02 - Archangel Michael Spiritual Healing, Empowerment & Protection Programme

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This particular module attunes you to Archangel Michael. Experience Vibrational Elevation Codes For Empowerment and Protection. Archangel Michael is more than the archangel of protection. Learn and experience the healing aspects of Archangel Michael and the practical ways in which you can anchor his energies into your physical life.
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Experience angelic transformation and awakening in this Archangel Michael spiritual development programme, designed to help you expand your soul and human potential.

Connect with Archangel Michael for angel healing, intuitive awakening and soul transformation. This Archangel Michael healing programme will be a powerful and transformational consciousness expansion awakening for you if you desire a greater connection with their angels.

If you're ready to take the next step in your own spiritual and human transformation journey, download this module today.

What do I get in this programme?

This particular module will focus on Archangel Michael.

Discover: -

  • Who is Archangel Michael?
  • How Archangel Michael can support you in healing, ascension and guidance
  • How to receive an Archangel Michael Energy Attunement
  • Archangel Michael's role in the heavenly realm
  • How to connect with Archangel Michael
  • How to recognise Archangel Michael is with you
  • How to access Archangel Michael and his legion of angel's higher angelic frequencies for strength and protection
  • How to access spiritual messages and guidance from Archangel Michael

You Will Receive:

1 Downloadable MP4 Video
1 Archangel Michael Guided Meditation
1 Student Note Booklet



The objectives of this programme are to assist you in attuning, communicating and channelling with Archangel Michael, so you can reconnect with your true life purpose, by learning how to communicate and receive information at a deep soul level, for the purpose of spiritual growth and ascension.


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Product Code ATHP02
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