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May 2019
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Archangel Jophiel – Are You In Your Natural State?

canstockphoto21335442-1Archangel Jophiel – “Today open your heart and enter into your natural state of love and light. You are reminded that fun is not a sin and that when you immerse yourself in fun, you transform yourself back to the natural state of love and light.

Today allow yourself to experience pleasure, there are no fires in hell waiting to condemn you for entering into fun and joy. Your authentic soul is one of fun and joy, therefore beloved ones, look at where currently are, if you are not having fun, then you should not be where you are. 

If there is not enjoyment where you are, you shouldn’t be there. Life is not meant to be painful, unhappy and sterile. Your choices will dictate how much you experience your natural state, so if life is not easy and you are not joyful, reclaim your fun and go play. If you are surrounded by others who are fun-less, then recognise your soul is reminding you, that you belong elsewhere and with other more fun, joyous, loving and light people.

In order to open another door, you must go where you can experience fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun today.”



archangel gabrielToday you asked to speak up about something that has been bothering you for some time. Don’t worry for Archangel Gabriel will help you to find and say the right words, but you are urged to speak from your heart, so that you can free yourself. Failure to speak up will mean you continue to be emotionally unavailable. You have the right to say what you feel and you have the right to be heard, so don’t become out of touch with what you’re feeling, say it and feel glad that you have finally cleared the air.

Don’t be caught off-guard – Archangel Michael


TArchangel-Michael-Protectionoday you will be drawn to new, unusual and different ideas and all of these could have an emotional impact upon you. This emotional impact can affect the way in which you view your relationships and personal security, so be alert and don’t allow others to catch you off-guard and deflate your enthusiasm to change or be different. You were meant to effect change in the lives of others, so don’t worry if others view you as eccentric or a social reformer.

Archangel Michael – Spiritual Teacher

02-michael-copyIf you are feeling unfulfilled at this time, recognise your soul is calling for you to spend time meditating, focusing upon your inner guidance and finding a spiritual teacher who can help you with guidance, counselling and wisdom. Your soul needs nourishment in the form of peace and enlightenment. Self-discovery is called for, go out into nature and meditate. Take a retreat or join a class. Consider ways in which your inner light can be made even brighter and immerse yourself in knowledge that will help you to expand your potential.

Archangel Nathaniel – New Doorways

01-nathaniel-copyToday the angels wrap you in cosmic love to help you realise and feel that you are invincible, and that whatever you try to do today, you can achieve.
Your angels ask you to trust in your inner guidance and if you are willing to make time to tune into the angelic support which is being offered to you, you will find who you need to be with, where you need to be and how to feel in tune with the universal life force energy so you’re in the flow.
New doorways are opening up, one which offers you a positive transformation, transmuting negative energies, negative people, so renew your faith in your angels who only desire the best for you.


Archangel_MurielBlessings I AM Archangel Muriel and I come forward today to support you with any turmoil that you may be going through. Turmoil is when one feels great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty and yet, this unfolds because the beliefs, values, and behaviour your are clinging to, no longer are part of your soul’s journey.
Like a tree, the more you cling to staying put, eventually the winds of change will snap that, which is unyielding to the changes that need to take place.
Letting go and being willing to step into the unknown is a test of faith. A test that for you to trust in yourself, the world and spiritual realm to support you in everything. Everything you are experiencing at this time is because you are strong enough, clever enough and ready to deal with what is unfolding. In other words you have completed one exam with flying colours and now you are ready for the next. The more tested you are, the more spiritually enlightened you are becoming.
The song ‘Let it be’, is about just that, let things be, and stop trying to change things that you have no control over. Allow yourself to have faith and allow that faith to gently carry you through the storm you find yourself in.
By looking at what options are available to you and making plans for all eventualities, you will begin to see that what you once thought was a block, is in fact a doorway.
Today be willing to look at what you are resisting, or afraid to embrace. Instead of resisting or being afraid, call upon me and allow me to hold your hand and gently support you with each new decision, belief or action you take. Just remember storms do not last forever, and with a calm, level headed approach, just breath, accept it is time to move forward and let it be 🙂

Archangel Raguel – Where Are You Going?

Archangel Raguel
Archangel Raguel – Where Are You Going?

Today, the angelic realm draw close to you because your inner soul’s light is looking dull. There is a need for you to ruminate upon what you have built in your life and why. Often when you are unhappy, it is because your life is an array of other people’s expectations and not your own. Are you living life on your own terms or someone else’s?

We encourage you to make some time to think about where you are going with your life, and we lovingly support and encourage you to put aside all the unnecessary emotional baggage which you have accumulated over years. Release your worries to us, don’t concern yourself about status and how others may view you. It is time to stop listening to others who deem it their purpose to interfere with your soul’s journey, by telling you what they think is good for you. Instead go within and listen to what your heart is calling for you to do and be. 

To listen to others and do what you feel others expect of you, will only result in you wasting time pursuing goals that were not part of your soul plan, and which are of no benefit to you in the future.

If you really do look into your life, you will see that truthfully, you would like nothing more than to change your lifestyle and have some personal time for you and your loved ones, so you can experience freedom and independence. Your inner-self would really prefer freedom, experimentation and flexibility right now, not rigid work schedules. Reignite your passions, when you live your life on your terms, your soul is colourful, radiant and reveals the beauty that is you.

Your life’s journey is not about the destination, but the journey itself, experience each day in its fullest sense, be present in the now and make it matter to you. It is not a crime nor a sin to enjoy life. Have fun, play, dance and sing. If in doubt of where to go and what to do, call upon me, I will bring you the answers you need in your dreams.

Blessed be,
Archangel Raguel

Archangel Metatron – Understanding Sin

Apple temptation. Beautiful woman Eve and  snake. Young woman and apple. Illustration.Greetings beloved ones. Communication is a wonderful thing, and yet, it is one of the hardest skills to harness. What you say, and what you mean, can be two different things entirely. When you are talking to others, things can get even more problematic. So what has this got to do with sin?
For too long now, the word sin has been mis-translated by so many people. You may well wonder, is it really that important to understand what sin means? Well, for us in the angelic realm, we believe it is. It is important for you to understand the true concept of sin, so that you can cast away the shackles which you chain yourselves up in, when you believe you have done something you consider wrong, or evil.
Sin is not about missing the mark. Sin is about having a lack of awareness. It is about forgetting the self, and how your actions, words or thoughts will affect you and others. So many of you today, are caught up in reacting to life, that you are not really living life as it was meant to be.
As we have said before, you were not meant to toil day-in and day-out, worrying about where your next meal or income was coming from. The world was created to give you everything you need. The trees, Earth and Mother Nature provided you with materials so you could build a shelter. The Earth provided grasses, grains, fruits, vegetables; to provide you with the right nutrition. The Heavens would provide you with water, the elixir of life. You were meant to live in small communities that supported one another. Because you have made life so complex with material things and technological gadgets, now many of you live in sin. You have forgotten the ways of your ancestors. You have forgotten to be aware of your impact upon yourself, and on the world around you.
Many of you now, are programmed to be overly aware of your mobile phone, your computers, your gadgets; and this is creating a lack of awareness in the self. When you are focused on gadgets, you are not focused on your emotions, your feelings; and if you aren’t focused upon your emotions and your feelings, you are not using your intuition.
Many of you now prefer to text, and type-chat. When you’re doing this, you are ignoring your loved ones around you. You are now conscious of the fact that you could call them, and relate in a more intimate way, through physical talk. To hear another person laugh, can be uplifting, warming; and it also creates a feeling of belonging. Your computers and texting on phones, beloved ones, don’t give you this. You are learning to keep yourself emotionally distanced from your human brothers and sisters. Don’t be blind to life, beloved ones. Don’t be blind to the disconnection that is becoming the norm in your societies.
To sin, is to lose connection to the soul, to forget about the soul. I would ask you to consider what mindless things you have done today. Please make a choice to ensure that you focus on self-awareness in your daily practices. If you discount what I say, try leaving your mobile phone at home for the day, and see how much you have come to depend on it.
Alternatively, make a point of not using the internet for a day. Get your children to have a gadget-free day, and just discover if you can now function as a human being with your children. Many of you, sadly, will fail, or be unwilling to take such a test. Don’t live a life of sin. Choose to live a life of joy. Unplug yourself from the technology and get back to nature. Let Mother Nature provide your music. Get back to laughter. Become, and create a community spirit, help to promote a feeling of togetherness.
Remember, Atlantis invested so much of its energy into technology, that the technology eventually was their downfall. Whenever you place your happiness upon someone, or something else, it will only take you on the highway to disappointment and unhappiness.
My aim is not to depress you here, it is to try to awaken you to what is really happening within your world. A constant bombardment of adverts, noise and stimulation which creates stress, dis-ease which becomes disease, is not living. Peace and fulfilment come from creating a sanctuary, where you can rest, play, ruminate and relax. We desire for you to be at peace, therefore please consider our guidance. Be aware of how your technology is controlling your lives. Make a conscious choice not to become a slave to it.
Archangel Metatron.

Celebrating Death – The Angel of Death – Archangel Azrael

angel of death, archangel azraelBlessings! Every day new souls enter the Earth plane, and every day, old souls depart and return back to the spiritual realms. All things created are constantly going through cycles, dictated to by Divine will. It is important that you do not fear death. Death is a release from the physical constraints, or boundaries which hold you back. Death is in fact, a birth into fullness. Death beloved ones, is a process that must be celebrated.

Within your lifetime, you will experience death in many forms. The death of a loved one, a beloved pet, a relationship, a career and perhaps, death of some dreams too. At each stage in your life, these deaths offer you another chance, to transform either your behaviour, your beliefs, or your understanding of life. Sometimes death can bring you a new sense of freedom, a release from something which hindered you from finding happiness and fulfilment.
I know that many of you are afraid of death, but in reality, it is not death you are afraid of; it is simply the process of death. Understand it is only your ego that creates this fear of death; after all, if you look back upon your life, you will see that you are a seasoned professional at dealing with death. Your future may be unknown, however, to dwell on how your end of times may come, be aware it will only create a drawn out and perhaps uncomfortable process.
Therefore, I urge you all to enjoy this moment you have of being alive in your physical body. If events currently are coming to a close in your life, do not see it as a negative experience, but something to be rejoiced in. Consider that you are being released, so you can experience a new paradigm, a new journey.
Believe that whatever in your life is coming to an end, it is also a new magical opportunity to embrace change; and if you don’t fight death, and you surrender, you will be carried by us, the angelic realm, onto that new phase which awaits your presence.
Like on a movie set, the leading actor needs to take the lead. Don’t make today a day where your presence isn’t noticed or felt. Don’t be petrified of trying something new. Just like a roller-coaster ride, life’s cycles will take you up and down. You can choose to experience each high and low in fear, in joy, in excitement, or in love; as the leading star in your own life’s movie. It is down to you. So my challenge for you is, are you prepared to stop focusing on what isn’t right in your life, and are you ready to have some fun now?
Blessed be.
Archangel Azrael

Archangel Uriel Healing The Inner Garden

archangel uriel healingBeloved ones; with life being so hectic, it is so very rare that you take time to enter into stillness. Many of you view making time for meditation, rumination, and even time for the self, as a hindrance.

If you continue to push on, and not take time to enter into stillness, you actually hinder your ability to process information and take action.  This in turn, creates even further frustration and stress.

If you experience frustration, or you feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, then please see this as the universe telling you to STOP. There is a place, a beautiful tranquil place, where you can receive healing; and this beautiful place offers you the opportunity to integrate information, in a simple way, so clarity is gained. What is this place? It is your inner garden.

The outside garden in the physical world contains weeds, dead leaves; and these need to be cleared, so that a resemblance of order can be seen and appreciated. Your mind contains weeds, dead leaves; and if you don’t take time to tend your inner garden, then your ability to process information and emotions becomes very tangled and overgrown. Make a point of not over-loading your brain. Remember to continually return to tend and care for your inner garden.

There is a time for activity and a time for stillness. Activity that is prolonged creates frustration and forced energies. Stillness creates time for planning, preparation, and gives you the opportunity to create a reserve of energy for the tasks ahead.

Today, take time to prune you inner garden. Allow yourself time to release the stress and strain of human living conditions. Be it prayer, meditation or simply taking time to breathe, if you make time for you, you will be in a much better position to serve the world.

Archangel Uriel.

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