Archangel Therapy Master Class Level 2

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Are You Confused About Angels?

With so much written about angels it can be really confusing to know what is, and isn't true. This is your opportunity to learn with an Angel Expert Jill Harrison, what Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel really are like, and how you can connect with them, and work with them for healing and guidance.


Discover how to connect with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel for spiritual guidance and healing. This in-depth Archangel Therapy Master Class looks at creating relationships with Michael and Gabriel, for the purposes of spiritual guidance and healing. You'll come away with a depth of knowledge of who each Archangel is; and how they can help you and others.

This online class with Angel Expert Jill Harrison will begin with Archangel Michael, where you will experience an Archangel Light Attunement to help you work with the angelic realm, before moving into a personal Archangel Michael Attunement.

You'll discover:

  • Archangel Michael:- Who he is; and his purpose.
  • Archangel Michael Angelic Attunement.
  • How to establish a strong relationship with Archangel Michael and recognise his energies.
  • Archangel Michael crystal work to release fear and phobias.
  • Summoning Archangel Michael for protection.
  • Archangel Michael pendulum work, essential oils and candle rituals.
  • Helping others with Archangel Michael.
  • Archangel Michael self-healing and karmic release meditation.
  • Archangel Gabriel:- Who he is; and his purpose.
  • Archangel Gabriel Angelic Attunement.
  • Recognising Archangel Gabriel's energies.
  • Archangel Gabriel invocation and cleansing meditation.
  • Archangel Gabriel invocation:- a group exercise.
  • Creating Archangel Gabriel spiritual tools to assist you in times of need using essences, essential oils and candle rituals.
  • Helping others with Archangel Gabriel.
  • Archangel Gabriel self-healing and karmic release meditation.
Master Class Objective:-

1) To have a full understanding of the roles of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael
2) To establish a line of communication with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel
3) To gain confidence in recognising and receiving Archangel guidance and healing.

A certificate containing CPD (Continued Professional Development) points will be awared to those who complete a Home Certification Study Examination.

Here's what  some of our delegates have had to say about this particular master class:-

The highlight for me was getting acquainted with Archangel Gabriel, outstanding. - Penny Vassa

Excellent. Everything was interesting. - Jean Chantry

It was nice to meet and share this experience with like-minded people. A lovely group of people and meeting my angel was the most interesting part of the master class. - Susan Hagger

It covered so much. The time flew by, the master class was outstanding and immenseley enjoyable. I found learning about the different attributes of the angels and the intense meditations most useful. Not only did I learn so much, I personally feel stronger, calmer. I came away with greater direction. - Dr Lucy Williamson

Jill, you are an outstanding lady with amazing talents. You have the ability to bring out latent talents in people from all walks of life. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have learnt a great deal from you. Thank You. - Gill Czartowski, Lincoln, UK 

I loved the Michael protection meditation with the crystals and learning about the different traits of Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel's trance channelled meditation was outstanding. All of it was fascinating, it was very well presented with a friendly approach. 
Vanessa Simpson

I just wanted to say thank you, it was so inspirational, I cannot put into words the joy that I feel, it is quite overwhelming.  It was the kick to get me going again.  - Marlene Carter - Essex

You came away feeling a sense of being. Feeling the peace, harmony, love and commeraderie was excellent. - Christine Davies - Lancs. 

Outstanding, all of it. - Dominica Holdsworth - UK

Outstanding - All extremely interesting. - Sonia Samson, Frankfurt, Germany

Very relaxing, easily absorbed information. Interesting meditations. - Lizzie Webster



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