Archangel Haniel Energy Angel Reading (trance-channelled)

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This unique trance-channelled Mastership Energy reading with Archangel Haniel brings you an opportunity to understand your current experiences on three different levels.
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This unique trance-channel Archangel Haniel Energy  Angel Reading brings you an opportunity to understand your current experiences on three different levels.

Within this reading Archangel Haniel will reveal the energies which are accompanying you on your life path, any residue or etheric cords which need to be removed.  By developing a greater understanding of your own energies, you will find ways in wish to use your energies to support you in the physical world. As you learn more to understand your energies this angel reading will help you explore hidden talents and gifts, along with weaknesses that need to be developed into strengths.
  • Level 1 - WIll give you information to help you resonate with better energies, so your psychic and spiritual energies can be enhanced. This information will resonate with your divine feminine energies.
  • Level 2 - This is channelled information on why you may be feeling or experiencing what you are currently experiencing and what you need to identify and work with to create a shift in energies and opportunities around you. This information will resonate with your divine male energies.
  • Level 3 - Reveals the lessons and aspetcs you will be mastering throughout your entire life and the challenges this may pose to you.  This information will create unity and balance between the male and female energies helping you to maintain inner core balance and healing.
This trance-channelled angel reading will be emailed to you in PDF format.  No information is required from you for this reading.



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Becky Prante from California, USA -
As always this reading was exactly what was needed at this time. You will always find the messages through Jill from the Angelic realms brings you that which is needed. The information is never general but specific to you. This reading for me gave specific information for what I needed to move forward in my spiritual growth and divine purpose, to open and balance my energies. I am very thankful that Jill is here and is able to bring us such important support on our journey.
Susan Beebe from Alaska -
This reading is wonderful! I was really happy to hear that I am continuously transforming on an energetic level and am making very good progress. Presently I am working on mastering power issues and I am standing strong in maintaining my power and not give it away to others. I am looking for a place to move to so I can be around spiritually minded people- that would benefit me greatly. I was made aware of Karmic wounding that has been laying dormant and this reading has given me guidance on what actions to take to be able to heal on a deeper level. I almost fell out of my chair when I read what my hidden talent was, I am very open to exploring the wide array of options available to me.
P.S. I almost fall out of my chair quite a bit with having Jill as my Master Teacher through laughing and amazement, she is such a great person.
Brendan Hill from USA -
I hold this reading very close to my heart. It brings me to tears talking about it. All my life I've been trying to fit in. I've been trying to put myself into a box. I've been struggling with trying to fit into the role being a mechanical engineer. I've been trying to make other people proud. However, this reading reassured me of my true gift. Perhaps I'm not supposed to be like others, and that's okay. I just want to be me.
Viviane from Anguilla -
I received a Haniel reading from Jill two days ago. I feel that it captures accuratly the ernegies that surround my life at the moment and the lessons needed to be learnt in this life time. It does go deep and it does take me some time to digest the information. I know that this reading will be and is very helpful to me. Thank you very very much!
Maryam Javedaziz from UK -
Hi Jill, Thank you for the reading! It is what I needed to hear from the Angels, and welcome their guidance!

I am so Thankful to God and the Angels, that you are here to help and guide us all, when we need faith and are shown the right direction to take!

Thank you again for the reading.
Robert Jackson from USA -
This reading helped me to heal my past and see the issues that were currently calling for me to step into my higher self and create change. It was an accurate, healing and powerful reading for those spiritually seeking a way to connect with their soul.
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