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Angel-Psychic Classes

7th Dimensional Celestial Awakening Programme
Are you seeking to understand your purpose as a light-worker? Are you looking to upgrade your abilities to the next psychic level?Do you need to create a change/shift in your energy fields? In this two-day master class we will be working with 7th Dimensional light frequencies for self-healing and quantum psychic awakening,
Accessing The Akashic Records
Come along and connect with your spirit guide and higher self. Take a step-by-step guide to the art of channeling and accessing the Akashic Records.
Accessing The Astral Planes with Archangel Michael
This 1-day Archangel Michael class will teach you how to explore the astral planes for healing, spiritual growth and intuitive expansion on a 5th dimensional level. Learn how to project yourself to Archangel Michael's gateway to elevate your core frequency. 
Angelic Crystal Healing Therapy Master Class - 25 Sep 2016
Have You Got Crystals and Gemstones, but don't do anything with them? Many people are drawn to buying crystals, but once they have bought them, are not sure what to do with their crystals, or how to use them. Whilst you were intuitively drawn to them, and may be aware that crystals can help in the healing process, if you would like to learn how to work with crystals, or use your crystals to help you connect to the angelic realm, then this master class is for you.
Archangel Ray Seraphim Healing.... Beyond Reiki - Angel Class
Learn this powerful new Archangel-Ray healing energy-therapy, direct from Source; to aid yourself or others in the healing process.
How To Read Angel Cards Like A Pro - Angel Card Class
Learn How To Read Angel Cards And Become A Very Effective & Powerful Light-Worker. We would like to invite you to attend a very important spiritual development master class which shows you how to tap into angelic alignment
Intuitive Tarot - The Major Arcana - 2 Day Master Class
If you have an interest in learning to read the Tarot cards, I'd like to invite you to join me on my super Intuitive Tarot Card Master Class which has helped hundreds of students around the world, overcome a lot of the issues within a matter of minutes. By joining us, I can guarantee that within the day, you will feel more confident and have the ability to look at any of the tarot cards and, correctly interpret them.
Metatronic Soul Light Leadership Programme
Is Your Soul Being Called To Action ? - Under the order of the Elohim, a new spiritual and physical embodiment of intelligence is about to be birthed onto the lower physical realm. The Angelic Orders are currently preparing to bring forth new Celestial Spiritual Teachings to those souls who are ready to serve and support the Angelic Order's Ministeries and the Ascended Masters' Universities of Light. Are you one of them?
SOUL VISIONING - Transform Your Life
Immerse Yourself in Soul Energy Psychology; and heal yourself. Explore lives - between lives - Experience complete soul transformation. Increase your ability to open and work with your psychic gifts. Rapidly increase your ability to move forward in your life, on all levels.

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