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Experience fabulous Full Moon Healing and Transformation with Archangel Gabriel   A full moon holds and brings forth the cosmic energies of love, rebirth, change and transformation, learn how to access this spiritual energy to assist you in healing yourself and embracing transformation.
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Listen to this fabulous Full Moon Healing and Transformation guided meditation with Archangel Gabriel & Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya

On the 14th November 2016 in the UK, we experienced a powerful full moon, one which brought forth the cosmic energies of love, rebirth, change and transformation.

In this particular guided meditation with Jill Harrison, discover how to align yourself to the powerful transformational energies of a full moon with the help of Archangel Gabriel. Discover who Archangel Gabriel is and the role Archangel Gabriel plays in spiritual transformation, along with which crystals align you with Archangel Gabriel.

Discover who Lord Buddha Maitreya is. Did you know that for Buddhists the full moon is a very auspicious day?

Why? Because Lord Buddha was born on a full moon day, every auspicious moment of his life tool place on full moon days. The Buddhists believe that on full moon days, one should not associate with the sensual worldly life, but instead spend the day in meditation, fasting and prayer for greater spiritual enlightenment.

In this angel guided meditation experience: -
  • A closer connection with the Divine
  • Powerful healing – The full moon is one of the best times to experience powerful healing
  • Access higher intuitive abilities – did you know that the full moon is a very psychic time for all humans?
  • Learn how the power of the moon holds the key to powerful transformation, life visioning and human consciousness
  • Discover why you should cleanse and charge your crystals using the magnetic forces of the moon.
  • Explore and experience the powerful vibrations of God, light, the one conscious energy through the force of the full moon.
  • Recharge your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies with a unique and high frequency, full moon meditation
  • Use it any time you feel the need to relax and find inner peace
  • Feel a connection with Archangel Gabriel
  • Experience the divine love and compassionate energies of Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya
  • Expand your own intuitive abilities.
Track 1 - Mini-Audio Class on who Archangel Gabriel and Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya are.
Track 2 - Guided Meditation

Here's just a few of the comments we received from our customers:-

Reviewer: Linda from Romania 5 Stars
I deeply enjoyed the full moon meditation with Gabriel , I was relaxed the minute I heard Jill's magic voice. I feel the messages are very in tune with the present energies, love the insight about the crystals, always feel the true connection with the specific channelled angel ascended master or stargroup ~ Blessings from Romania !

Reviewer: IRENE YOUNG from Nottingham, England 5 Stars
Excellent. Thank you. As we did the meditation your voice made me so relaxed and at ease. I felt a lot of heat and saw a lot of colours, thank you so much for taking me on this journey. Your knowledge about the angelic realm and the crystals we can use to help bring our spiritual helpers in to help us, is so vast, I feel so lucky to have met you and for you to be a part of my journey. Thank you for everything and for being an excellent teacher.

Reviewer: Lynn Wells from Normanton UK 5 Stars
This was amazing, it was so peaceful and tranquil, I could feel the angel Gabriel so close, as for the meditation it was definitely the best I've ever done. thank you so much Jill till next time

Reviewer: Daniel Armand Latour from Quebec,Canada 5 Stars
Je n'ai jamais été véritablement initié a la méditation, cet nouvelle expérience fut magnifique pour moi je me sens plus fort et plus calme .Je vous remercie infiniement pour tout Daniel

Reviewer: Susan from Saskatchewan Canada 5 Stars
Just finished the Moon Meditation, what a wonderful experience. I have been meditating since April 2016, but have never experienced anything like this. Thank you, Jill. You are a blessing. I feel; LOVED, LIGHT and BLESSED. XOXOXOXOX Peace to all

Reviewer: Chantel from Worksop, Notts, UK 5 Stars
I have just done the moon meditation and it was very powerful and also deeply relaxing, Jill has a beautiful calming voice which makes it very easy to go into a meditation, thank you Jill for yet another wonderful meditation.

Firstly Jill, I want to say thank you very much for the best night's sleep I have had in a while. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is due to the amazing energies that came through during the mediation.

Reviewer: Louise from UK 5 Stars
Archangel Gabriel's energies came in first. It was like a constant flow of energy that made its way up and down my body until it found somewhere to settle. Ascended Master Buddha's energies followed a little later on; slightly different sensations but again moved around me. It felt both exciting and humbling to be the recipient of such healing on such a special evening. Your voice was incredibly soothing Jill and for myself, it allowed me to gently drift into a deepened state of relaxation and sheer bliss.

Thank you also, for the information about the different roles of both Archangel Gabriel and Buddha Maitreya, most of which I wasn't aware of. I also enjoyed learning about using crystals to enhance communication with Archangel Gabriel.

One final point, there are plenty of benefits that be gained from using the meditation any time you like and not just on a Full Moon!

***** 5 stars, One very Powerful Full Moon and a truly magical evening of Healing and Transformation! Thank you very much.



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