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Explore your psychic talents in our psychic development master class.
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A Day Exploring Psychic Development

Would you like to learn how to be psychic? This is a brand new development class being offered by Jill Harrison, an Avatara, and professional Tarot reader and Psychic Medium, with over 25 years experience.
It promises to be an exciting day full of learning exercises, and techniques to help you learn how to become psychic. This introductory class enables you to find your spiritual gifts, so you will discover if you are a sensitive, a clairvoyant, or a clairaudient who hears spirit. Everyone will develop some aspect of their spiritual gifts.


Discover Your Psychic Skills

The media have a habit of generalising all spiritually gifted people as clairvoyant, but this is entirely untrue. In reality, very few people are gifted with the natural ability of clairvoyance, and tend rather to be, either clairaudient or clairsentient, or a combination of the two. Being clairaudient gives you the ability to hear spirit, and being clairsentient gives you the ability of being able to sense or feel spirit, either physically or emotionally. We will begin the day by helping you recognise which gift is the easiest way to commune with the spirit world and what signs to look for, when seeking confirmation you are working with spirit.

The true meaning of clairvoyance is the ability to see spirit.
We all have within us spiritual strengths, and by understanding our spiritual strengths we’re able to connect to our spirit guides and angels more effectively. Whilst no one spiritual strength is better than any other, this special class aims to develop your clairvoyance only, utilising the other spiritual skills or gifts that you already have.
It matters not whether you consider yourself a visual person, Jill is gifted with all three spiritual strengths, so is perfectly placed to teach you how to how to become psychic, how to understand your spiritual potential, and what you need to do to enhancing your ability.
During the day you will get to try your hand at: - 
  • Divination through angel and tarot cards.
  • Psychometry - The art of recieving impressions from objects
  • Scrying - The ancient art of crystal ball gazing
  • Mediumship - Connecting with loved ones in the world of spirit 
  • Ribbon Readings - How to receive messages from loved ones from ribbons.

Part of the class will focus on activation of the third eye and exercises to get your sixth sense muscles working. So for a day of fun, exercises and spirit exploration book your place now.

Class Programme: -
  • Knowing the Self - Know what your spiritual skills are
  • Protection, grounding and opening up to spirit
  • Activating the third eye.
  • Divination with Angels
  • Scyring - The ancient art of crystal ball gazing
  • Divination with Tarot
  • Psychometry - Tuning into the vibration of objects/photos
  • Mediumship - Exploring the after-life.
  • Closing down your channels
Start Time: Registration 9am - Class begins promptly at 9:30am
Finish Time: 5pm

The cost of this class also covers all liquid refreshments. Please ensure you bring your own packed lunch.



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David Walton from Sheffield, UK -
Outstanding group interaction and dynamics. Tactile work, hands on experience. New to this - A new journey.
Kim Humphries from Norfolk, UK -
Outstanding. Brilliant tutor. Great group. Most interesting was scrying and ribbons, never done before, so glad to try.
Emma Gowshall from Nottinghamshire, UK -
It was interesting and rewarding and I found it valuable. Most useful was the ribbon work - Outstanding.
Marla Bryan from Derbyshire UK -
Outstanding - A variety of skills taught and lots of information provided. There's no question Jill can't answer for the novice. Nice informal atmosphere and fun! The practical sessions especially psychometry and ribbon readings, crystal ball scrying was fascinating too. This has affirmed me in my spiritual pathway and given me more confidence in developing spiritual awareness.
Ian Newton from Sheffield, UK -
Outstanding because of all the information given and the different subjects that we covered. Really enjoyed the scrying and ribbon readings. A lovely day.
June Darlington from South Yorks, UK -
Excellent master class. I was able to relax and enjoy the day. I have been very impressed with what I have achieved. I am so glad I came, would like to come again.
Peter Turner from Northants, UK -
Outstanding, practical information so helpful and relaxing.
Sue Scott from Derbyshire, UK -
There were a variety of hands on experiences - instant feed-back, supportive atmosphere. Meditations very powerful. Excellent Master Class would love to do more classes.
Helen Martin from Sheffield -
I have just come back from attending this workshop and I felt I wanted to share my experience. The day was aimed at giving a taste of various aspects of the psychic development and it achieved this and more. The day was packed full of stimulating learning and practice. The learning was straightforward and easy to understand. We were not over loaded with material and information which gave the opportunity to understand each process clearly and then to practice with other students. I found that the supportive and encouraging environment created a safe place to put into practice each step learnt. I feel like I have gained so much from this class. I came away with more confidence in my skills and a better understanding of how to practice and grow my skills at home. I also learnt about myself and from working with other students I was given the opportunity to look at were to go next.
Thank you Jill for yet another wonderful workshop.
Susan Galasso from USA -
Hi Jill,

Letting you know the Psychic Development opened up my 3rd eye and instilled more confidence in my abilities. I chose the sky photo "f" which you & others saw a dog with glasses in the clouds.
I just learned my good friend''s dog passed the day before.
Goldie was 13 and was holding on for her owner.
I felt confident in telling her Goldie is in heaven and
all is okay. Thank you Jill for all you do for me and others
on their paths to knowing their authentic selves.

Sending Peace & Blessings,
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