34 Archangel Metatron - Chakra Flower (Colour) Cleanse Meditation CD

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Ultimate relaxation & healing. Body regeneration. Deep spiritual healing.
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Connect with the Supreme Chief Archangel, Archangel Metatron in this powerful Chakra Flower Colour Cleanse guided meditation. This guided meditation will teach you how to balance your chakras through the use of this healing meditation. Discover how to utilise colour visualisation to promote chakra healing and balancing. so you are on the road to greater health and harmony. Let the healing energies embrace you, so you are in harmony with yourself and the world. Get this guided meditation CD today and start living a healthier and more peaceful, stress-free life!

Learn to incorporate these colours into your wardrobe, food and environment, to truly heal yourself.

1. Introduction -  Glenn   04:05
2. Meditation -  Glenn    32:16
3. Meditation -  Jill    30:21

This is a truly wonderful, relaxing and powerful experience, and regular and continued use of this Chakra Flower Cleanse guided meditation will help you to raise your intuitive and spiritual levels, for only through experiencing 'all' the colours, can you truly experience vibrational energy shifts.

Archangel Metatron will guide you to a most beautiful garden to experience the powerful healing powers contained within flowers. You will feel so very much at peace in this wonderful garden. You will be presented with a range of coloured flowers to cleanse, recharge and balance the chakras. With each flower you will experience its potent healing abilities.

Open yourself up to personal empowerment and development and embrace the energies Archangel Metatron offers to you.


Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill



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Debbie from Northumberland -
I have felt that I needed to buy a Chakra Cleansing meditation for a while now so when I saw this I thought it would be perfect, it was totally beautiful and easy to follow, i even thought the colours were easy to visualize, on the cd cover you have pictures & names of the flowers used, and this makes them easy to memorize.
I would certainly recommend this meditation cd, thank you to Jill & Glenn for their calming healing voices xxxx
Joyce Allen from Sheffield -
Such a beautiful relaxing meditation, this really does help to put you back on top when you're feeling anxious or out of sorts. Definitely recommend you try this one.
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