03 Archangel Gabriel Healing Meditation CD

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Rid yourself of negative memories and recharge your energies.
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  • Accelerate the healing process
  • Improve your well-being
  • Increase your immune system
  • Reduce your stress and pain levels.
  • Boost your body’s natural healing ability
  • Improve cellular renewal

How Can Archangel Gabriel Healing Help Me?

This particular Archangel Gabriel Healing Guided Meditation has been trance-channelled through Jill Harrison by Archangel Gabriel to help you facilitate and maintain a vibratant state of health and well-being.  
Guided Meditations help you to focus on relaxing and healing your body through intention and energy vibration work.  Experiencing a blissful state of peace and tranquility will help your immune system to trigger the body’s own ability to heal itself.
Archangel Gabriel healing offers you the ability to control the neurochemicals within the brain so that the body receives the correct amount of energy to help it heal itself.  Discover for yourself how to affect and influence your own biochemistry through the power of the mind.  The power of the mind has been scientifically shown to have a powerful affect and influence on the body’s own healing functions.


How can this guided meditation help me? If you are looking to:-

  • Experience deep profound relaxation
  • Boost your immune system
  • Control pain and inflammation
  • Reduce your susceptibility to infection
  • Increase your state of well-being
  • Reverse illness and cure disease
In our wonderful Archangel Gabriel Meditation you will see and feel the different energy colours which are used to purify your body, giving you energy for empowerment and courage.

You will be given energy to be able to access new horizons and embrace change. You will have energy for renewed strength in facing negative people and negative situations, helping you to become a truly empowered being.

Connect with Archangel Gabriel for relaxation and spiritual purification, and allow this angelic energy to help you rid yourself of negative cell memories and recharge your energiesThis is a wonderful guided meditation and meeting with Archangel Gabriel will help promote healing in any sensitive areas held within your physical, mental or emotional bodies.

Archangel Gabriel will steer you towards ultimate balance in your mind, body and spirit, taking you forward with your own personal spiritual evolution.

  1. Introduction  Glenn - 04:05
  2. Meditation  Glenn - 24:18
  3. Meditation  Jill - 24:22


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