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Audio programme to teach you how to connect.
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In this inspirational audio programme, author and narrator, Glenn Harrison, talks about how to make your meditations more fulfilling and enjoyable, and most importantly, connect you to your angels.

Jill Harrison has channelled how frustrated the Angelic Realm are with the mis-information presented and being given out, by many people on the internet, proclaming to be experts on angels, archangels and ascended masters. 

Jill and Glenn have been receiving messages from spirit, and the Angelic Realm since 2005. All of the meditations they offer have been trance-channelled directly from the Angelic Realm, and here in this audio lesson, they offer specific techniques designed to connect you directly to them.

All our angel guided meditations can help to relieve stress and give the body healing time, but it is important to note that this method of meditation is specific to helping accelerate your connection to the Angelic Realm, and should not be confused with other methods.

Meditation, for the vast majority of people, is the only way to connect to the Angelic Realm and the Creator, so it is very important, that before undertaking a meditation in order to connect, you understand fully how best to do this. 

Glenn will help you understand why posture is so important. If you struggle with the idea of visualisation, he can help you to visualise in an easy way. When you close your eyes to meditate, he will explain why it is important that you close them in a particular way.

He will give you a specific breathing technique designed to stimulate your third eye, accelerating further your connection to the Angelic Realm. He will tell you the image that indicates how very near to connection you are

This audio lesson offers you a sequence of events that will help you chart your progress, with techniques to help you achieve the best progress, in the shortest possible time for you.

You will learn why focus is extremely important when you are listening to an angel guided meditation. Because, if you are thinking, you are not meditating!

This is a technique anyone can master!

This is a narrated lesson to listen to at home, in your office and even in your car.

1. Narration - Glenn    42:19

Sample of narration with Glenn

I'd been meditating almost every day for the last 4 years, with great progress, using Jill and Glenn's angel guided meditations; and although I had many pictures, signs and experiences, I didn't hear angels's voices. In 2001, Jill introduced me to this technique, via Ascended Master El Morya (Merlin), and within days, angels were talking to me. I was stunned. Ian, Sheffield, UK

You'll love listening to Glenn's transformational advice on the specific steps you follow to connect to the Angelic realm through meditation. You will learn the signs to see, and how to track your progress, so you keep motivated to keep meditating.

In this motivational lesson, you will learn specific techiques of meditation to help you connect to your Angels and the Godhead.



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Ruth Kaplan from Ohio, USA -
I have always been uncertain as to how to meditate. This CD helped get me started. Thank you Glenn & Jill!
Debbie from Northumberland -
I meditate quite often which has really made me a more calmer & peaceful person. I got my eye on this meditation by Glenn Harrison and thought I`d try it out and I`m so glad I did, I`ve learnt a lot more about doing actual meditations than I originally thought was right. This cd would benefit a lot of people so therefore highly recommended to all. Thank you Glenn xxx
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