Angelic Celestial Light Channelled Reading

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This particular channelled angel reading is offered to those people who really don't know which direction to take, or what action to take first. Filled with guidance, support and tips, let your angels guide you and show you the way. 
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Need Help On Your Way Forward?

Feeling lost?


This channelled angel reading will help you to gain answers to help you move forward on your personal and spiritual journeys. Let the angels guide you to discovering:-
  1. What energies are affecting you in the present and how to deal with them.
  2. What the soul is working on.
  3. What your conscious mind is working on.
  4. What steps you need to take to be in divine alignment
  5. How to manifest greater success and balance.
  6. What you are spiritually developing at this time.
  7. Where your lower-self is leading you.
  8. How to attain fulfilment, happiness and joy.
This particular channelled angel reading is offered to those people who really don't know which direction to take, or what action to take first. Filled with guidance, support and tips, let your angels guide you and show you the way. 

Sometimes when you are in the midst of change, it can be hard to see the way out of where you are. In this reading the angels will help you understand what is happening on a physical and spiritual level so that you can understand what is unfolding and why.



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Becky from Prante -
This reading is excellent and very helpful. If you are wanting to know what the next move might be along your spriritual path and that which you are struggling with at this time that you need to look at in order to move forward this is the one to choose. As always there is so much value and insight in each reading.
Sue from Owaka -
I have never been disappointed with Channelled Readings I have ordered from Jill. They always arrive in a timely fashion and are well presented. The content is detailed and advice that is given is backed up with instruction on how to self-help. The guidance is always very personal and empowering; never critical and always supportive of your journey of transformation.
Becky from California -
This reading is exceeding helpful. It is broken into parts what is happening to us on our soul and physical level. It speaks of what we are experiencing now, what we came here to do and what our next steps should be. This brings into focus where we need to focus and why we are feeling and experiencing certain emotions or even events, and helps to understand and where to focus to move forward. Very thankful to Metatron and Jill for the reading.
Brendan Hill from USA -
Powerful! This reading told me what this year holds for me, and so far he is so right! This is definitely a spiritual initiation. Time to release. Thank you!!
Natalie from Chicago -
I was extreamly empressed with my reading. I honestly have been on many sites, have done many countless hours of research and the thing that almost drew me to getting the reading with Jill vs any one else... Was the fact that ever sense the first guided meditations listened to on iTunes; I was hooked! She has an honest soul and I just felt sincerity with her. I appreciate all that they do and would recommend a reading from her any day! Thanks again so much, you are AMAZING! :)
Alessandra from Bangkok -
Dear Jill,
thank you for this reading, this is wonderful, it gives me great strength and hope. And it really makes me feel I'm safe and taken care of. Michael is really speaking to very important points, key things that I have sensed are of utmost importance just now, in order to grow and move to the next stage of my spiritual development. It is nice to receive such confirmation, together with some light over other aspects which I hadn't grasped or connected.
Jennifer Neilson from Australia -
My reading was requested as a follow-up on a reading I had last year. As I am still working on the information in that reading to receive the broader explanation of the challenges I am working on was so helpful - I was really struggling with how to proceed. I really appreciate this reading & recommend it to those needing help with their current challenges. My grateful thanks to Archangel Metatron (who kindly did this follow-up for me) & Jill.
Beverley Bridge from UK -
Thankyou very much for the brilliant reading Jill, all so true hence the time gap it has taken me to reply. It has given me so much food for thought and made me understand my feelings of frustration and know that i need to reassess my life to find space for ME to progress spiritually. It is so reassuring to know that we are helped and cared for by beautiful beings and i will certainly embrace the special guidence Arch Angel Michael has given me. I do appreciate your help Jill, you give such a valuable service, Thankyou once again love Beverley xx
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