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Join us for this Master Class in Chakra Clearing and Balancing. With the help of the Angels, you will learn to optimise your body’s energy centers and use that power to change your entire life. Discover the major Archangels responsible for the 7 chakras and how they can help you heal yourself.
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Join us for this Master Class for Chakra Clearing and Balancing. With the help of the Angels, you will learn to optimise your body’s energy centers and use that power to change your entire life.

What are the 7 Chakras?
In ancient traditions around the world, particularly in India, spiritual teachers have taught that the body has seven major energy centres, and five minor ones, all called ‘chakras’. Each of these chakras vibrates to a different colour, different musical notes, and more. The energy frequency of each chakra is vital to your life. Sometimes a chakra can become blocked or dysfunctional. This can lead to challenges and difficulties in your physical health, your personal and professional life, that you must overcome. When the energy from your chakra is flowing smoothly, your life will feel more balanced, focused, and empowered.

This Master Class will teach you about the major 7 Chakras, PLUS the other higher and lower chakras. Most chakra classes taught by others, will only work with the seven primary chakras, but the Archangels have taught me that the five other chakras can be just as important. You'll also discover which Archangel governs each chakra, how they can help you heal, balance and utilise each chakra energy field, to help you become more successful, healthier and happier.
What are the effects of blocked chakra energy?
Chakra energy is the power of your life force. This is the energy that your soul uses to guide you through life. Chakra energy is the Energy of the Divine in you!
As we live our lives, make our mistakes, and sometimes make foolish choices, the energies from our chakra can get blocked, misdirected even conflicted. This can lead to any number of problems:

  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of focus in life
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Poor life decision
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Financial instability
  • Career blocks
  • Lack of abundance
  • UnHappiness
  • Anxiety issues
  • Health issues

Plus much more.....

Why should I attend this class?

If you are finding yourself struggling in life, swimming through thick oil, to keep yourself moving forward, you might have a chakra blockage. This is the class for you.

If you want to feel clear, energised, and empowered, this is the class for you.
If you would like to understand ancient energy and health systems, and know how to work with these energies so you can change lives, this is the class for you.

If you'd like to understand chakras and chakra energy in a general sense, this Master Class is for you.

Why this Angel Chakra Class is different.

We will focus on your soul's life lessons, how that affects your own health and the chakra system, so you can heal the emotional issues which in turn correct and rebalance your chakras. We will be working with the chakra Archangels to help you understand the lessons you need to learn, and how each Archangel's vibration can be used to balance and realign the chakra system.

Find the answers to your challenges and explore your own soul's template life lessons for this particular incarnation. Explore your infinite potential to heal and transform your inner self.  Explore how to connect to the archangels and hold onto that energy to assist you in your journey through life, transformation and self-realisation.

Unlike most chakra classes which only cover the main seven chakras, this Master Class will be working on the TWELVE chakra system. To be able to begin to heal, you have to be willing to face the issues in your life. Healing begins with truth, and through this Master Class we will show you how to comfortably deal with psychological issues which are causing dis-ease.

What will I learn in this Master Class?

  • How to see and scan the chakra energy of yourself and others.

  • To find imbalances and blockages that need attention. You will come away with a depth of knowledge and a fully comprehensive personal manual to help you with your continued spiritual mastery journey.

  • Learn which Archangel is connected to each chakra.

  • Learn meditations and exercises to unblock chakras and release any pent-up energy.

  • Discover how to modify the vibrations and tone of your chakra.

All of this is important for you to balance your own and others' chakra energies.

Is this Chakra Class Suitable For Me?

This Angel Chakra Wisdom therapy master class is ideal for anyone who wants to master themselves and understand their soul's lessons.

A full day of understanding your own chakra energies and the many ways in which you can help balance and optimise them.

What's in it for you and why you should attend?

  • You will come away with a deep understanding of your chakra energies.
  • You will be able to diagnose issues which are creating any imbalance.
  • Unlike other trainers, we spend time helping you individually if you're struggling.
  • A full day on understanding your own personal spiritual journey.
  • If you're a therapist, there is always something new that can be learnt, for those therapists who believe in Continued Professional Development, you'll be pleased to know that our certificates carry CPD points, which will assist you in helping you achieve your diploma.
  • A fun time with people who share a common interest.

These classes are small and offer you plenty of opportunity for individual attention.

Class Duration: 9am - 5pm
Class Location: Montagu House, London Rd, Retford, Notts, DN22 7JJ

What Happens When I Book My Place?

We will send you an email confirming your booking. Your confirmation will include details of anything you might want to bring with you and detailed instructions on how to find us from the major main roads and motorway networks.

Watch and listen to what some of our delegates have to say about
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NEED ACCOMMODATION - Montagu House is an elegant Victorian House on the prestigious London Road. Your hosts Jill & Glenn promise a warm welcome and excellent food.

Just the place if you want comfort and good food. All rooms, but one, have TV with Freeview.

Your accommodation covers evening meal followed by breakfast and lunch. Food is organic home cooked and freshly prepared every day. Most diets catered for, feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements.

Please respect, this is our home. If you are staying overnight with us, please be aware, we are not a hotel.

Please also note that due to the age of the property, sadly there are no facilities available for people with disabilities, if you are unsure, then please call us to discuss your needs prior to booking. There is no lift and there are stairs into the property and stairs into the training room which is in the grounds of the property. If you are unable to manage stairs with ease, we are happy to recommend the nearby hotel which is only five minutes away from our premises. 

Because we are not a hotel please note there is no bar; yet we do our best to accommodate people’s tastes in food in the evening meal and at lunch. In fact, our food is highly rated by many, to the point we are always being asked for recipes. We do whatever we can to vary the food for people with special dietary requirements; but give us plenty of notice. Please don’t turn up and tell us your dietary requirements, or email us two days before; we will have already shopped for our guests. If in doubt, you are welcome to bring your own food or supplements, as do the people who are not staying over. We thank you for your cooperation, and look forward to your company.

Please also note that there are four indoor pedigree cats on the premises which are restricted to certain areas of the house, if you have pet allergies please contact us for details of local hotels in the area.




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Liz Hall from Shropshire, UK -
Excellent, gained a good understanding of the chakra and associated issues. Excellent information and knowledge given. The case study and working out whether the chakras are balanced/blocked was interesting.
Lesley Taylor from Sheffield, UK -
Excellent, it was interesting, informative and given in a fun way. Learning the different characteristics of the chakras and using the dowsing rod was most interesting.
Karen Stowe from Cleveland, UK -
Excellent - Lots of information, clearly explained and presented in a fun and friendly manner. Enjoyed description of each chakra and their meanings very much.
Hazel McKay from Manchester, UK -
Learnt a lot about chakras and was taught in a friendly and fun way, with some lovely ladies and a very relaxed environment. Trying out what we'd learnt in exercises together and practical exercises was must useful.
Tammie Lee from London, UK -
All material was clear, prepared and explained in a thorough and detailed manner. Learning the characteristics of the chakras was most interesting. A friendly, warm workshop form which I gained a lot of useful knowledge.
Helen Martin from Sheffield, UK -
There was a mixture of practical and theory with clear handouts and manual. There was also fun and relaxation. To be able to follow all the chakras on a handout and have all the information in one place was most useful. Jill is an excellent trainer and there is plenty of chance to ask questions.
Donna G from Sheffield, UK -
Very thorough detailed instruction. Would recommend anyone to attend a class.
Heather Harwood from Nottinghamshire UK -
Outstanding - Lots of information. Fun presentation. Friendly/informal. Great meditations. Most interesting was therapies I can use for myself.
Sue Glaisbrook from Derbyshire, UK -
Jill has a way with words! Made us laugh frequently whilst teaching us everything chakra related. It was ALL interesting - Brilliant!
Suzanne Wass from Lincolnshire, UK -
Most useful was diagnosis and working with rest of group, learned in detail about each chakra
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