80 - Soul Star Chakra Healing - Archangel Tzaphkiel Guided Meditation

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Struggling to access clear communication with your angels or spirit guides,? Your soul star chakra may not be imbalanced. Heal and balance your soul star chakra with this Archangel Tzaphkiel guided meditation.
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This Archangel Tzaphkiel meditation is one of the most beautiful and enriching experiences that allows you to access divine knowledge and angelic guidance. This easy to do angel guided meditation will help you discover how easy it is to work with the angelic realm.

If you have struggled to access clear communication with your angels or spirit guides, it could be that your soul star chakra is not aligned or balanced correctly. This Tzaphkiel guided meditation will help you heal and balance your soul star chakra whilst at the same time uncovering vital information that will help you tap into your full potential.

Experience: -

  • A vibrational frequency upgrade of your soul star chakra
  • A profound energy attunement to Archangel Tzaphkiel
  • Balance and heal your Soul Star Chakra with light code language
  • Link with the swirling spiritual cosmic energies
  • Third eye expansion
  • A connection with the crystalline grid of the universe
  • Information on your parallel lives and your soul's akash
  • A full energy merge with your multi-dimensional self
  • Divine love
  • Angelic Peace
  • Angel Healing

What is the Soul Star Chakra?

Your soul star chakra is the first direct connection with the cosmic crystalline energy grid. The cosmic crystalline grid holds the essence of your spiritual nature and feeds your physical self with knowledge of your soul’s purpose and your connection to something far greater than your mere physical reality.

When our angels or spirit guides communicate with us, the vast majority of the information and connection is brought through the gateway of your soul star chakra. This chakra connects us with our guides, the angelic realm, the higher akash of the cosmos and our loved ones in spirit.

Your soul star chakra is the first entry point where divine loving celestial energy flows through us helping us to experience and understand the world around us and our intuitive side.

Can a soul star chakra be imbalanced?

As this is the first transpersonal chakra is can become out of alignment with the lower chakras. Like the other chakras if the energy is limited we can find it hard to feel enthusiasm for life, we may perhaps feel lost and unsure of why we were born in the first place and question our own purpose.

The energy flowing into the soul star chakra can also be excessive this tends to happen if the Earth star chakra below the feet is also limited, as this creates a build up of energies, which cause us to develop feelings of restlessness due to a lack of grounding.

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Product Code MP31080