18 Archangel Michael - Fear Releasing Ritual Meditation MP3

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This powerful meditation was trance-channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison, and is no18 within the series of Angel Guided Meditations.

Here, Jill connected with Archangel Michael who came forward to help you sever any cords which bind you to old relationships, contracts or sacred rituals of the past, that no longer are in divine alignment with your soul's journey in this lifetime.

For optimum health in all your bodies, you need, on a daily basis, to align your energies to higher vibrational levels, but to access higher vibrational energy levels, you must have released all your attachments to the past. So take this opportunity to leave the past where it is.

Holding onto resentments, anger, regret, frustration, and sadness about your past only serves to cause you more pain. Wouldn't you like to be free, at peace, and experiencing love and fulfilment? Wouldn't you like to be fulfilling your life's purpose?

Allow Archangel Michael to show you how to release negative energies in your chakra’s so that your vibrational energy flows freely within your physical body. You will then be able to release any karmic debt, anger, feelings of abuse and fear held deep within you.

Let him help you with the learning process of self love and belief in your own abilities. Allow yourself to release any feelings you may hold of not being good enough, of not being loved enough.

Allow Archangel Michael to absorb your pains, phobia's and disappointments with yourself. Let go and release your feelings of not measuring up to your own or someone else's expectations.

Release your pain and allow yourself the spiritual peace and harmony you deserve.


  1. Introduction  Glenn - 04:05
  2. Meditation  Glenn - 24:38
  3. Meditation  Jill - 22:35
NB* This is a downloadable file, no hard copy CD will be posted to you.

Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill


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