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70 Etheric Healing & Spiritual Healing Meditation Mp3

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Accessing The Multi-Universal Etheric Stargate For Healing & Guidance with Archangel Metatron

This particular healing and spiritual guidance meditation is taken from our online home study course, in this beautiful meditation experience being infused with love, light and multi-dimensional healing eneregies to help you learn how to raise, anchor and connect with other worldly civilisations and beings of the light.

This particular healing meditation will guide you through the etheric stargate. Explore how to recognise and raise your soul's vibrational frequencies to fully awaken soul remembrance of another of your incarnations within the multi-dimensional universes, merge with and access the etheric universal stargate for healing and guidance, before channelling multi-universal energies to help heal planet Earth at this time.

Accessing the universal etheric stargate will awaken and rebuild the neural pathways within the physical brain so that new energies, higher-self wisdom's can be revealed to assist you with your journey in this lifetime. A love and light infusion of energies will enable you to learn more about your highest purpose and potential and how to bring those ancient gifts and wisdom into the current life you are experiencing. 

If you feel called to work in service for spirit and you are seeking the next step, or sign of what you could, should or need to do, then this particular spiritual healing meditation will help you in solving the issues you feel challenged in. Those who feel drawn to this healing course would be advised to listen to their intuition for there is a reason why you are drawn to this. Please be aware that new higher-light dimensional guides may be assigned to you should you choose to take part in this spiritual healing meditation and if you are assigned these new guides, then you must be committed to working on your spiritual path and assisting the world in planetary healing.

Those who elect to decide to do this healing course, will be involved in creating and anchoring in a new healing rod of light to help humanity and planet Earth heal and awaken to the light within.. 

Reviewer: Beverley Witt from Powys  ***** (5 Stars)
Blown away with this,the meditation was just out of this world. I had been searching for something I could get my teeth into and this really did just that. If you're looking for something that has depth, gives you results I really would recommend this. I'm definitey hooked.

Reviewer: Louise from Shropshire ***** (5 Stars)
Huge thanks to Jill and Archangel Metatron,  it was so good that, wherever you took me, I just didn't want to come back. I truly felt enveloped in unconditional love. Highly recommended and so thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

Reviewer: John Fowler from Gloucestershire, UK ***** (5 Stars)
Hello Jill I have just finished this meditation, whilst in the white light I was quite buoyant, feeling my old self again and thinking 'I am confidant I can do so much more'. The Golden Eye of Horus made me think of the Sphinx so I asked a question and received a reply to the affirmative, surprised and delighted. Didn't want to return to heavy earth. Very busy meditation much to be aware of next time. Thanks to all beings and yourself.

Reviewer: Heather from Lancs ***** (5 Stars)
Having an interest in ' out there stuff' I found this an incredible opportunity not to miss, the meditation for me one of the best I have been on concerning visiting other dimensions, I had lucid interaction with other higher beings, the information I brought back was brilliant. These  are for those ready to expand their mind, ready for the next step to other possibilities and safely when guided by Jill across the dimensional realms . Would I do this again ? Most definitely

Reviewer: Kathryn garland from Wales uk ***** (5 Stars)​​​​​​​
 I'm so glad that I was guided to Jill I have never experienced anything like this before. I felt my soul leave my physical body it was as if I visited home. This has definitely motivated me to push forward on this path. Thank you

Reviewer: Hilary Border from Hoveringham Notts ***** (5 Stars)​​​​​​​
I have been meditating for 25 years + now and can honestly say accessing the Stargate  has been by far, the best, in terms of learning and travelling. I highly recommend it.


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