Andromedan Soul Healing Class

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The Andromedans love nothing more than to teach or heal. In this two-day master class we shall be focusing on how to utilise andromedan energies for multi-dimensional soul healing for personal growth. 

This powerful Andromedan master class will incorporate working with your higher-consciousness to restore your multi-dimensional self back into a state of homeostasis. It will focus on activating the inner seeds of consciousness from past lives to shed deeper insight into how to move into unconditional love for healing purposes.

This course will assist you in developing your confidence as a free spirit. It will help you to feel more free to express your self and it will help you to tune into universal vibrations of the master soul so you can tap into and experience many different realities.

If you are interested in this master class, please email us to be added to our waiting list. You will be emailed when the dates and times of this master class become available to you.

Please note this is a highly advanced master class, working at a very high vibrational level. The master class is aimed towards those seeking to understand how to heal with the multi-dimensional energies on a quantum level.

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Product Code AndMC
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