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June 2019
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Top 9 Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds

This is a great article by my friend Greg Thurston
Creator of 7 Minute Mindfulness 

Watching videos of centurions, you start to see a theme: they seem content.

That might be shocking to younger people, especially anyone who fears old age. Maybe we fear missing out on opportunities in life, and worry that we’ll find ourselves too old to do things.

But we have many interviews of people 100 and older, and they love to share about their lives and offer advice to the rest of us.

Dr. Mercola (of the Mercola Video Library) interviewed three centurions for this very information, and many other people have as well.

Quite a few of us (more now than ever) have relatives or know someone who is 100 or over.

One lady I know who is 104 is full of sassy attitude and enjoys talking to people.

From this wealth of information, we can form the following ten lessons.

1. Happiness comes from what we do

At 100 years old, or older, people don’t seem to sit around and smile about the things they accumulated in life.

Rather, it’s more about their life experiences. Happy memories can go a long ways toward happiness later on!

One man over 100 years old said he did all he wanted to do. Now he wants to be helpful and keep going.

“I have so many beautiful memories,” said a woman over 100. “I got to do all the things I wanted to.”

That tells us to jump in and live life – remember that it’s about really living and making memories with people we love.

Science backs this up as well. We know people derive more happiness that is long-term from experiences such as vacations rather than from possessions.

2. Happiness comes from a positive attitude and optimism

People over 100 seem to remember life through rose tinted glasses, making it sound like an adventure even through hard times, like war.

“I’ve always been lucky,” says one centurion despite living through 2 great wars!

She also talked about how “everything makes me happy. I love talking to people… going shopping.”

Common advice from people who are doing well at 100 is to “Decide to be content.” Others say, “Don’t chase happiness. Just be satisfied.”

Deciding life is good changes our perception and makes life better, and apparently it helps you live much longer!

3. Happiness comes from living in the NOW

Age is only a number. You live for the day and keep going.

This is wisdom from someone with a very long past-but they enjoy the present.

The past is the past; we can’t change it. But we can rob ourselves of our present happiness and good emotional health by hanging onto old regrets, grudges, and pain.

To experience the ultimate feelings of inner calm and living in the now, I highly recommend that you follow this link…

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You’ll gain inner peace, happiness and feel ‘uncluttered’ in your life.

4. Love and Partnership is critical for long life

Centurions often talk about their “good” marriage, all their happy memories, and all their good times together. It’s another area where they might be applying rose-tinted glasses, but it’s apparent that they got emotional support and felt like they have a life partner.

They also say that people today give up too easily these days-so there was hard work involved, but at the end of their life that part isn’t really important anymore.

“Being happily married and happy in general is the remedy for all illness.”

We don’t have studies on how marriage or long-term relationships affect life span, but you don’t have to be a scientist to take note: centurions all speak about their decades long marriage with a smile on their face.

Even people who have been widowed for a few decades say they have many, many warm memories about their married life, and that still makes them happy.

5. Eat natural, real food to feel good and live long

Many people who are 100 say they feel strong and like they’re 69 or 79. These are the people who stay active physically and mentally, and have a lot to share with other people.

Many people over 100 talk about eating fresh food that they grew themselves.

And older people will tell you over and over: eat in moderation!

6. Learn to adapt for a better and longer life

“Life goes on regardless” is a common theme. People who live well into old age understand that there is hardship in life but they know life goes on and they must too.

If you live 7, 8, 9, 10 or more decades, you’re going to see a lot of change.

People who adapt and change with the times do better. It’s part of having a positive attitude-they’re excited for new opportunities instead of fearing change.

7. Help others

Helping others is one way to build relationships and connections, and it makes you feel great.

It’s another common theme among people who live to be over 100.

Being kind and helping others gives you a sense of purpose too, and it fights depression and anxiety. Not only that, it’s a way of staying active and productive after you retire.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and being older and retired can mean having more time for volunteering.

8. Always learn!

Older people will advise to get a good education to help you go far in life, and science has shown that people with a Bachelor’s degree actually do live about a decade longer than people who don’t have one. (From the U.S. Centers for Disease an Control Prevention)

Older people will tell you to keep learning all through life, both in and out of school.

Be curious-it makes life more interesting and fun. And it helps you stay engaged with life and the changing technology and times. That helps you adapt too.

9. Practice Mindfulness

People over 100 tend to live in the moment as it comes, rather than worrying about plans, regrets, and getting caught up in pressure and worry.

They cherish special time with family and friends, the colors and smell of a new flower in spring, or the feel of the grass on their feet.

When life is enjoyed in the moment, it’s just better…

…And people who live in the moment more tend to live longer, happier lives!

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Actively practicing mindfulness is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

When we disconnect from the mental chatter (the past, future, worry, expectations and judgements), we are able to approach life with greater perspective – we tend to see the opportunities, instead of carrying around the weight of worry and mental baggage.

There’s a wealth of research on the long term and short term health benefits of mindfulness, including boosting your immune system, Preventing cellular aging, and reducing the likelihood of age-related diseases. (UCLA)

If you’d like disconnect from the mental chatter but don’t have time for long drawn out meditation, then try 7 Minute Mindfulness.

In just 7 minutes you can release the stress that builds up, wipe away the mental chatter, and relax your mind and body… so you can enjoy a long and prosperous life!

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ASCENDED MASTER MARY MAGDALENE – Controlling Energy Displacement

Dear ones, please take a moment to stop and breathe. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the drama of life as soon as you open your eyes but when this happens your energies are displaced, which in turn, displaces your focus, your emotions and your actions.

Guided meditation, Meditation or prayer, even if it is just two minutes really helps you to stop the displacement of your energy fields. Try to think of your four energy bodies like water. When you wake up and jump into action, this means that the waves on the surface of your energy fields are creating turbulence in the deepest waters of your soul.

By breathing, and focusing on where your energies are, consciously grounding your energies, you instead smooth the turbulent waves above you, or at least you prevent them from destabilising you.

Learning to shield yourself from negativity is an art form. It is necessary to always be aware of how your core energy is behaving, it is being controlled by external factors? Or, are you able to ensure you can calmly and peacefully stay centred?

Learning to stay centred ensures you can remain open to what is unfolding, compassionate, understanding and detached. You may believe being detached means you do not care, but this is not true. Being detached means you are not swayed by human emotion or logic, instead, it gives you the ability to choose how to view and act for the greater good of all whilst maintaining balance. It is seeing and hearing from a spiritual perspective.

You may like to, if your day has begun in a whirl of frenetic energy, take a moment to just breathe, focus on your solar plexus, feel where within you there is any misalignment, anxiety, frustration or irritation. Imagine that energy like the waves of the ocean and breathe gently to calm down those waves. When you do this, the deepest waters of your soul will ensure your outer energy fields are a lake of calm, peace and serenity. I bid you a day of peace, love and joy.

Mary Magdalene.



temperenceIt is time for you to embrace temperance. When you embrace temperance, you will discover a way to restore harmony and balance to your life.
The current energies are calling for you to stop living hectic lifestyles, that push your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies to the extreme. Is it any wonder you are all stressed, sick and dying? It sounds harsh, but it is true. Now more than ever before in the history of humanity, 70% of all humans upon planet Earth, are already sick, or in the process of developing diseases, which will create a lifetime of suffering and pain.
Life is meant to enable you time to learn how to honour the essence of the self. As the energies call for you to embrace change, don’t be overly sentimental, but take this opportunity to give birth to a more authentic life. Choose to work from a place of love. Choose to invest your time on those things that help you grow. Move into gratitude and honouring of what you have, what you consume and imbibe (an ancient word for ‘drink’; or absorb, such as from reading on the internet). Simplicity can be more valuable than you realise. So many humans are stuck on ‘over-drive’. You need to learn to come away from all the static electricity and harmful energies, that are emitted from all of your electrical equipment. Learn to switch off everything, even if it is just for one day.
Take one day to turn off all of your telephones and portable gadgets. Make a day where you focus on nurturing your loved ones, creating memories of a nurturing time, where you rest, play, love and share. Focus on less, this will cultivate inner peace.
Step off the roller-coaster of consuming. Move into nature, discover the beauty, simplicity and elegance Mother Nature offers all of you. When you move into living a life away from the consuming, you realise it isn’t about denying yourself, but giving to yourself, in its fullest sense. Give birth to your own well-being, health and authentic self. Imagine a day out in nature, sharing a picnic with your loved ones, eating from God’s garden. This is the best prescription for health, life and happiness.
It is time to regain perspective and balance. Choose not to operate in chaos, suffering and consumption. Choose to step away from the masses that are happy to stay locked into the prison of consuming, fighting and slavery.
Much can be learnt through the lesson of temperance. Take time to smell the roses dear ones. Discover what so many of you all are missing… a time for peace and simplicity.


Archangel Chamuel – Get To The Heart Of The Matter – Heart Chakra Healing

heart chakra healingArchangel Chamuel – Get To The Heart Of The Matter
(Trance-Channelled by Jill Harrison 3 March 2016)
Be aware the experiences you have, are an extension of what lies in your heart chakra. If you are experiencing suffering, or living a chaotic life, then it is because you are sending out mixed messages to the universe.
You cannot expect things to improve for you, if you feel you can’t go on any longer, but then through your actions, continue to put up, and shut up, with your current circumstances.
By focusing upon your own heart chakra, and considering, where you may be sending out to the universe, mixed messages, you can then take a moment to be still and focus on inner peace. Focusing on inner peace will clear the energies you are sending and receiving. Move your awareness to what you are creating, and what your heart chakra is guiding you to do. When you then focus firmly on what your goal is, the solutions and the way forward will become clearer.
Be aware of your inner thoughts. Are they in sync with what you feel? Are your actions in sync with what you do? The heart chakra is the driving force of your energy systems. The heart chakra is where your soul energy resides. Today, be open to ensuring your thoughts, actions and feelings are all aligned.
If you’re not clear about what you want, then the world, life, and your experiences, will become unclear. You should also listen and hold awareness for what others say to you. Are their words in alignment with their actions? The words you speak, always reveals what truly lies in your heart. A person can pretend to be caring, but if their words are sharp with others, or critical, then the heart is revealing they don’t care as much as you were first led to believe.
Focus on inner peace and calm today. Choose to speak less and listen more. Watch for the incongruences, which are there to see, be aware of yourself and others, and you will quickly recognise how to get yourself back in alignment, by focusing back upon your heart chakra, and the energies you are sending out into the world.
(Jill: An example of an incongruence, is when someone makes out they are listening to you, but they are reading or writing texts on their phone.)
If you would like to learn more about how to use frequencies, to create more peace, happiness and fulfilment, be sure to join us for our Angelic Heart Chakra Healing with Archangel Chamuel. To find out more, go to: –

Angelic Crystal Healing Exercises

angel connection, angelic crystal healing

Have You Been Searching The Internet For Crystal Healing Class UK?

Discover the powerful world of Angelic Crystal Healing.

Do you love angels?
Do you love or, are you attracted to crystals?

Harness the power of crystals to transform your connection to the angelic realm for healing and guidance.

Have You Got Crystals and Gemstones, but don’t do anything with them?

Many people are drawn to buying crystals, but once they have bought them, are not sure what to do with their crystals, or how to use them.  Whilst you were intuitively drawn to them, and may be aware that crystals can help in the healing process, if you would like to learn how to work with crystals, or use your crystals to help you connect to the spiritual realm, then read on and try our angelic crystal exercise.

All crystals have different vibrations. When you have a crystal and you want to incorporate its energies into your own aura to help you expand your own spiritual growth whilst meditating.

Angelic Crystal Exercise

Try the following: –
Take hold of a clear quartz crystal, or if you want a higher resonance, try something like Apophyllite, if you want to enhance your own intuition.
Lay down and place the crystal so that it touches your skull. You can also add another quartz crystal over the third eye, between your eyebrows, if you want to.
Close your eyes and focus on the sensations running through your body. When you are relaxed and still, move your awareness up to your third eye and call in your angels.
Ask them to help you anchor the crystals’ energies into your aura. Then be open to the images, sensations, or feelings that occur within your own energy fields. Take at least 15 minutes to do this exercise. When you have finished, be sure to place your hands over your crown and third eye chakras to close them down. Drink some water to ground yourself, and record your experiences in your journal.

Want A Better Angel Connection? – MASTER CLASS  DESCRIPTION

Crystal Healing Classes in the UK with a difference!

Jill Harrison teaches this special angelic crystal healing class in the UK,  at her spiritual school based in Retford, North Nottinghamshire. This healing class focuses on specifically working with crystals and the angelic realm, and you’re welcome to participate, even if you don’t have any previous experience with crystal healing or the angelic realm.

This Angelic Crystal Healing is aimed at attaining a level of well-being, that not only releases you from illness, but helps you to listen to your feelings, emotions and thoughts, so that you nurture your spiritual life.

This powerful Angelic Crystal Healing therapy Master Class explores how to harness the power and beauty of crystals with the help of the angels, and how to unlock their capacity to strengthen and uplift your own energies.

If you have been interested in crystal therapy or how to combine spiritual healing with crystal healing, this master class is for you.

This is an extremely hands-on practical crystal healing therapy master class aimed to helping you to develop your sensitivities and explore crystal and angelic vibrations. Learn how to programme your crystals for angelic healing and communication, to using them for protection, using the for healing, how to use them to enhance your energy fields and how to use them to invoke the protection and company of the angelic realm.

If you’d like to learn how to enhance your own well-being and how to sense the energy of crystals using different crystal grid layouts, then join us for a day of crystal and angelic exploration.

Discover how to combine crystals and angelic healing energies for creating powerful healing energies to aid you and your loved ones.


  • Introduction.
  • Getting to know your crystals.
  • Meditation with the senses.
  • How to cleanse and programme your crystals.
  • Angels, Crystals and Chakras who to work with and why.
  • How To Create Angelic Chakra Healing Grids.
  • Programming crystals with angelic energies.
  • Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Rapheal Sigil healing session.
  • Localised healing with crystals.
  • Creating an Archangel Michael crystal net for grounding.
Crystals are extremely powerful and adaptable tools. They are also an unending source of beauty and fun. This is a one-day Master Class, designed to jump-start your crystal and angel healing journey. The workshop is a balance between the theoretical and the experiential. It is a hands-on Master Class. The theoretical covers crystal types and qualities, and how best to use them for effective results. The experiential builds on the theory, by allowing you to practice the skills you are being taught. These skills include crystal programming, crystal meditation, cleansing and caring for your crystals, and learning to hear crystals talk.


This master class is designed to support you in developing your intuitive ability to work with the energies of crystals and the angelic realm.  During the master class  you will: –

  1. Understand how to prepare and work with crystals.
  2. Learn how to attune crystals to the angelic realm.
  3. Discover how crystals work and the effects crystals can have on the energies of the body.
  4. Learn simple crystal healing layouts to help you enhance, heal and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
  5. Learn which crystals and archangels to use for chakra healing.
  6. Learn how to use crystals to increase your intuition and meditative skills.
  7. Discover how to clear environmental energies with crystals.
  • Excellent – all of it was useful and interesting. An excellent course – Laura Thompson
  • Outstanding – very interesting and well put across – Penny Vassa
  • Outstanding – the information that is taught is just unbelievable. Thank you for another fantastic class xx – Ian Newton
  • Outstanding – it taught me everything I need to know – Nat Davies
  • Excellent – I found all of it useful and interesting – Diane Thompson
  • Excellent – Benny
  • Excellent – I enjoyed all of it, an excellent and relaxed atmosphere, very enjoyable! – Kate Musk
  • Excellent – the part I found most useful was learning to programme a crystal to help me do what I need to do to help myself and others – Denise Southern
  • Excellent – really enjoyed it especially learning to programme crystals to cleanse rooms of negativity and to create abundance – Mandy Slack
  • Excellent – really enjoyable day. Gave me more of an insight into using crystals properly – Vicky Clarke

 Still unsure?

Then you should listen to your inner-voice. You came to this web site for a reason. Not just idle curiosity. Go with your heart and come along to this workshop for a roller-coaster ride of emotion to get in touch with your real life’s purpose.

Our crystal healing class in the UK, is a one day complete class created to help guide you to a greater connection with the angels, so you can access profound wisdom and healing. Discover how to heal yourself with crystals, in this hands-on crystal healing class.
If you enjoyed this little exercise and you’d like to learn more, then be sure to join us on our upcoming master class here in the UK for a day of crystal and angel connection exercises and meditations. Spaces still available.

Is Your Sacral Chakra Blocked or Dysfunctional?

low self-esteemCheck out this list below and discover the symptoms and how this affects your personal and proffessional life: –

Blocked/Dysfunctional Sacral Chakra

Symptoms associated with a blocked sacral Chakra:-

  1. Anorexia – very aware of body image and being fat.
  2. Tendency towards water infections.
  3. Pain connected to lower joints, hips, legs, knees, feet.
  4. Endometriosis/Polyps/Fibroids.
  5. Infertility problems.
  6. Lower back pain/sciatica.
  7. Low sexual drive.
  8. Inability to enjoy life/relax.
  9. Lives in the head, doesn’t connect with the physical body.
  10. Self-critical.
  11. Prone to emotional outbursts.
  12. Feels as though everything is hopeless.
  13. Prefers to be alone.
  14. Overly affectionate.
  15. Feels they don’t belong.


How your blocked/dysfunctional sacral chakra affects your professional and financial abilities:-

Your sacral chakra is about honouring the self, learning to let go and be yourself. If your sacral chakra isn’t healthy, you will find success and your ability to be financially secure hindered greatly. Why? You will have difficulty expressing your needs, balancing the needs of others with the needs of self.

You will struggle to be creative, this means others will be under the illusion that you are a doormat, uninspired, easy to please and gullible. You will have great difficulty saying ‘No’ and then spend much time criticising yourself for not speaking up or out. You will tend to feel second best when in the company of others and not be inspired to make the most of your image, thereby limiting your professional and financial ability to get ahead.


How your blocked/dysfunctional sacral chakra affects your relating potential.

If your sacral chakra is blocked or dysfunctional, you will use sex as a bargaining tool. Often you either withhold sex to punish or manipulate or you will use the enticement of sex to help you get what you want. You will use your sexuality to have power over the relationship. At other times, you will disinterested in sex and have little desire for the opposite sex.

You will have great difficulty in sharing your stuff with others, because your stuff will represent your self-worth, because you have absorbed the idea that love is dependent upon what you have and do, instead of who you are. You may carry guilt and therefore find it hard to relax and just enjoy yourself.

You may feel the need to constantly prove yourself which means often you will compete with your partner and this will cause stress and disagreements.

You may also cause your partner great anxiety because you will rarely let on what you feel or want, this means your partner can spend a lot of time analysing and imagining what you may be thinking or feeling.

You will be apt to bring the barriers down very quickly if you’re hurt, as a way of protecting yourself thereby creating even more isolation. You will yearn for love and approval but will be so scared of rejection, you will not allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to a full loving and trusting relationship.

Discover how to heal your blocked/dysfunctional sacral chakra permenantly CLICK HERE


¿Qué son los ángeles?

Angel 22 - Cropped

Los ángeles son un grupo específico de electrones que vibran a una frecuencia muy alta. Actúan como transformadores de energía entre el creador y el planeta Tierra. El papel de un ángel es enfocarse en asegurar que se logra la voluntad del creador.


‪Los ángeles sirven a la raza humana, ayudando a los seres humanos a desarrollar un mayor sentido de la auto-conciencia de sí mismos y de su relación con el creador. Los ángeles suelen amplificar sus energías para ayudarnos a desarrollar el crecimiento de nuestra alma.


‪Los ángeles nos ayudarán con la curación, el aprendizaje sobre el amor y las emociones humanas. Ellos traerán consuelo y apoyo en tiempos de necesidad. Ellos pueden ayudar cuando estamos pasando por transiciones importantes como el nacimiento, el matrimonio, el divorcio, la muerte. A veces nos ofrecerán protección y esperanza.


‪Debido a que los ángeles son un aspecto totalmente diferente de la evolución, los ángeles no nacen de la carne. Es posible que los ángeles aparezcan en forma humana, pero debido a su alto nivel de vibración y luz, el ocupar un cuerpo físico con una densidad inferior, es algo que no son capaces de sostener.


‪A veces la gente dice ser un ángel reencarnado, esto no es posible para los ángeles, porque los ángeles son los electrones de los creadores de pura luz presencial. Los ángeles centran su atención en la subida y bajada de las energías para ayudar a tener un efecto en la vibración que logre el equilibrio y el cambio dentro de los universos.


‪Esto es lo que canaliza El Arcángel Metatrón en trance a través de mí sobre lo que son los ángeles: –


‪Saludos Amados. YO SOY el Arcángel Metatrón, y es hora de comenzar a eliminar los mitos de qué somos los ángeles y los arcángeles y sobre cuándo llegamos por primera vez a la existencia.


‪Desde que comenzó la creación, hemos sido parte de Dios, la luz, la manifestación de la energía unitaria de una sola conciencia. Somos la primera manifestación de la luz: la vibración (a lo que ustedes se refieren como el sonido), y la energía del amor. Nosotros precedemos a todas las demás manifestaciones. No estamos, ni hemos estado alguna vez, limitados a su universo y a los planetas que están dentro de su sistema galáctico.


‪Somos una concentración de energía Divina, el pensamiento divino, que continúa viajando en esa inmensidad que ustedes consideran el espacio. Desafortunadamente, dentro de los límites de la mente humana, no es posible transmitir a ustedes o comunicar en forma alguna, la vasta inmensidad del cosmos.


‪Ustedes se refieren a nosotros como los ángeles. Han creado una jerarquía, pero en realidad todos somos uno, y, sin embargo, también somos diferentes frecuencias de luz y sonido. Es por esto que ustedes nos perciben como diferentes colores, y nos han hecho referencia a través de nuestros servicios a la humanidad.


‪Desde la creación del hombre, hemos utilizado las energías angelicales y vibraciones para cuidar, y brindar comodidad a la humanidad, durante su desarrollo. A veces, apareceremos en forma humana, para confirmar la fuente divina de la que llegó la humanidad. Durante esos tiempos, nuestra conciencia divina habría sido vista como un halo de luz. Como somos Luz Divina, no es posible que nosotros encarnemos en el plano de la Tierra; porque como parte de la exhalación de Dios, la luz, la energía de una sola conciencia unitaria, somos aspectos multidimensionales, increíblemente potentes de Dios, la luz, la energía de una sola consciencia unitaria.


‪En este momento, hay algunos dentro de su mundo que se atreven a proclamarse a sí mismos como ángeles reencarnados para ayudar a la humanidad. Estos seres desilusionados, son una falta de respeto a Dios, la luz, la energía consciente unitaria. Comprendan lo que digo, no tenemos necesidad de encarnar para ayudar a la humanidad. Como somos la micro-manifestación de ‘Todo lo que es’, podemos estar situados en otra dimensión y través de nuestra conciencia seguir desempeñando un papel activo en la evolución humana. Si surge la necesidad, somos capaces de aparecerermos en el reino físico. Debido a nuestra alta vibración, es imposible para nosotros que habitemos en un cuerpo físico, de ahí la razón por la que no somos nacidos de la carne. Podemos parecer humanos como una realidad, sin embargo, vuestra realidad es sólo una parte de Dios, la luz, la realidad de la energía de una sola conciencia unitaria.


‪A menudo se nos presenta como vuestros protectores, pero esto en realidad no es del todo exacto. Durante el tiempo de vuestra creación, ustedes eran un aspecto de la luz; un cociente resplandeciente de Dios, la luz, la energía de una sola consciencia unitaria. Cada cociente posee una vibración particular; al igual que una canción tendrá una melodía particular. Cada melodía o vibración, a través de la conciencia, experimentará una perspectiva diferente de la vida en lo físico. Como cocientes de la vida, les suministramos más cocientes de luz que les ayudan a manifestar y crear, como parte de una expresión de Dios, la luz, la energía de un consciente unitario. Alimentamos vuestro mundo con más luz y vibración, lo cual ayuda a todos los micro y macro-organismos en un nivel cuántico, con la manifestación. A veces aceleramos la cantidad de cociente de luz para ayudarlos a avanzar espiritualmente a un nivel más rápido. A veces aumentamos vuestros campos de energía con la conciencia que lleva a una expansión de vuestra inteligencia y capacidad de diseñar y crear nuevos conocimientos. Actuamos, si se quiere, como conductos de energía entre Dios, la luz, la energía de la conciencia unitaria y ustedes mismos. De esta manera, servimos a toda la creación, no sólo a la humanidad.



‪Arcángel Metatrón.


‪Jill Harrison

‪Oradora motivacional espiritual | Experta en ángeles | Psíquica Medium | Consejera en Guías Espirituales



Interested in Archangels, Spiritual Healing, Angel Healing?

Learn this powerful new Archangel-Ray healing energy-therapy, direct from Source; to aid yourself or others in the healing process.

Since the beginning of 2014 the angel healing energies now require us to work through the cosmic heart, thereby bringing us in alignment with the new ascension healing codes, which are being channelled to Earth at this time. You don’t have to have any healing experience to attend this class, but if you do, it will help you to advance your existing skills to a greater level. 

Not all spiritual healers are channels. 

This Angel Healing Master Class offers you the opportunity to become a channel-healer and if you have aleady done Reiki, you can learn how to take Reiki to the next level.

Whereas before, most forms of healing therapies did not involve diagnosis, these new angel healing energies enable us to clear our own energy levels, which in turn elevates our ability to channel information, to provide diagnosis, discover the hidden programming that is causing disease, and remove the root cause of what is causing the dis-ease, within the physical and emotional body.What This 2-Day Angel Healing Master Class Includes:
  • Introduction to the Archangel Rays.
  • Clearing your energy fields.
  • Removing etheric cords with Archangel Michael.
  • Learning the power of breath to open your psychic channels to the Archangels.
  • Activating and opening the higher chakras.
  • Personal energy angel healing therapy.
  • Diagnosis and anatomy of illness.
  • Understanding emotional energy.
  • Important aspects to remember in the healing process.
  • Changing the quantum energy healing for emotional and physical issues.
  • Accessing Seraphim angel healing ​
  • Channelling the Seraphim Archangels

During this archangels spiritual healing master class you will have the opportunity to learn how to clear your own energy fields and environmnet, to enhance your psychic and telepathic abilities.Before we can heal others now, we have to be a clear channel for the new angel healing energies to come through. The first day of this amazing spiritual healing Master Class, we look are the various Archangel vibrational healing rays, and how to work with them. We will also work on releasing etheric cords, emotional blockages, any past life issues that affect your ability to function on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis.We will also work on opening and activating the higher chakras so that your third-eye and heart chakra are continually connected to the higher-self, for telepathic guidance and healing knowledge.

We finish off on day one, by opening your channelling abilities with the Archangels.

Day two is a highly intensive practical spiritual healing day, utilising the Seraphim techniques learnt on day one to work with the Archangels. Come and discover the healing gifts each Archangel offers you.

When you use this powerful angel healing correctly, the Archangels will communicate the negative emotions and fears which are creating the symptoms, and with the help of the archangels you will learn how to channel new spiritual healing energies to help dissolve the blockage.

This is a powerful Master Class – suitable for anyone with a passion to heal. 
Here are two case studies of using this energy healing technique from the archangels.

Angel Healing – Spiritual Healing Case Studies:

Case 1 – I had the pleasure of helping a client access and connect to the 14th ray of Interstellar Service. Connecting with the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. The client, who had not channelled before (using the new breathing techniques given to me by the angelic realm), was able to experience an integration in his Ka template. He experienced an emotional transition during this session, and his experience has brought him to a place of great peace and understanding about his true nature, and his future role, in balancing cosmic and Earth energies, as a channel. He has left with the ability to channel instantly, and connect at a very high level. There was no need for me to relay the messages in the normal way. For the first time, he had the ability to connect to his spiritual gateway source, and see, hear and feel the information he needed to know.

Whilst channelling and connecting with his Sirian guide, the energies filled the room. They were amazing. I feel very blessed to have witnessed such a profound transformation in this client. As this is the year of the Cosmic Heart, the energies we are being allowed to integrate and connect to, really can be life changing. Unity Consciousness, both planetary and cosmically is slowly becoming a reality for those who work in light-service. The new teachings being brought through at this time enable us all to connect with spirit.

Case 2 – Whilst teaching in Japan, I was asked, out of the blue, to do a healing session for a lady. Normally I spend quite a lot of time asking about the condition that wishes to be treated, but I was guided to just be open to the process I had been taught by the angelic realm. I was prompted to ensure the client was breathing in a manner which opened up their channels. As the energy link began to flow from myself, to the client, then into the Earth, the energy created a specific resonance that could physically be felt by the client.

Archangel Raphael then introduced a breathing pattern for this client, which established a firm link to the higher dimensional angels. I was told that references would be given and I was not to consciously connect to them, but give them to the client, as they would unlock codes which would enable the blocked energies to be released. For five minutes the angelic vibrations were built. The energies were magnified down through the client. At this stage, the number 14 appeared in my third-eye. I simply said to the client, “Age 14”. The client’s body appeared to drop, as though all tension had just suddenly gone.

I was guided to place my hands on the lower back. At this stage, the heat coming through the hand chakras, was extremely hot. The client was asked not to resist this energy, but pull the energy in, and release it out using the outward breath through the mouth. Once the heat had dissipated, the final guidance was to place my hands either side of her heart chakra. Various colours streamed down into the client, and through me. A sense of angelic presences filled the room. I could see Divine presences encircling us. It was a very spiritual and poignant moment.

After the healing session, whilst I had experienced much, the client was looking rather shocked. I asked her to describe her experiences, and if she could relate to any of the experiences. She told me she was amazed at what she had just experienced. It seemed that at the age of 14, this woman had experienced something which had caused her to feel great shame about herself. She had never spoken of. She said that during the healing session, she was shown how this energy had kept her trapped, unable to express her heart, and unable to feel strength. She said she felt the angels take this from her. She said she felt free.

She said she also couldn’t believe that this healing had also sorted another problem she had been having, even though she had not mentioned it. For a while she had been experiencing a lot of pain on one side of her hip and leg. She said she physically felt the angels healing this area of her body. The pain is gone, and her leg feels very normal now. Through this session this lady became aware of situations and people who did not have her best interests at heart, and she now realises how loved and accepted she is by the angelic realm. This was the greatest confirmation she had.

I had watched this lady transform in just a short time. It was wonderful valid confirmation that this process is indeed powerful and works on many levels. It is available to you.

Listen to some of the feedback from our Students in this short video…

To arrange to attend our powerful angel healing master class go to: –

Connecting To Your Intuition Using Colour

One of the most easiest ways to begin working with your intuition is to use colour. Do you remember as a child the joy of colouring books?  Do you have a favourite colour?
Colour has a way of stirring certain emotions within us, perhaps a particular colour provokes feelings of anger or irritation, whilst another one makes you feel happy. However, did you know that colours can help you gain insight into people, places and receive spiritual messages?
By developing a knowledge of colour, you will find your ability to read and understand energy easier.
Some people refer to working with colour for healing as Chromotherapy, others call it colour intuition,  but each colour holds a specific vibration and creates a particular effect upon our emotions and the more your explore what colours mean to you, the more intuitive you will find yourself becoming.
The human electromagnetic field (your aura) reveals a lot of what is happening within and around you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Developing the ability to detect energies either through sensing or seeing, is a way of helping you to create structure in your own intuitive abilities. 
Colour intuition can be applied to many areas of your life such as:-
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Spiritual Development
Working with your guardian angel you can begin to easily develop guidance and insight into areas of your life that require your attention.
Here’s are two simple exercises you can try to begin working with colour and vibration.
Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed for about 30 minutes. Have a journal handy along with a pen and some coloured pencils, e.g. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
In your journal write down the areas you want to explore. I normally recommend to my students that they draw a circle and then create segments like a pie-chart. You can have as many sections as you want in your chart but if you’re a beginner, try to make it simple with no more than four to six areas.
In each area put a theme like money, relationship, health, career.
You then place your journal to one side. Choose one of your segments, for example, money. You place your pencils out in front of you and then close your eyes. Try to get into a really relaxed state, ensure you take at least five minutes to relax. Then, call upon your guardian angel and ask them to give you information to help you understand the energies that surround you in the area of money. As your guardian angel to guide you to pick the right colour which holds the vibration you need to work on. When you’re ready allow yourself to be guided to pick up one of your coloured crayons. 
Open your eyes and colour in the segment relating to money.  Then close your eyes again, take some deep breaths in and again call upon your guardian angel and ask them for the next colour for the next area you need insight into. Continue until all your segments have a colour.
When you have completed your segments, choose one and look at the colour for that segment. 
First ask yourself, how do I feel about this colour, is it a positive colour or a negative colour? Then think and try to feel what qualities the colour conveys to you. Trust your intuition, if you get stuck as yourself if you feel this is the colour you need to heal a situation or problem in that area.
Red: Relates to our first main chakra, the root. Red can be passionate, intense, strong but it can also indicate our sense of security. If red appears, do you lack self-worth or have trust issues in this area? Do you need to put more energy into this area to create change in your life?
Orange: Relates to our second chakra, the sacral. orange is a warm, energising colour that stimulates and awakens. If orange appears in an area of your life do you need to be more creative. Is there a need to spice up your life, give it zest?  Are you being too serious and not positive enough? Are you lacking hope, faith and belief in yourself?
Yellow:- Relates to our third chakra, the solar plexus. Yellow is an invigorating colour. It is a very positive colour which is about focus. When yellow shows up in your chart, is there a need for focus? Are we in need of sunlight and rest due to anxiety and exhaustion? Is it time to become clear so we can make better decisions? Yellow helps us become clear, so in areas of health are you in need of a detox, a clear out? 
Green: Relates to our fourth chakra, the heart. Green is about balance, harmony, peace and abundance. We often relate green to spring and summer, a time of growth. For things to grow we need to nurture and show care. Is there an area in your life where you need to show more care and nurturing? Do you need to relinquish pleasing others to create more peace and harmony in your life? Is it perhaps time to create a new beginning and give birth to new ideas? Do you need to work on opening your heart and e more trusting?
Blue: Relates to our fifth and sixth chakra, the throat and third eye. Blue is about truth, balance, grace. It is about communication. If blue shows up in an area, what are you failing to communicate to others? Are you open to learning and listening? Blue can also represent calmness, so do you need to enter into a state of calmness for a situation to ease or progress? To counteract anxiety use blue. Blue can be used to aid insomnia and inflammation. Perhaps you need to check that you’re seeing things clearly, that you have all the relevant facts? Are you or those around you operating from a place of truth?
Purple: Relates to our seventh chakra, the crown. Purple is often associated with being a very spiritual colour. The colour of Royalty, purple calls for you to bring in a spiritual element into your life to create balance and intuitive perspective. Purple helps to heal depression, negativity. Are you looking at life negatively? Do you lack faith that what you want, you can have? Purple calls for you to be creative, rich in your ideas as a way of removing the obstacles or problems that you believe exist. Working with the colour purple will help you develop your ability to see with the spiritual sight. 
Think about an area in your life you want help with. Enter into a state of peace and calm. Use your breath to enter into a meditative state. Try to focus on the backs of your eyelids and allow the darkness to unfold. When you’re ready, ask your guardian angel to show you the vibration, energy and colour you need to help you with *** . 
For example: “Guardian Angel please show me the colour, energy and vibration I need to work with to gain promotion at work.” 
Allow the colour to manifest on the backs of your eyelids. Take the first colour that comes to either through what you can see on the backs of your eyelids, or through how you feel.  Once you have been given a colour, thank your guardian angel and then open your eyes. Write down your colour in your journal and spend some time thinking about what the colour means to you. If you get really stuck, you can google for some ideas. Just type into the search area “Spiritual meaning of the colour – ***). Try if you can though to put your own ideas down first. Part of developing your intuition is learning to trust and have faith in your own ability. 
The main points to remember are, be relaxed, have fun and explore the healing and intuitive meaning of colours.

Why It Can Pay You To Have A Psychic Reading with Jill

45845_461042347282720_87223362_nHave you often considered having a psychic reading and then discounted it? Perhaps you were put off by the cost of a reading, or the hustle and bustle of busy life sometimes gets in your way of making time.

Travelling around the world, as well as up and down the breadth of the UK, I have a fabulous time meeting people who are open to embracing change, looking at their lives and how they can make things better.

A spiritual guidance or psychic tarot reading can offer you a lot of insight, perhaps highlight opportunities you didn’t see existed. A spiritual guidance or psychic reading is more than what ‘might’ happen in your future, it helps you look at the ‘NOW’ and this is the key to ensuring that your future is as you would want it to be.

Here is an email I received after doing a reading for a lady at the recent Gorton Monastery Mind Body Spirit Fair …

Hi Jill

Great to meet you on Sunday at the Monastery – thanks to your guidance, the cost of it was recouped today…!
I saw you quite late on Sunday afternoon for an Angel reading. At the end, you gave me a feedback form which I flipped over to see number 78. We chatted for a bit about numbers and how I seem to get signs from my angels that way. 78 meant absolutely nothing at the time but I knew I had to stay open to it – it’s cost me money in the past by not trusting. I was doing my daily trawl through the horse racing cards this morning and there it was – 2 horses running in the 16.20 at Brighton, both rated at 78. Put them together in forecasts and they delivered.
You are really, really special. Thank you again.
Love and light
Pam Robinson
As a level-12 psychic medium, I don’t have to be with you to give you a reading, here is a client of mine from LA, USA Paul Williams who recently needed greater direction and focus, here’s what he had to say… “Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for my reading. I was amazed at
the information that came through. It helped me to really understand who I am and how some of my behaviour is stopping me from being promoted at work. I was also surprised that it showed me how I can cause issues in my relationship, which I hadn”t realised before. My wife has already seen an improvement, so thanks for that.So, for any of you guys out there, who need to change their life for the better, I would really recommend this reading. I particularly liked the specific information that related to my life purpose, I didn’t realise there were options for me to choose from. I thought there was only one. This reading has been the breakthrough I need, so I can now see, how to get to where I want to go. Thank you once again.”

If you’re in the UK, and I am coming to a venue near you, you can often get money off discounts on the price of a reading is you prebook, to check out if I am going to be near you, simply go to: – http://www.angelguidedmeditations.com/events-295-p.asp
Alternatively if you’d prefer a reading via Skype/Facetime you can go here for more information:- http://www.angelguidedmeditations.com/skype—facetime-psychic-tarot-reading-293-p.asp
If you are seeking specific spiritual guidance about your soul, your life’s purpose, the karmic patterns you hold and how to move through and remove your karma, then take advantage of our Metatronic Soul Blueprint Reading and Therapy session. This will go through your blueprint, and look at what you need to do to heal each physical and spiritual aspect your soul is working on, along with the mission your soul has set for itself.