22 Lord Melchizedek - Ascension Seven Chakra Re-generation

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Spiritual healing. Balance chakras. Eliminate stress.
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The Healing Effects of this Meditation For Your Seven Chakras

Chakra may sound like a singer from the 1970s but it is basically the energy ecosystem of our body. Chakras are part of the subtle body and not your physical. They are the seven main energy levels within the body. They affect and are affected by every sense, feeling, or experience that a person has. That gut feeling, the feelings of love, or that fear of public speaking is stemming from one of your seven chakras.
Chakra meditation teaches you to diagnose and decode the state of one’s own inner subtle system. It also teaches you clearing techniques to rebalance yourself. Performing chakra meditation is easy to do as long as you remember to focus on one chakra at a time and keep your mind clear. Ideally 3-5 minutes per chakra is all you need to focus on and not over 30 minutes total. Through chakra meditation you slow down your physical vibration to a slow pace that is more aligned with your frequency and eases tension and pressure on your muscles. 

The Chakras

Each chakra has a specific name and covers a specific area of our subtle body:
Root Chakra - physical layer located in the tailbone
Spleen (Sacral) Chakra - emotional layer located a few inches from your belly button
Solar Plexus Chakra - mental and intellectual located upper abdomen between your rib cage
Heart Chakra - controls relationships located in the chest
Throat Chakra - self expression and creativity located in the throat
Brow Chakra - is the “third eye” or “sixth sense” it is intelligence and observation located in the center of the forehead
Crown Chakra - wisdom located on the top of the head
The benefits of this chakra healing CD is abundant.
  • You will gain a more positive outlook in terms of your thought processes towards situations.
  • You will gain an increased awareness.
  • Your concentration and memory will see an improvement, something most people need.
  • Heightened creativity may also be achieved, making your more resourceful.
  • Deeper sleep you'll wake up more refreshed to tackle any busy day.
  • Reduction of stress in every area of your life because you gain control over your emotions.
  • Your overall health and well being will be improved, helping to prevent heart disease and stroke risk.
  • It also helps alleviate the stress effects of people that suffer from chronic illness.
If you don’t know the first thing about where to begin in the chakra meditation process then following this guided meditation CD can help. This meditation CD will bring you closer to full body chakra healing. It will help you jump right in, without trial or error, and gets you on your way to total subtle body health. After all, we all need peace of mind to enjoy this wonderful life we are given. 

Connect with Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek in this healing meditation to help you with chakra healing and in maintaining a healthy chakra system and raise the vibrational levels of all the 7 chakras to help with your own ascension process. This is a trance-channelled meditation directly from the angelic realm.

In order to have optimum health and vitality it is necessary to have the 7 chakras stabilised and working at optimum speed, in this chakra meditation, you will be taken step by step through the 7 chakras to awaken and energise them using colour and guided imagery.

While orthodox medicine describes our physical system in terms of chemistry, what is now understood is that for any chemical action to take place, a change in the electro-magnetic energy of the body must occur, This energy emanates from the mind and explains the importance of the mind-body link to our physical, emotional and mental health.

A smooth, steady flow of energy through the 7 chakra system ensures a healthy aura, in turn indicating a body clear from dis-ease.


Is Chakra Healing Important?

Cleansing and clearing is an essential part of preparing oneself for ascension. By investing time doing a regular healing meditation you will discover a wealth of benefits.  This particular chakra healing meditation is given, to help you with chakra healing on all levels. It is only when you emanate the vibrational frequencies of love within the whole of your body, and to all things, that you will be able to ascend. Only then can enlightenment be yours.

We know that the key to creating inner harmony and balance, is meditation, so allow this  wonderfully healing meditation to achieve integration, balance and alignment in your physical, mental and emotional bodies.


  1. Introduction  -  Glenn   04:05
  2. Chakra Regeneration  -  Glenn  01:43
  3. Meditation  -  Glenn  31:21
  4. Meditation  -  Jill  30:45


Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill



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sue harrison from Darwen Lancashire -
I use this meditation when I can sense my chakras are holding stagnant energy and are not running on full capacity. Its a bit like having a workout at the gym but for chakras rather than muscles it always leaves me with a feeling of alignment <3
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