45 Archangel Metatron - Meditation for Fighting Cancer and Heart Disease CD

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Accelerate and Promote Natural Healing. Establish harmony within your mind-body connection, overcome disease.
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This truly wonderful meditation for fighting cancer and heart disease, taps into the immense power of the mind, to enhance comfort, healing, an optimistic attitude and positive expectations.

Healing is a profound and unique experience and this trance-channelled Angel Guided Meditation, by Avatara Jill Harrison, allows you to be in your own personal sacred space, as you are guided in igniting your own healing process.

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer or heart disease brings immense stress into your life and that of your loved ones, so it is important to be helped to find coping strategies as you commence your fight to recovery.

When you can believe in the healing powers of the mind, you allow your immune system to be strengthened, encouraging peace and harmony whilst reducing stress and anxiety.

Allow Archangel Metatron to guide you on a most calming and soothing journey, to connect with the divine presence of
God, light, the one conscious energy, to receive Divine transformational healing.

Let this divine light work within your body, balancing your energy fields and removing all negative particles of energy which infect your physical, mental and emotional bodies, which creates the dis-ease within you.

Uplifting energy will be radiated through your entire body. This divine love energy is the healer of all things, and when you can feel and hold within your body, mind and spirit this energy of love, you will aid your body, mind and spirit in expanding and growing healthy cells.

Used regularly, this meditation progressively relaxes the body and mind. Allow it to be your companion in your fight against cancer and heart disease. Visualise health. Allow Archangel Metatron to open you up to higher cosmic frequencies, so that you may be open to receive everlasting joy, light and life.


1. Introduction  -  Glenn    04:05
2. Meditation  -  Jill    44:36


Sample of meditation with Jill


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