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Dissolve stress. Boost your immune system. Find peace of mind. Overcome insomnia. Reduce panic attacks.
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How To Reduce Stress - Archangel Metatron Meditation to Help You Put The Positive Back Into Your Universe

Life can become very stressful. Day to day responsibilities weigh heavy on the mind and drain you of emotional energy, leaving you feeling like an empty shell. Humans can only process certain levels of stress before their systems become overwhelmed. Instead of trying to figure out how to release and accept new energies, consider connecting with a spirit guide.
Using Archangel Metatron’s guidance and meditation practices in your life will be a unique experience. Experience a profound inner peace and the healing benefits of this  Archangel Metatron meditation. The benefits are endless. You will walk away from this experience enlightened, feeling healed spiritually, mentally refreshed and physically changed.

An Enlightening Experience – Say Goodbye to Stress

This guided meditation offers you an enlightening, healing experience that will bring you to new, heightened levels of existence. Everyone seeks change and improvement in their lives, but some are unsure of how to go about it. With regular use of this Archangel Metatron meditation you will find your ability to handle stress and deal with the demands of modern day living becoming easier and easier.
Aren't you sick and tired of feeling completely drained out? Life is beautiful and should be experienced to the fullest. We are cheating ourselves out of life's gifts by just living day by day. Instead of letting the negativity of the universe get to you, learn to open your body and mind up and receive light. Healthy energies are an integral part of living a well-balanced life. This Archangel Metatron meditation for stress will assist you with dispelling the negative energies around you and help you tap into positive energy.
Don’t allow stress to become a regular part of your life. According to Archangel Metatron we were not put on this planet to dread the very thought of waking up. Our purpose is to enjoy the magical beauty of the world. Start living life again, the way you want to. Our trance-channelled meditations from Archangel Metatron can help you begin to achieve fulfillment and abundance. This is a very personal meditation that can be used during your leisure time. We have helped many people find inner peace and happiness with our wide range of guided meditations.

Why Choose this Stress Relief Meditation CD?

This Archangel Metatron meditation can be done in your own comfortable environment. Our CDs are designed to provide healing for a number of physical or emotional issues. We also have a wide range of personal and spiritual development meditations for those seeking to advance themselves. This disc will be mailed to you, for you to keep and benefit from for years to come. Metatron the Archangel influences change. When you place this in your cd player, you will instantly feel a calm, sense of relaxation. All of the day's stress and worries will melt away into oblivion. The voices and melodies of the tracks will to help heal you of the negativity in the world. 

Many of us get caught up in the stress and strain of everyday living, the feeling of life being out of our control, but it doesn't have to be this way.In this powerful trance-channelled meditation, Archangel Metatron will help you to forget all of your worries and tensions, releasing stress, so that you can begin to experience life in a more balanced way.

We all often feel the strains, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, so it is important to embrace the healing, to ease the pressures upon us so that we may find our balance in these testing times.

Enjoy the loving and supporting energies, and totally lose yourself in a tropical paradise as you  escape the pressures of modern day life. Connect with the dolphins as they bring you harmonic vibrational healing through their voices.

You can become a master of your own life. Begin to feel secure and at ease using one of the most relaxing guided meditations we have done to date.

Join Archangel Metatron and your angelic helpers to nurture the self and be blessed with their healing energies. Experience peace, tranquility, relaxation, healing and complete joy in this fabulous meditation.

1  Introduction -  Glenn  04:05
2  Stress -  Glenn  01:02
3  Meditation -  Glenn  25:57
4  Meditation -  Jill  24:09


Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill 



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Susie from Alaska USA -
A beach in Kona Hawaii is where I visualize I am when listening to this meditation. The sun on my skin and each wave carrying all my tension and stress away. It is comforting to swim with the dolphins and the vibrational healing of the dolphin's voice-I love this part, they talk for a perfect amount of time for you to truly enjoy them. (Last time I tried to swim with dolphins in Kona I spent the whole time in the bathroom on a boat throwing up). The dolphins carry you back to the beach and say goodbye to you, it makes you want to come back and visit them often. I think I am going to go listen to this meditation now. Thank you
jane ratcliffe from nottinghamshire -
This meditation is perfect to play to my clients when i''m giving them a reflexology session. The guided visualisation is immediately relaxing, helping to take you away from any tension, while imagining yourself floating on a lilo
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