Accessing The Astral Planes with Archangel Michael

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This 1-day Archangel Michael class will teach you how to explore the astral planes for healing, spiritual growth and intuitive expansion on a 5th dimensional level. Learn how to project yourself to Archangel Michael's gateway to elevate your core frequency. 
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Are you serious about your spiritual development?

Radically empower yourself - Break down old programming - Experience deep healing and re-connect with the spiritual warrior within. 

This 1-day master angel class introduces you to working with and channelling the energies of Archangel Michael so that you can explore your spiritual lessons within the astral planes. Join us for a day of self-discovery, extra-
ordinary healing and enlightenment.


What is this angel class about?

This 1-day Archangel Michael class will teach you how to explore the astral planes for healing, spiritual growth and intuitive expansion on a 5th dimensional level. Learn how to project yourself to Archangel Michael's gateway to elevate your core frequency. 

We will be focusing on removing self-doubt, self-criticism and with the help of Archangel Michael, you will learn how to power up your self-worth and self-confidence.

You will be taught an Archangel Michael Healing Freedom Technique which you can use on yourself or others, to help release old programming that affects self-belief, self-acceptance, self-love and self-worth.

Join us for a day of intuitive expanding exercises, healing and powerful meditations. 

The aim of the day is to help you begin to channel and connect with Archangel Michael for healing and guidance. This day offers you the chance to break away from the old way of being and helps you to change the image you have of yourself on the inside.  If you have been looking for a way to move beyond where you currently are, in terms of, your self-image, your personal life, your professional life, this Archangel class will help you to reach your potential on a mind, body and spiritual level.

What is the programme for the class?

  1. Introduction to the powers of Archangel Michael
  2. Understanding the Astral Planes & how to detach from the physical body for greater awareness - Learn how to project yourself out of your physical body into the Astral Realms 
  3. Experiencing Healing in the astral plane with Archangel Michael - Experience deep transformative healing with the support of Archangel Michael
  4. Releasing old programming with astral quantum healing
  5. Archangel Michael Energy Healing Freedom Technique - This module will show you how to locate trapped or imbalanced energy patterns and release them on yourself and others

What time does this class begin and finish?

Class registration is at 9:30am and we begin promptly at 10am
Lunch is 45 minutes at 12:30pm
We aim to finish somewhere between 4 and 4:30pm (Finish time depends on student interaction)

What are the benefits of attending this angel class?

The class curriculum has been given by Archangel Michael through trance-channel Jill Harrison. This class aims to help you expand your consciousness and develop the ability to connect with Archangel Michael for healing and support.  Each module of the class offers you an opportunity to achieve a variety of objectives.

In this transformative, high-energy Archangel Michael class you will:-

  • Learn to release personal and emotional trauma which inhibits you from feeling confident and self-assured
  • Access the astral realm for personal transformation in preparation for your ascension
  • Experience total mind, body and spiritual relaxation
  • Release old energy imprints of the past which karmically affect you
  • Experience a powerful Archangel Michael energy balance and chakra upgrade
  • Access and learn how to activate the inner healer.
  • Gain knowledge of how to quickly and easily heal yourself and others.
  • Discover how to reduce, even eliminate pain

Not sure this angel class is for you?

Unlike other 'luke-warm' spiritual teachers who give you the same stale regurgitated advice time and time and talk about anything and everything, but give you very little substance, let Jill Harrison show you in a practical down-to-earth way, how to quickly and easily connect with Archangel Michael and tap into your own intuition and use it to transform your life.  

Where: Montagu House, London Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7JJ
Time:   10am - 4pm

What happens once I place my order?

You will be sent a booking confirmation of your order along with joining instructions which contains what you need to bring with you to the class, how to get to us and make the most of your time with us.



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Jodie Archer from West Yorkshire, UK -
Excellent, I love the meditations, and learning about the brain was woonderful. How things connect to the physical was really useful. Most interesting was the brain stuff, the time I could take for me doesn't happen often. Thank you
Beverley Bridge from Lincs, UK -
The hosts were wonderful and very thorough. Very enjoyable way of learning. Healped to release blockages and given me inspiration to carry on with my own healing work. Most useful was how simple connection to the archangels really is! Thank you very much Jill for the lovely day.
Carol Parsons from Nottinghamshire, UK -
Relaxed atmosphere, friendly, very informative and lovely lunch.
Abigail Simson from Lincs, UK -
Many informative and useful techiques and fabulous information shared. I loved all of it, particularly the crystal bowls. I enjoyed all aspects of the day and hope to be able to do more in the future. I really felt that I have been able to release much that was locked inside. The energies were so powerful. I'd definitely recommend this course.
Karen Haynes from Cheshire, UK -
Felt like I've released long-standing energies. Most useful was the crystal bowl sound healing.
Kathryn Adler from Cambs, UK -
Learnt so much. Meditations felt great, felt I really released stuff. Learning about part of the brain, the hara and how to access the astral realm outstanding.
Chris Hillier from London, UK -
It was a fun, interesting and very useful day connecting with the Astral Realm.
Martin Lloyd from Staffordshire, UK -
Very deep healing took place. This is an excellent course for thsoe who want to release all those fears. Meditations, areas of the brain connecting Archangels and Emotional Development - Outstanding.
Julie Jewitt from West Yorkshire, UK -
As always very informative and free with knowledge, always something new to learn. Acess the astral realm and sound healing therapy extremely beneficial. Interesting exploring energy blocks. Thank you for a loverly day.
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