64 - Archangel Uriel Healing Meditation - A Journey To The Rainbow Bridge - CD

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Be guided by the help of the angelic realm to visit Rainbow Bridge and connect with spirit animals for healing, comfort and upliftment.
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Just as our departed loved ones are never far from our hearts, neither are the beloved animals with whom we shared our life with. This beautiful guided meditation enables you to journey to Rainbow Bridge so you can find comfort and peace knowing that your beloved pet is well, happy and whole once more.

During this powerful, yet peaceful guided meditation, experience releasing: -
  • Stress
  • Physical tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Pain
  • Negativity
  • Depression
  • Irritation
  • Anger

Allow yourself to move into and experience: -
  • Inner Peace
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Stillness
  • Comfort

In this meditation you will work with Archangel Uriel and his ministering angels and explore the powerful presence of Mother Nature. You will journey through a beautiful healing forest inhabited by Sylphs,  before finding the Rainbow Bridge.

This rainbow bridge leads you to the place where animals have passed to spirit.  Spend time in nature with these spirit animals, allow them to help bring you healing and loving vibrations.

Discover where animals who have passed reside, and the angels who take care of them in the heavenly realm. Even if you haven't had any pets, you can still greatly benefit from this powerful healing meditation.

Enhance your life, experience total peace, devoid of mental chatter and noise,  this relaxing meditation webinar will help you experience a little bit of heaven.


If you are:-
  • In need of releasing stress
  • Miss your pets who have passed to spirit
  • In need of finding some inner peace and harmony
  • Struggling to relax
  • Finding it hard to stop your brain from thinking.
  • Experiencing a lot of personal difficulties at this time

then this meditation will help you gain greater perspective and help you to feel at peace.



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Debbie from Northumberland -
This was a total amazing experience, I`ve had loads of pets who have meant so much to me, especially Oscar my boxer dog who passed over 8 years ago.
I will recommend this meditation to anybody who wants to know that their pets spirit`s live on in a beautiful realm.
Thank you to Jill & Archangel Uriel.
Joe Marks from Hull, UK -
Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for this meditation. My dog Jacob died a couple of months ago and things just haven't been the same since he went. The house is empty, I feel lost and someone gave me your meditation as a gift. Have to admit I don't go in for this kind of stuff but I missed Jacob so much I thought what the hell. So I sat down, turned on your CD and didn't expect to get one thing and then I could feel Jacob with me. I didn't see him, but I felt him, it was as though he was leant against my knee like he used to. I could swear I could feel his breath on my hand. You've turned a non-believer into someone with hope and belief. Now when I get a bit low, I put on your CD and it cheers me up no end. Jacobs passing is getting easier now, this has helped me a lot. My wife laughs at me now cos I talk to Jacob like he's still here, she thinks I'm daft but I know he is still here and you've done that, thank you
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