13 Lord Kuthumi - Unlimited Abundance Guided Meditation MP3

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Life is a precious thing, so why not live it to the absolute fullest?
If you feel that any aspect of your life is lacking or surrounded by negative
energy, there is thankfully hope.
Now you can gain a new perspective that will change the way you live your life from
this day forward with the use of our Unlimited Abundance guided meditation program!
This specially channelled guided meditation by Master Lord Kuthumi, will help you
discover a stronger and more empowered you.
It's finally time to explore your full potential.
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Would you like to experience a life of'unlimited abundance?

Now you can, using this unlimited abundance guided meditation MP3 will take you on a journey of empowerment, enlightenment and transformation.

Working with Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi you will learn how to transform every aspect of your life.

Let Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi show you how to remain open and in a state of allowing so that unlimited abundance can become a normal everyday occurrence for you.

Using this guided meditation MP3 you will be able to connect with the universe and develop the correct mindset which enables you experience abundance.Continued usage of this guided meditation MP3 will enable you to achieve and experience confidence, harmony and fulfillment in all areas of your life. This meditation MP3 is transformation and it will give you the skills you need to identify, recognise and act upon the opportunities that present themselves to you on a daily basis. If you have or feel you have blocks or barriers that are preventing you from experiencing unlimited abundance,let this guided meditation how to consciously and consistently draw to you, that what you want most in the world.

Learn how to elevate your awareness. Discover how easy it is to connect and become the creator of your life's journey

If you're fed up with lack, and living a life of struggle, then make a decision today to begin to be the change you want to be in your life. You have free will to either continue as you are, or by investing your time in this guided meditation, you can begin to understand your ability to harness and connect with your true potential. Get your copy today and begin to experience infinite unlimited abundance for yourself.


1  Introduction -  Glenn  04:05
2  Lord Kuthumi Message -  Glenn  03:46
3  Meditation -  Glenn  26:59
4  Meditation -  Jill  21:09

NB* This is a downloadable file, no hard copy CD will be posted to you.

 Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill



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Frida from Sweden -
I really like this meditation and I think it’s pretty powerful. It has a very accessible and evocative imagery (the ethereal chord that extends up to the green astral grid of abundance, the fact that Lord Kuthumi takes you by the hand – I love that!) that continue to do it’s work in everyday life. I also very much enjoy the clear statement that you allow the Archangels to work on your vibration, it’s very important with expressed permission.
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