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Unlock the Doors of Love, Health and Wealth with Ascended Master Lady Kwan Yin

Life upon planet Earth is meant to be a learning environment, whereby a soul will experience growth, love, sharing, acceptance and education. Unfortunately for mankind, life can often become burdensome, due to the overwhelming demands we place upon ourselves and from others. We experience unhappiness and dis-contentment, but we know from spirit, that it is then that life is giving us the greatest opportunity to grow and evolve. As many will know, something quite difficult to accept when in the middle of a crisis. In this guided meditation, Ascended Master Kwan Yin steps forward at this time to help you experience great healing, in this wonderful ascended master guided meditation,  trance channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison.

 Ascended Master Lady Kwan Yin reminds us of our human potential, so that we may master our life experiences, unlocking the doors of life to find love, health and wealth. You can make things happen in your life, but whilst ever you hold resentments, anger, regret, frustration and sadness about your past, whether it be for your upbringing, or certain events that have led you to where you are now, you will remain stuck until you decide to forgive and forget.

Consider what spiritual opportunity for growth your current situation offers you. It may be, that it's to remind you of a behaviour, belief, or virtue that you need to relinquish or embrace. It may offer you the opportunity to see how a person, place, or thing, holds you back, from who you need to become.

Lady Kwan Yin tells us that ultimately those who have destructive habits, will be forced to awaken, and choose whether they wish to remain living, or let go and return to source. Holding onto any negative emotion causes you more pain, so move on and forge ahead, and begin to make your dreams a reality.

Lady Kwan Yin will guide you gently to one of the healing chambers of Lemuria where you will be bathed in healing crystal ribbons of light. These ribbons of light will provide you with the most potent  Lemurian healing vibration available to all things created. You will then enter into Lady Kwan Yin's healing temple where you will be taught how to recognise the symbolism in Mother Nature and Sacred Geometry. During this powerful meditation you will be given the keys to unlock the doors of life, you will experience an energy heart chakra healing, along with guidance to help you remove old destructive habits which no longer serve your soul's growth. Wash away your pain!

You cannot continue to sideline your spiritual evolution by holding on to anything, be it physical or emotional, that holds you back and ultimately dis-empowers you. Enter into this meditation and experience an ultimate sense of tranquillity. So allow this beautiful meditation to awaken you to the peace and fulfilment that can be yours, by embracing and seeking to master the spiritual principles of love, kindness, sharing, giving, compassion, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness.

1. Introduction  -  Glenn   04:05
2. Kwan Yin Message  -  Jill   04:15
3. Meditation  -  Glenn   23:39
4. Meditation  -  Jill   26:09


Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill 



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Debbie from Northumberland -
Once again what an outstanding meditation given by both Glenn & Jill Harrison, I found the sound of the water falling so tranquil, I received this yesterday morning and have already listened to it 3 times.
Thank you to Glenn & Jill for your soothing voices once again xxxx
Donna from USA -
The Lady Kwan Yin meditation is extremely relaxing and peaceful..........easy to follow the very first time I listened to it.
The beginning of the meditation I found myself teary-eyed, as I was moved by the voice of Glenn and the gentleness of words given.

I have many of these CDs that Jill and Glenn offer......each one has helped me over the past five years. The Harrisons are genuine and a blessing to humanity.

Thank you both so much. Donna
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