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Heal yourself. Remove negativity and stress. Balance chakras.Meet with Archangel Raphael in this powerful healing guided meditation. Receive powerful healing and transformative energies within the etheric body.
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Meet with Archangel Raphael in this powerful healing guided meditation.Connect with Archangel Raphael in this beautiful healing meditation and you will be taken on a journey to Archangel Raphael's Spiritual Surgery and receive powerful healing and transformative energies within the etheric body. You will look at your auric field in 3 dimensions so that you can attempt to repair it, allowing you to cleanse and wash away dark or dull areas, to re-energise the self.

Ultimate healing can only be achieved when focus is placed upon all the layers of our spiritual selves.

Draw energy from Archangel Raphael and promote healing in any sensitive areas held within your physical, mental or emotional bodiesgiving you energy for empowerment and change. Feel the wonderful love energy that flows to you as you visualise past loved ones and friends around you. This is energy that can take you forward with your spiritual evolution. 

Receiving Archangel Raphael healing, will help you experience ultimate balance and harmony in your mind, body and spirit which will boost your own immune system to help fight disease.

Archangel Raphael Healing

Often referred to as the 'healing' Archangel, Archangel Raphael is one of the traditional four Archangels along with Michael, Uriel and Gabriel. The name Raphael has quite a few diverse meanings according to humans:-

  • Angel of love
  • Shining One
  • God Healers
  • God has healed (Hebrew)
  • Angel of the east

In art, Archangel Raphael is usually portrayed either with a staff or caduceus with a snake (Also known as Hermes staff. In classical mythology a caduceus is a winged staff entwined with two serpents, which is the symbol of Hermes or Mercury).
Archangel Raphael is credited with healing the earth and its inhabitants. But he is also associated with the planet Mercury and the Egyptian ‘Hermes’, who introduced  Sacred Geometry and Alchemy to mankind.
The alchemy of transformation takes place inside all of us, at the moment when we can bring the light of God into our soul, into the third dimensional world in which we live. In other words, using our inner love to show in our actions, and thereby touch upon humanity, to bring about a greater understanding of ourselves and others.  That is Alchemy in its most spiritual sense.
If you are going through a difficult period of change, call upon Raphael to help bring healing to the changes you’re experiencing.
If you’re concerned with beauty, health and fitness, work with Raphael so he can help you create the alchemical bridge between your mind, body and spirit, for total healing and transformation.
Archangel Raphael will assist you with:-

  • Health & medical problems
  • Self-development
  • Counselling
  • Grief
  • Travel
  • Alternative medicine 


This is number 5 in a series of guided meditations for spiritual and personal development; directly from the Archangels and Ascended Masters through trance-channeller Jill Harrison.


  1. Introduction  -  Glenn  04:05
  2. Meditation  -  Glenn  28:26
  3. Meditation  -  Jill  28:30


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Debi from Florida -
This was an amazing cleansing and healing meditation for me. I repeat it when I need upliftment!
jane ratcliffe from Nottinghamshire -
I have recently played this c.d. while giving reflexology treatments to my clients, and they have all enjoyed this and felt deeply relaxed and felt it more beneficial than just listening to music. It's very nice to know that I'm not giving treatments on my own!
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