63-Angelic Connection to Archangel Metatron Guided Meditation - MP3

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Experience Inner Bliss. In this webinar we shall be explore working with the 'Buddhic Body' to reconnect and align ourselves with the energies of peace, love and service.
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Experience spiritual inner peace and joy. Awaken your ability to find the seat of your soul, the home of your Higher-Self for self-mastery and manifestation.

In this angel meditation explore working with the 'Buddhic Body' to reconnect and align yourself with the energies of peace, love and service. The Buddhic Body is known as the 'Sheath of Bliss'. To access your Diamond Light, the way to spiritual mastery, lies in our ability to access the universes Metatronic Heart Temple. Metatron tells us that the universes are spritual hearts of energy. Each heart separate and yet one and the same.

Using sacred geometry, access higher vibrational energy and anchoring them into each chakra, before merging with your Buddhic Body to experience bliss.

There are many myths about Archangel Metatron's spiritual retreat, when I have asked Archangel Metatron he tells me the planet Earth is his spiritual retreat, rather than one specific place. It is the intention in our heart which helps us connect with his energies, rather than a place, however the sacred geometric symbols we shall be using in this particular meditation, will be linking you to:-
  • MOUNT FUJI - Japan
  • THE GREAT PYRAMIDS - Luxor, Eygpt
  • SEDONA  - Arizona, USA
  • TIAHUANACO - Bolivia, South America
  • MT. SHASTA - California, USA
  • LAKE TITICACA - Peru/Bolivia
  • NEWGRANGE - Ireland
  • ULURU - (Ayers Rock), Australia

What are the benefits of doing this meditation?

  • Attain inner peace
  • Experience an intensity of bliss
  • Gain an extension of consciousness
  • Free yourself from pain
  • Experience complete relaxation
  • Release strain and stress
  • Remove the sense of separateness
  • Remove suffering and chaos
  • Gain greater wisdom into your potential as a spiritual being in a physical body.
  • Experience pure divine love

The objective of this healing guided meditation is to help you establish a strong connection with Archangel Metatron and to help you remove the limits of separateness, so you embrace your true self without fear, or doubt.

Download a PDF Handout to help you with
the symbols used in this meditation here.



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Marzena from Leeds -
I wish to say thank you Jill for a wonderful experience. My whole body was in totally different environment of wholeness. I could feel Archangel Metatron and his gentle work work with me. Your advanced meditation help me balanced, relaxed and progressed my etheric body. I highly recommend your work.
Product Code MP31063
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