detached means you do not care, but this is not true. Being detached means you are not swayed by human emotion or logic, instead, it gives you the ability to choose how to view and act for the greater good of all whilst maintaining balance. It is seeing and hearing from a spiritual perspective.

You may like to, if your day has begun in a whirl of frenetic energy, take a moment to just breathe, focus on your solar plexus, feel where within you there is any misalignment, anxiety, frustration or irritation. Imagine that energy like the waves of the ocean and breathe gently to calm down those waves. When you do this, the deepest waters of your soul will ensure your outer energy fields are a lake of calm, peace and serenity. I bid you a day of peace, love and joy.

Mary Magdalene.

Archangel Jophiel – Are You In Your Natural State?

canstockphoto21335442-1Archangel Jophiel – “Today open your heart and enter into your natural state of love and light. You are reminded that fun is not a sin and that when you immerse yourself in fun, you transform yourself back to the natural state of love and light.

Today allow yourself to experience pleasure, there are no fires in hell waiting to condemn you for entering into fun and joy. Your authentic soul is one of fun and joy, therefore beloved ones, look at where currently are, if you are not having fun, then you should not be where you are. 

If there is not enjoyment where you are, you shouldn’t be there. Life is not meant to be painful, unhappy and sterile. Your choices will dictate how much you experience your natural state, so if life is not easy and you are not joyful, reclaim your fun and go play. If you are surrounded by others who are fun-less, then recognise your soul is reminding you, that you belong elsewhere and with other more fun, joyous, loving and light people.

In order to open another door, you must go where you can experience fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun today.”



archangel gabrielToday you asked to speak up about something that has been bothering you for some time. Don’t worry for Archangel Gabriel will help you to find and say the right words, but you are urged to speak from your heart, so that you can free yourself. Failure to speak up will mean you continue to be emotionally unavailable. You have the right to say what you feel and you have the right to be heard, so don’t become out of touch with what you’re feeling, say it and feel glad that you have finally cleared the air.


Archangel_MurielBlessings I AM Archangel Muriel and I come forward today to support you with any turmoil that you may be going through. Turmoil is when one feels great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty and yet, this unfolds because the beliefs, values, and behaviour your are clinging to, no longer are part of your soul’s journey.
Like a tree, the more you cling to staying put, eventually the winds of change will snap that, which is unyielding to the changes that need to take place.
Letting go and being willing to step into the unknown is a test of faith. A test that for you to trust in yourself, the world and spiritual realm to support you in everything. Everything you are experiencing at this time is because you are strong enough, clever enough and ready to deal with what is unfolding. In other words you have completed one exam with flying colours and now you are ready for the next. The more tested you are, the more spiritually enlightened you are becoming.
The song ‘Let it be’, is about just that, let things be, and stop trying to change things that you have no control over. Allow yourself to have faith and allow that faith to gently carry you through the storm you find yourself in.
By looking at what options are available to you and making plans for all eventualities, you will begin to see that what you once thought was a block, is in fact a doorway.
Today be willing to look at what you are resisting, or afraid to embrace. Instead of resisting or being afraid, call upon me and allow me to hold your hand and gently support you with each new decision, belief or action you take. Just remember storms do not last forever, and with a calm, level headed approach, just breath, accept it is time to move forward and let it be 🙂

Archangel Raguel – Where Are You Going?

Archangel Raguel
Archangel Raguel – Where Are You Going?

Today, the angelic realm draw close to you because your inner soul’s light is looking dull. There is a need for you to ruminate upon what you have built in your life and why. Often when you are unhappy, it is because your life is an array of other people’s expectations and not your own. Are you living life on your own terms or someone else’s?

We encourage you to make some time to think about where you are going with your life, and we lovingly support and encourage you to put aside all the unnecessary emotional baggage which you have accumulated over years. Release your worries to us, don’t concern yourself about status and how others may view you. It is time to stop listening to others who deem it their purpose to interfere with your soul’s journey, by telling you what they think is good for you. Instead go within and listen to what your heart is calling for you to do and be. 

To listen to others and do what you feel others expect of you, will only result in you wasting time pursuing goals that were not part of your soul plan, and which are of no benefit to you in the future.

If you really do look into your life, you will see that truthfully, you would like nothing more than to change your lifestyle and have some personal time for you and your loved ones, so you can experience freedom and independence. Your inner-self would really prefer freedom, experimentation and flexibility right now, not rigid work schedules. Reignite your passions, when you live your life on your terms, your soul is colourful, radiant and reveals the beauty that is you.

Your life’s journey is not about the destination, but the journey itself, experience each day in its fullest sense, be present in the now and make it matter to you. It is not a crime nor a sin to enjoy life. Have fun, play, dance and sing. If in doubt of where to go and what to do, call upon me, I will bring you the answers you need in your dreams.

Blessed be,
Archangel Raguel