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Accessing The Akashic Records
Access Information That Enables You To Have An Abundant, Fulfilling, Peace Life! This amazing Akashic Records course will quickly and easily show you how to uncover important information that will help you on your life’s journey.
Accessing The Multi-Universal Etheric Stargate For Healing & Guidance with Archangel Metatron
If you feel called to work in service for spirit and you are seeking the next step, or sign of what you could, should or need to do, then this particular spiritual development course will help you in solving the issues you feel challenged in. Those who feel drawn to this course would be advised to listen to their intuition for there is a reason why you are drawn to this powerful healing course.
Archangel Michael Cosmic Visionary Awakening To Higher Consciousness
This webinar looks at connecting with Archangel Michael and learning how to connect on a deep energy level to the gateway of your own soul. Once you can recognise where you own gateway to your soul is, you will explore your own soul template and explore your soul's potential. This webinar is about transforming and creating the live you want and living it on your own terms, unafraid of showing the mighty power that lies within.
Archangel Transcendence Healing - Module 01 - Sandalphon
Work with Archangel Sandalphon to experience and discover where your soul access point is, an angelic attunement to Archangel Sandalphon. Discover the role of Archangel Sandalphon and ways in which you can work with him using Archangel Sandalphon ascension codes.Learn how to do a personal universal spiritual clearing session and recognise your own energies and how to clear them and access higher angelic frequencies, messages and guidance.
Archangel Transcendence Healing - Module 02 - Archangel Michael
This particular module attunes you to Archangel Michael. Experience Vibrational Elevation Codes For Empowerment and Protection. Archangel Michael is more than the archangel of protection. Learn and experience the healing aspects of Archangel Michael and the practical ways in which you can anchor his energies into your physical life.
Archangel Transcendence Healing - Module 03 - Gabriel
This particular module introduces you to Archangel Gabriel. Attune yourself to the energies of Archangel Gabriel. Awaken, open and unlock your own channelling and intuitive gifts. Use these ascension codes to expand your own vibrational frequencies. Experience also a personal healing meditation. Transcendi lower negative energies.Fully utilise your own spiritual talents.
Arcturian Healing - Experiencing Your 5th Dimensional Body
Discover with the help of the Arcturians, how to connect to your 5th dimensional body and access the powerful Arcturian vibrations to accelerate your own spiritual growth.

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