Algalithian Attuned Selenite Healing Wands (Round Ends)

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Beautiful Natural Selenite Rounded Healing Wand attuned to the Algalithian Healing Matrix ratio. 

These selenite wands are high density attuned to assist you in uncovering and accessing new levels of consciousness for greater soul growth and expansion when held during meditation.  

Activate within your brain, new areas to enable super-consciousness, super-psychic powers and super-higher-density-awareness.  These wands can be used to help you align with the Algalithians so you can learn new healing methods to clear, transmute toxic energy into high frequency pure energy.

You can use three or six of these to create a healing pyramid vortex around you for powerful upgrades and higher-consciousness awakening. Please only do this is you are used to working with higher frequencies.
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Meditation
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Energy field alignment
  • Connection with the Algalithian race
As each Selenite wand is a natural product and hand crafted. Each piece sold is unique and can vary slightly in size, appearance and measurements are given as a rough guide only.
Experience the calming effects of Selenite. Because Selenite is a high frequency crystal, it helps you clear your mind and being a sense of peace and calm to your own energy fields.
You can use this Selenite wands to help balance, clear and align your energy fields to the Algalithians. 
By placing the Selenite wands around you home, you will create a high density spiritual resonance which promotes removal of toxic ions and energies, thereby promoting healing, tranquillity and peace. Great to have around the home if you have over-active pets or children.
Having a Selenite at your bedside will also reset your energy fields and assist you in downloading galactic upgrades and energy downloads from the Algalithians whilst aiding a restful night’s sleep so your body is able to rest and heal itself.
This attuned crystal wand does not require cleansing. It already contains energies of a higher frequency.
These Algalithian attuned Selenite wands are a valuable crystal to have, get yours today.



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Code CSW1001
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