7th Dimensional Celestial Awakening Programme

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Are you seeking to understand your purpose as a light-worker? Are you looking to upgrade your abilities to the next psychic level?Do you need to create a change/shift in your energy fields? In this two-day master class we will be working with 7th Dimensional light frequencies for self-healing and quantum psychic awakening,
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Are you seeking to understand your purpose as a light-worker?
Are you looking to upgrade your abilities to the next psychic level?
Do you need to create a change/shift in your energy fields?
Do you feel there is something important you should be doing?

In this two-day master class we will be working with 7th Dimensional light frequencies for self-healing and psychic awakening, helping you to shed the 3D energies which currently inhibit you from discovering the treasures and wisdom which lie within the self.

During this weekend master class, you will undergo a number of transformations on many levels, moving you into the awakened self.  You will be working with the Ascended Masters to help you embrace geometric energies for integration of higher light frequencies which will help you move away from debilitating lower energies and into a higher consciousness state. 
Moving into a higher state of consciousness allows you to experience fulfilment on a personal and physical level, whilst catapulting you into new worlds of awareness on a spiritual level.  Each quotient of these higher light frequencies will be anchored into your physical and spiritual chakra systems to help amplify your own magnetic field (aura) thereby offering your the opportunity to understand the authentic and higher self.

You will begin work on accessing information of your past lives and accessing the source codes which contain skills, knowledge and wisdom that is vital to you understanding the true self. Once you have opened these source codes of light, you will move onto working with Ascended Master Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and Ascended Master Sananda to activate dormant light frequencies within the human brain so you can become fully aware of the 7th Dimension and tap into the super-conscious universal mind.

You will be opening up the self to sacred geometric technology and the ancient art of spiritual 3rd eye light activations so you can understand, access and use your own power to manifest, transform and create synchronicity in all things.

Experience drawing your consciousenss into higher planes of consciousness so you can connect with the highest levels of spirit and expand and activate your own Merkabah body of light so you can manifest and achieve your highest purpose.

What Is The 7th Dimension?
Each dimension within the universes holds a different energy frequency. By learning how to transform our own vibration to that of the 7th Dimension, we hold the potential to access the God/Goddess self.
Our God/Goddess self is where we can access cosmic love and peace. It is that place where all healing and personal transformation can take place.  The energies within the 7th Dimension are very fluid, which makes it ideal for working on manifestation and bringing into reality the visions we hold for ourselves.
The 7th Dimension is not limited to our 4th dimensional physical world, this means that it is easier to access the energies you need to heal yourself on all levels, at the highest level.
The energies of the 7th Dimension will help you to access: -
  • Power
  • Confidence
  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Higher Self qualities
  • Higher Self Intelligence
All of these are very powerful life tools which will move your from lack of self-acceptance into a creative and empowered being of light.  It will assist you in controlling your sensitivity so you can transform your sensitivities into a powerful connection to authentic divine guidance.
If you have been seeking for a way to awaken your own consciousness, during this particular master class you will  be personally taught by the Ascended Masters in trance-chanelled modules held by Jill Harrison.
Each module of the master class, a particular ascended master or Archangel Metatron will teach you how to tap into and transform your spiritual qualities and use them for powerful transformation in the physical world.
If you have felt guided by spirit, or you have felt there is something more to your gifts but you are unsure of how to access them, then this master class will give you the links you need for higher spiritual enlightenment.
Times: Registration 9am - Start 9:30 - Finish 5pm
WHEN? - Contact us to be notified of when this class is taking place

Places on this master class will be limited to a small group,
therefore early booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

ACCOMMODATION - We offer accommodation too :-)

Montagu House is an elegant Victorian House on the prestigious London Road. Your hosts Jill & Glenn promise a warm welcome and excellent food.

Just the place if you want comfort and good food. All rooms, but one, have TV with Freeview.

Your accommodation covers evening meal followed by breakfast and lunch. Food is organic home cooked and freshly prepared every day. Most diets catered for, feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements.

Please respect, this is our home. If you are staying overnight with us, please be aware, we are not a hotel.

Please also note that due to the age of the property, sadly there are no facilities available for people with disabilities, if you are unsure, then please call us to discuss your needs prior to booking. There is no lift and there are stairs into the property and stairs into the training room which is in the grounds of the property. If you are unable to manage stairs with ease, we are happy to recommend the nearby hotel which is only five minutes away from our premises. 

Because we are not a hotel please note there is no bar; yet we do our best to accommodate people’s tastes in food in the evening meal and at lunch. In fact, our food is highly rated by many, to the point we are always being asked for recipes. We do whatever we can to vary the food for people with special dietary requirements; but give us plenty of notice. Please don’t turn up and tell us your dietary requirements, or email us two days before; we will have already shopped for our guests. If in doubt, you are welcome to bring your own food or supplements, as do the people who are not staying over. We thank you for your cooperation, and look forward to your company.

Please also note that there are four indoor pedigree cats on the premises which are restricted to certain areas of the house, if you have pet allergies please contact us for details of local hotels in the area.




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Sue Scott from Derbyshire, UK -
This intensive course was creating in such a way that you were led through different vibrational/dimensional levels of energies. You could really feel the shift from one level to another - AMAZING!!

The guided meditatiosn, the energies built accumulatively, the trance-channelling, ASTOUNDING!

So glad I was able to do this.
Andrea Bell from Newcastle, UK -
OUTSTANDING - every single meditation was uplifting, empowering, and made energetic changes. Wonderful, thank you.
Alessandra Marazzi from Bangkok, Thailand -
Excellent, lots of wonderful meditations.
Edward Hogan from Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
Outstanding, covered a lot but in a timely and unrushed manner. I feel my trust in meditation has improved immensely in just allowing it to unfold. Ascension expansion, integrating higher light frequencies, retrieving soul fragments, thanks a million for allowing your time to a channelling session.
Javier Rendon from San Francisco, USA -
I had some cool experiences with the meditations and the trance-channel session was enlightening. 5th & 6th dimensional meditaiton integrating higher light frequencies and source codes, excellent.
Brendan Hill from Michigan, USA -
Outstanding. I felt like I was hovering above my body and I had experiences I've never felt. Helped me to understand my life purpose and what REALLY truly makes me happy. The channelling was really incredible. I love how playful spirit is and it makes me want to connect with them. It was challenging to stay focused for that long duration. (Multiple meditations in one day), BUT the challenge was very rewarding. It is becoming easier and easier to go into a deep meditation.
Susan Beebe from Alaska, USA -
You are an excellent teacher. Ther was very transformational for me, soul retrieval, soul calling, 3rd eye awakening. Thank you.
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