Archangel Ray Seraphim Healing.... Beyond Reiki - Angel Class

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Learn this powerful new Archangel-Ray healing energy-therapy, direct from Source; to aid yourself or others in the healing process.
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Unhappy With Your Level of Psychic/Intuitive Healing Abilities?

Do You Feel You Have Something Special To Offer The World, But Don't Know How To Tap Into It?

Take your healing ability beyond Reiki, Discover Spiritual Healing with the Angels - Even if You're A Beginner and have never done any form of healing.

Learn this powerful new Archangel-Ray healing energy-therapy, direct from Source; to aid yourself or others in the healing process.

Since the beginning of 2014 the angel healing energies now require us to work through the cosmic heart, thereby bringing us in alignment with the new ascension healing codes, which are being channelled to Earth at this time. You don't have to have any healing experience to attend this class, but if you do, it will help you to advance your existing skills to a greater level. 
Not all spiritual healers are channels.
This Angel Healing Master Class offers you the opportunity to
become a channel-healer and if you have aleady done Reiki,
you can learn how to take Reiki to the next level.
Whereas before, most forms of healing therapies did not involve diagnosis, these new angel healing energies enable us to clear our own energy levels, which in turn elevates our ability to channel information, to provide diagnosis, discover the hidden programming that is causing disease, and remove the root cause of what is causing the dis-ease, within the physical and emotional body.

What This 2-Day Angel Healing Master Class Includes:
  • Introduction to the Archangel Rays.
  • Clearing your energy fields.
  • Removing etheric cords with Archangel Michael.
  • Learning the power of breath to open your psychic channels to the Archangels.
  • Activating and opening the higher chakras.
  • Personal energy angel healing therapy.
  • Diagnosis and anatomy of illness.
  • Understanding emotional energy.
  • Important aspects to remember in the healing process.
  • Changing the quantum energy healing for emotional and physical issues.
  • Accessing Seraphim angel healing ​
  • Channelling the Seraphim Archangels

During this angel class you will have the opportunity to learn how to clear your own energy fields and environmnet, to enhance your psychic and telepathic abilities.

Before we can heal others now, we have to be a clear channel for the new angel healing energies to come through. The first day of this amazing spiritual healing Master Class, we look are the various Archangel vibrational healing rays, and how to work with them. We will also work on releasing etheric cords, emotional blockages, any past life issues that affect your ability to function on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis.

We will also work on opening and activating the higher chakras so that your third-eye and heart chakra are continually connected to the higher-self, for telepathic guidance and healing knowledge.

We finish off day one of this angel class, by opening your channelling abilities with the Archangels.

Day two is a highly intensive practical spiritual healing day, utilising the Seraphim techniques learnt on day one to work with the Archangels. Come and discover the healing gifts each Archangel offers you.

When you use this powerful angel healing correctly, the Archangels will communicate the negative emotions and fears which are creating the symptoms, and with the help of the archangels you will learn how to channel new spiritual healing energies to help dissolve the blockage.

This is a powerful Angel Class - suitable for anyone with a passion to heal.

Here are two case studies of using this energy healing technique from the archangels.

Angel Healing - Spiritual Healing Case Studies:

Case 1 - I had the pleasure of helping a client access and connect to the 14th ray of Interstellar Service. Connecting with the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. The client, who had not channelled before (using the new breathing techniques given to me by the angelic realm), was able to experience an integration in his Ka template. He experienced an emotional transition during this session, and his experience has brought him to a place of great peace and understanding about his true nature, and his future role, in balancing cosmic and Earth energies, as a channel. He has left with the ability to channel instantly, and connect at a very high level. There was no need for me to relay the messages in the normal way. For the first time, he had the ability to connect to his spiritual gateway source, and see, hear and feel the information he needed to know.

Whilst channelling and connecting with his Sirian guide, the energies filled the room. They were amazing. I feel very blessed to have witnessed such a profound transformation in this client. As this is the year of the Cosmic Heart, the energies we are being allowed to integrate and connect to, really can be life changing. Unity Consciousness, both planetary and cosmically is slowly becoming a reality for those who work in light-service. The new teachings being brought through at this time enable us all to connect with spirit.

Case 2 - Whilst teaching in Japan, I was asked, out of the blue, to do a healing session for a lady. Normally I spend quite a lot of time asking about the condition that wishes to be treated, but I was guided to just be open to the process I had been taught by the angelic realm. I was prompted to ensure the client was breathing in a manner which opened up their channels. As the energy link began to flow from myself, to the client, then into the Earth, the energy created a specific resonance that could physically be felt by the client.
Archangel Raphael then introduced a breathing pattern for this client, which established a firm link to the higher dimensional angels. I was told that references would be given and I was not to consciously connect to them, but give them to the client, as they would unlock codes which would enable the blocked energies to be released. For five minutes the angelic vibrations were built. The energies were magnified down through the client. At this stage, the number 14 appeared in my third-eye. I simply said to the client, “Age 14”. The client’s body appeared to drop, as though all tension had just suddenly gone.

I was guided to place my hands on the lower back. At this stage, the heat coming through the hand chakras, was extremely hot. The client was asked not to resist this energy, but pull the energy in, and release it out using the outward breath through the mouth. Once the heat had dissipated, the final guidance was to place my hands either side of her heart chakra. Various colours streamed down into the client, and through me. A sense of angelic presences filled the room. I could see Divine presences encircling us. It was a very spiritual and poignant moment.
After the healing session, whilst I had experienced much, the client was looking rather shocked. I asked her to describe her experiences, and if she could relate to any of the experiences. She told me she was amazed at what she had just experienced. It seemed that at the age of 14, this woman had experienced something which had caused her to feel great shame about herself. She had never spoken of. She said that during the healing session, she was shown how this energy had kept her trapped, unable to express her heart, and unable to feel strength. She said she felt the angels take this from her. She said she felt free.
She said she also couldn’t believe that this healing had also sorted another problem she had been having, even though she had not mentioned it. For a while she had been experiencing a lot of pain on one side of her hip and leg. She said she physically felt the angels healing this area of her body. The pain is gone, and her leg feels very normal now. Through this session this lady became aware of situations and people who did not have her best interests at heart, and she now realises how loved and accepted she is by the angelic realm. This was the greatest confirmation she had.
I had watched this lady transform in just a short time. It was wonderful valid confirmation that this process is indeed powerful and works on many levels. It is available to you.

Listen to some of the feedback from our Students in this short video…




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Sue Lynch from Nottingham -
This master class was excellent, it reignited my passion for healing and made me realise how much I'd missed it.
Balbir Dhesi from Birmingham -
Excellent master class, I am really pleased I cam, I found all of it interesting.
Paddylyn Gregory from Whitland, Wales -
Jill makes you feel very welcome, loved everything about the weekend. I found the first day was very good and useful, eplained very well.
Karen Haynes from Cheshire, UK -
Outstanding, enjoyable learning experience. Friendships made and new found confidence. Fabulous Jill, thank you so much :-)
Edward Hogan from Co.Tipperary, Ireland -
Enjoyed this class so much I came back again. Great teacher, great energy in the class, everything just flowed for the weekend. A very profesionally run weekend, wonderful healing and lovely hospitality.
Katherine Adler from Cambridge -
Easy to understand, explained in a down to earth way. Gave me confidence in myself to trust what I see and feel. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend, thr group, the food, all amazing. Very relaxing we3kend overall, made the learning easy, the master class was outstanding.
Anette Nyqvister from Sweden -
Outstanding, it learned me to trust myself in what I can feel and see. I also received higher energies. The part I found most helpful was how to get the direct healing energy right from source.
Ruth Jones from Milford Haven -
OUTSTANDING!!! As always, explained clearly, helped to understand at each stage. Friendly, could ask questions without feeling stupid. Great practise physical elements, going through the 7 rays healing sessions with everyone.
Kerry Glover from Limassol, Cypress -
Outstanding, I feel confident to be able to practice on clients, having learnt how to formulate and process and heal. The types of questions to ask a client, how to breathe and work with the angels was most useful. I would like to attend other courses to help me with my journey.
Julie Peake from Belper, UK -
Jill is an amazing teacher and the information/knowledge passed on was spot on and up-to-date. Great location and great people. The whole two days was relevant, needed, outstanding. Thank you!
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