Archangel Celestial Attunement

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Be attuned to the vibrational frequencies of your chosen Archangel for guidance, healing, support and spiritual direction.
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This Archangel Attunement is for those who desire to be attuned to the vibrational frequencies of their favourite Archangel for guidance, support and spiritual direction.

Normally £350.00

This powerful attunement focuses upon opening the cosmic star portal chakra so you can
access higher vibrational spiritual guidance, before then moving onto to activate the third eye chakra before finally entering into and anchoring the angelic light frequencies into your heart chakra to help you heal any restrictive energy fields which are blocking your spiritual awareness and growth.

This is a one-off attunement and is sent to you by way of a energy healing orb of light. Each attunement is specifically channelled by me with your chosen Archangel  to help you connect with the presence of your favourite Archangel.

Your attunement is an orb of light energy sphere that is passed from me to you, so you can receive your chosen Archangel's vibrational energies to help you with your spiritual growth, healing and guidance.

Once you have placed your order I will channel the relevant energy from your chosen Archangel to you. The Archangelic Realm, my guides and your higher self will oversee this process which will be in the angelic vibration of love, light and truth. 

If you would prefer to receive a personal one-to-one session with me over the internet, you can add the option on and I will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time.



Why A Personal One-To-One Coaching Session Is Best!

I had an Archangel Ray Channeling Coaching session with Jill Harrison yesterday and I am still feeling the high energy after sleeping for 9 hours last night. Jill with the assistance of Archangel Metatron lifted an old issue that I have been struggling with my entire lifetime within a few minutes. Thank you so much.

I practised what Jill taught this morning without the aid of the recorded session and I was able to instantly feel the connection with Archangel Metatron. So profound and uplifting! Now I feel that I can safely delve into connecting with the Angels and actually receive feedback. Much gratitude Jill for your presence and all that you do for us.

Kind regards.
Judy C****
(Nov 2015)

If you opt for the personal one-to-one on-line coaching session, I will be able to personally tune into your energies and see where you may be experiencing blocks. I will also coach you through the process, so your own individual needs are fully catered to. Add to this, the opportunity to ask questions and get Angel Communication Expert Advice, this is why my clients continually come back time and time again.
Don't struggle to connect to your angels, within just one hour, you could be channelling and communicating with your own Archangels.


You will receive an order confirmation within 7 days. 

ORB ATTUNEMENTS - If you ordered your attunement by way of an energy orb attunement, you will receive detailed instructions within 7 days on how to access your attunement.

PERSONAL COACHING SESSION - If you ordered your attunement by way of a personalised coaching session with Jill, you will need to book an appointment with Jill. Please use the link below to select a suitable time and day.

Once you have booked your appointment, this will be confirmed back to you by email. In the event you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us on +44 1777 710999

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Heidi Schwan from Brisbane Aus -
I have been a healer for over 20 years and I am always looking for ways in which I can continue to grow and understand the deeper ways in which energy is transmitted and used for healing. I have over the years worked with many spiritual healing teachers but yours was the most powerful energy distance attunemnt I have ever had. It was simply magnificent. Having been attuned to many different energies I now know the difference between those who profess to be a healer and those who actually can perform the REAL DEAL and you definitely did that. I loved the information and support you gave and the process was so easy to follow and do. You have transformed my ability to heal others so much so that I feel I have found a true angel healer and now I will continue to remain with you. Your work and commitment to your students is second to none and you always seem to help me feel more empowered with each attunement I have. Jill you are amazing, thank you.
Jose Luis from New Mexico -
For a long time I felt something was missing in my life. My childhood was one of emotional and physical abuse and I have always found it very hard to trust people and love them but last month I had your angel attunements. I was feeling there was no light at the end of the tunnel and I found your website. I hoped God had guided me to you and I believe he did because after 35 years of life of being unhappy and feeling lost I now feel a massive change. I now feel love i am so happy and my heart now knows love. Each of your attunements helped me find angel and god love. I am no longer the person I was you have helped me let go of what i was and i feel like a new man. You have made me hole. Each healing session was powerful and life changing. Dios te bendiga, me has salvado
Linda Pagett from Northampton, UK -
This attunement was truly beautiful, as soon as I called it in I had a surge of energy through my body. The information given is easy to understand and apply, this was my fisrt attunement and it was very powerful. I really felt the energy in my heart and now I feel really peaceful.
Julie J from Yorkshire, UK -
Hi Jill

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Archangel Chamuel for the very powerful energy attunement and healing orb
Synchronicity was certainly at play here as I was drawn to this attunement to help me through some devastating news that knocked me sideways which has played havoc with my emotions and it has taken me a while to process and come to terms with recent events which is why I have only just round to doing this .
My experience of the activation of the healing orb was very powerful. I felt expansion within my crown chakra opening and could feel the energy swirling around . Archangel Chamuel energies to me are really warm very loving and peaceful .
I experienced the energy attunement as a loud strong whooshing sensation that was more dominant within my left ear than the right.
I felt stroking sensations all over my face cobweb effect stronger on the left and a running cascading of energy down my spine.
I also felt an energy shift under the right hand side of my ribcage
Following this I slept really well and woke to a profound sense of peace .
I have no qualms in recommending these attunements
Many thanks again
Julie xxx
Debbie from Northumberland -
I received my Archangel attunement and I chose it by Archangel Chamuel ( angel of love ). It was such a beautiful calming experience, I felt tingling in my fingers first and then my toes then I could feel the energy just slowly creeping up my arms and legs. Just such a wonderful way to treat yourself, also great value for money and the attunement is something that lasts a lifetime. Thank you very much was just brilliant xxx
Product Code AAM3004
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