3 Question Tarot Reading

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Need a direction, want to know how to approach something?
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Looking for an accurate tarot card reading?

Select this reading if you only need up to three questions answering.

This tarot reading gives you a quick answer to any burning questions you may have. Just select this email tarot reading, email us your SPECIFIC questions and you will get accurate tarot guidance to help you overcome any issue you may have.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tarot Reading?

Be specific, the more specific you are, the more indepth detailed guidance you will receive. Please ensure once you have ordered, you must email us with your three specific questions. Vague questions or comments such as "I am at a crossroads which way do I go?"  is not specific enough. Try to link the question to a particular area of your life. For example...

1) I have an interview with two different companies, one in the south and one local to where I live, which offers me the best opportunity to advance my career?

2) In my relationship, do you see longevity or is this merely a passing phase?

3) What do I need to do, or what can I do to increase my financial status at this moment in time?

NB - Please note that if you ask the question, you may have to be prepared to receive answers you don't like. Therefore please only select this reading if you are open to all possibilities to any issue you may have.

Your reading will be emailed to you, as quickly as possible, normally within 14 days.


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Product Code RE-TAROT-3Q
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