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Please note that until further notice due to Jill's heavy schedule and up coming spiritual school schedules in Japan, no further classes are scheduled in the UK for 2017. 

In the even that classes become available, we shall add there here and announce them to our newsletter 'Angel A Day' subscribers and on our Facebook Group 'TalkToAngels'.

If you'd like to be kept in touch of when our new classes resume, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter or join our facebook group -

Everyone has the ability to connect with their angels for help, guidance, love and support. The following classes have been given to Jill Harrison by the angelic realm to help you with personal and spiritual development so you can live your purpose and realise your dreams.

Comments on our Master Classes:-

Please note that our premises were built in the Victorian Era and therefore there are steps into the building and into the training facilities, if you have any difficulties with stairs, or you have physical disabilities, please contact customer support to discuss your needs prior to booking - Please also note that due to the age of the building, some fixtures and fittings have weight restrictions which will apply in the bathing areas, please contact customer support before booking if you think this restriction may apply to you. Thank You.