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Welcome to No.43 within the series of trance channelled angel guided meditations

Every so often we receive a meditation from spirit which has the power to move you on so many levels, whether you like it or not. Emotional Healing for Good Health and Well Being does exactly that.

Ascended Master Lord El Morya steps forward once again to deliver this powerful meditation to help you embrace the willingness to change and mentally re-programme the mind.

This meditation compliments El Morya's previous meditation for weight loss, No.27, however, this is so much more than just a weight loss meditation as it takes it a step further, by focusing on the negative programming we all receive as children. It helps us to scrub this programming away first so that we may finally achieve success, not only in our weight loss goals, but in our health and emotional well being.

The bottom line for the problems of weight gain, is that the soul has a lack of self love and the belief that they are not good enough. You have to be very much aware of the cause of lack of self-love, in order to treat it. You have to work out at what point did this occur.

Embracing changes which serve you can be uncomfortable, because the first step is always admitting and facing the truth that change is required to move forward. Here, El Morya is helping you to recognise yourself in this meditation, and how we often continue to do things that sabotage our own health and happiness.

Very few humans would harm a new-born child, but what we are being shown is that
on a daily basis, due to negative programming, we abuse our own new-born child, the inner child, by failing to truly and compassionately give it what it needs.

We've been told how we must choose to release all those things that do not serve us, and El Morya explains why those habits and the emotional damage is there.

He will help you to recognise, that the people in your life can only do and be, what they have been programmed to do and be. And in turn, how your own programming makes you act, and do things, that perhaps in reality, do not serve your purpose.

This amazing meditation will guide you through those steps to heal emotionally, viewing and healing your own inner-child; difficult but necessary work.

Use this angel guided meditation to embrace the emotional healing on offer, and to help you stay motivated, for the more you do so, the more self-reliant, self-supporting and self-nourishing you will become.

Warning - You may find this meditation a very emotional experience.

1. Introduction  Glenn  -  04:05
2. El Morya Message  Glenn  -  06:56
3. Meditation  Glenn  -  20:55
4. Meditation  Jill  -  22:16

NB* This is a downloadable file, no hard copy CD will be posted to you.

Sample of meditation with Glenn

Sample of meditation with Jill



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Susan from United States -
I cried through the whole meditation and I am still crying right now, I have been thinking about all the people in the world that are suffering from childhood abuse and they are living lives that are not meant for them because of it. Some of the people that participated in the abuse don't realize the damage that was done by them or they just don't care. I am on my journey to heal from abuse as child and I am so grateful that Glenn and Jill are here to help me and so many other people. This is a wonderful meditation that will connect you to your inner child so you can nurture and heal that part of you that is still hurting.
Theresa Sheldon from Toronto, Canada -
This work was truly the most difficult, truly wrenching I have ever done on the Spiritual Path. Ascension requires all blockages, patterns of self-hate be cleared. What I found in my own subconscious amazed me as I began to examine layers of hurt, of sabotage, of wounds from way back, all the way back to the womb where my mother did not want a pregnancy, as she was not ready for this huge undertaking.

Personally I find the birth process barbaric on this planet, so, so many children are not wanted and come in with unconscious parents, then a lifetime is spent trying to understand and clear abuse patterns. I hope I pick more favourable childhood circumstances if I really must return here. I believe that healing all wounds is a pre-requisite to ascension, for how could it be otherwise?

The soul must achieve balance, as the Master Jesus said "Let the eye be single"--i.e. let all be in alignment!! but it is so so difficult to revisit wounds but I don't know of any other easy way, just this full moon (yesterday) my understanding deepened and I just knew how very alone my mother felt when she was pregnant, and this incredible deep loneliness was imprinted somehow into my neurological pattern.

Thank you so much for your attention.
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