17 The Elementals - Cleansing your Negative Beliefs CD

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Cancel & remove all limiting beliefs.
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In this powerful trance-channelled healing meditation, Cleansing Your Negative Beliefs, The Elementals offer you their energy and guidance to assist you in acknowledging your own misguided beliefs. It is time to allow yourself to cancel and remove all limiting beliefs that you have about yourself. Release all thoughts that do not serve you and your greater good, whether it is I'm too thin, too fat, not clever enough, unlovable. Give yourself permission to let these feelings go.

Your beliefs about yourself shape your life in so many ways, yet how often do you stop to consider whether your  beliefs actually serve you.

The Elementals will show you how to help balance your Root Chakra, and help you to remove any negative beliefs, that are currently stopping you from reaching your full potential. Feel the strength, confidence and empowerment building within you.

Discover why Mother Earth is so important, and how to become more attuned to the elemental energies of the planet. It is Mother Earth's strength and love which truly connects you to 'all that is'. Honouring your connection to nature brings peace and balance into your life.

This meditation will help you to discover the meaning of life, If you wish to discover freedom and harmony, treat your soul to this powerful meditation


1. Introduction  -  Glenn  04:05
2. Channelled message  -  Jill  03:40
3. Meditation  -  Glenn  18:26
4. Meditation  -  Jill  21:19
5. Q&A's  -  Jill  04:16


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Debbie from Northumberland -
I found this meditation such a positive soothing experience, I listened to both Glenn & Jill`s version`s and thought they were both outstanding, I would certainly recommend this cd to all that`s interested, thank you to Jill & Glenn for helping improve the life`s of so many people xx
keith from yorkshire -
Positive experience using this CD, the more you use it the stronger the benefits . I would reccomend it..
Heather Harwood from Nottinghamshire, UK -
I bought this meditation from you at one of the Mind, Body and Spirit fairs and I found it very therapeutic and emotional. It helped me to see myself more positively. I did an exercise a month before listening to this meditation, where I had to think of positive things about myself. I only managed to think of 3 things! But after listening to this CD for the first time, I easily wrote a list straight away.
Lana Leiner from Texas, USA -
What a wonderful guided meditation! I have several of Jill's CD's and this one is so helpful and practical for boosting self-esteem. I feel very close to nature and mother earth and love to commune with non-humans. The Elementals are very close to my heart and spirit. Such good advise they give and their presentation is so practical for us humans. They know us well and all about how our ego's get in the way of our spiritual growth. They remind us to get back to the basics. I also loved the questions and answers segment.
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