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June 2019
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How Archangel Ray Spiritual Healing is Better than Reiki – A Personal Experience

spiritual healing - Archangel Ray HealingTherapeutic Touch is one of the most powerful energy healing techniques, in which therapist place their hands near their patient and make some efforts to heal their injuries and diseases. It is believed that therapeutic touch can help people to get rid of pains; it can heal wounds, anxiety, as well as stress.

Nowadays there are so many technologies which are adopted for healing and so many of them have different pros and cons. For those people who are interested in angels, the Archangel Ray Spiritual Healing technique, offers the best opportunity for the healer to channel their energy, in a constructive direction that can ultimately lead to diagnosis of various diseases.

Some people say that Reiki is one of the most effective healing techniques, but a new advancement in this field, helped us to learn about Archangel Ray Healing. This amazing technique allows practitioners to work with the cosmic heart using the latest ascension codes that are actually channelled to earth, through the British Angel Messenger, Trance Channel Jill Harrison.

Although there are so many healing therapies in this world, most of them don’t involve diagnosis. But, by learning this angel healing technique, it offers practitioners the opportunity for them to clear their energy levels, boosts their own abilities to channel information and thereby provide diagnosis for various diseases. This healing modality is unique because it helps the person who is ill, to learn about the hidden cause of disease and it also removes the major cause of disease, whether this process occurs in the emotional body, or the physical body. In this powerful angel healing technique, some highly powerful Archangels communicate with key codes which release your fears and negative emotions, according to the Archangels it is our fears and negative emotions that are the major cause of disease. By learning Archangel Ray Spiritual Healing, you quickly and easily discover how to channel your energies in the right direction.

Generally, in my opinion, the Reiki healing techniques, provides very limited scientific support, and its results varies on individuals. But when we talk about archangel ray healing techniques, they possess a wide number of benefits and recover almost all drawbacks of Reiki.

Here are few major benefits I discovered with the Archangel Ray Spiritual Healing:

  • It works for emotional clearing and spiritual growth.
  • Archangel Ray spiritual healing raises the vibrational frequency of human body.
  • It quickly provided deep relaxation, relief from tension and stress to all clients.
  • Over a period of treatments it appeared to increase vitality, while reducing the aging process.
  • It provides support to immune system and boosts self healing abilities in your body.
  • Archangel ray spiritual healing technique normalised blood pressure and provided better sleep patterns in my clients
  • It helped some people to recover injuries, chronic problems such as headaches, eczema and asthma as well as assisting in breaking addictions.
  • This therapeutic healing can relieve pains, releases energy blockages, enhances and promotes perfect balance within the mind, body and spirit.
  • Boosts natural cleansing of body, when combined with a healthy diet, by assisting in the elimination of toxins.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Archangel Ray healing is that it balances and clears the aura and the meridians, as well as chakras.

If you are really interested in Archangel Ray healing and you wish to learn an effective method, which helps to eliminate diseases and stresses of modern day living through a natural healing process, then Archangel Ray Spiritual Healing is one of the most powerful options for you.


Digane – India

Healing Sphere & Crystals – SK, USA – 28 Apr 2014

Good morning,

I wanted to tell you that I placed the Electro Magnetic Healing Sphere next to the TV so when my husband watches it, he would see the colors and for the first time ever he mentioned God during a conversation. I was always under the impression that he didn’t believe in God, he also was talking about something that he forgot to do at work (a $100,000 mistake) and he said that ignorance is no excuse.
I have never heard him take responsibility for his actions before and his usual sarcasm is not so bad anymore. He didn’t even get drunk during the time I was there,  I would like to order another one eventually because we live in two separate towns, and him not even consciously looking at the sphere is obviously changing something in him.  I really love mine and I pack it back and forth between islands. My mom took over the copper and crystal ball that I bought so I will have to order another one of those she is 80 and has arthritis in the base of her skull, she thinks there is magic in the ball. Thank you for helping so many people. Susie
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