24 Lord El Morya - Divine Will & Higher Self-Alignment

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Access the spiritual realm more easily. Unleash your psychic ability.

Ascended Master El Morya teaches us that we are all light-energy in motion, and this energy can be either negative or positive.

If you are a positive person, who does their best to remain happy and embrace life, your energy vibrations rise. This means you become lighter; you absorb more light energy and are able to rise above lower or negative energies.
The benefits of consciously raising your energy vibrations by embracing positivism, protects you from physical, emotional and spiritual harm. In other words, you are transcending negativity.
When you combine positivism with daily meditation, you enable yourself to raise your energy vibrations higher still.

In this powerful angel guided meditation, Divine Will and Higher Self-Alignment, meet with  Ascended Master El Morya, who was the Alchemist and Magician: Merlin, who will connect with you, allowing  you to receive powerful colour attunements to raise your vibrational energy levels, which will help you to align your physical will with Divine will, so that you can readily access higher guidance from the spiritual realm.
He urges, do not allow outside factors to transcend your light-energy down. This would have many effects, most notibly, stress, which would affect the physical body; which in turn would bring about physical illness.

The emotional body would also be affected, and enter into a negative state, which in turn would affect the spiritual body.

This is a wonderful meditation with El Morya, for those wishing to achive self realisation so you can recognise and develop your own inner power, helping you to move closer to spiritual ascension.


  1. Introduction  -  Glenn  04:05
  2. El Morya  -  Glenn & Jill  20:59
  3. Meditation -  Glenn  27:18
  4. Meditation -  Jill  21:17


Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill



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sue harrison from Darwen Lancashire -
I love the fact that there is a track with El moyra speaking before going into the meditation he is one of my favourite ascended masters and I have found his channelings through jill such a comfort during trying times. The meditation itself is very good for leaving you afterwards with a lovely relaxing energy <3
Zofia Jones from United Kingdom -
This is the first Jill and Glenn meditation I came across. I liked it because it was simple (feeling a few colours of energy) and the focus on my body made it feel stronger when I was feeling very tired. The recording does seem to help you open up your crown more fully than I can sometimes manage myself.
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