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For those who desire to know what the soul truly wants, then asking the Arcturian Oracle will bring you the answers you seek. If your soul is found wanting, then this reading offers you illumination.
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Wondering what is relevant for you in this lifetime?
Unsure of your life purpose?

Connect with high-frequency consciousness by consulting with the Arcturian Oracle, she will help you move into peace and help you with your core authentic soul growth journey.

For those who desire to know what the soul truly wants, then asking the Arcturian Oracle will bring you the answers you seek. If your soul is found wanting, then this reading offers you illumination.

Not only does this reading offer you insight into what your soul wants, you will be given the wisdom you need to help you get what you want. You will be told what you must 'consider' to assist you, along with what helps or hinders your soul's growth.

Discover the challenges your soul faces, what energies you face and what your future really holds.

This reading is a doorway to your soul, however before you do anything else, you must ask if you are ready to hear the answers that may be given unto you. This reading is a very spiritual experience, it will hold different information, some which you may already know but ignore, and some you didn't even realise existed.

If you can embrace the good, bad and neutral, then you are ready to know what the Arcturian Oracle has to say. If you are not ready to embrace this guidance, put it off until you are drawn back here again.

You may wonder if your future is set and sealed, discover how you change that which can be changed and how you can shape your destiny. The Arcturian Oracle awaits you!

(Please note this is a trance-channelled reading and you can only consult with the oracle once for guidance at this time)




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Debbie from Northumberland -
Thank you so much for my Arcturian reading Jill :-)
I`m feeling a little overwhelmed by the 10 pages of information on my soul`s journey that is so priceless, as soon as I started reading it I just knew it had my name on it.
My past life`s really intrigued me and that included having experience of the knight`s Templar.
I`ve already read it about 8 times, I even got up in the middle of the night to take another look, it`s really made me think about my life now and what I need to do, I would recommend this reading to all that's interested because of the depth of knowledge it will hold, it`s really been a real eye opener for me so thanks once again Jill xxx
Karen from Cheshire, UK -
Another very accurate reading from Jill! I was very interested to see that The Arcturian Oracle recommends a vegan way of eating for me due to my sensitivities to earthly life as towards the end of last year my tastes began to change and I stopped eating meat and feel better for it and my intention for this year is to eventually change over to a vegan diet so I'm already on the right track!
The rest of the reading is full of so much information that is relevant to your soul's purpose and focus, I have had to read it several times already and will continue to read it over the coming months to really digest all the information.
Thank you Jill and The Arcturian Oracle for a beautiful, insightful reading. 10 out of 10!!
Michele Wright from Devon -
I am very pleased with my Arcturian Oracle reading. I could relate to everything that it contained. I was interested to hear of the Roman and Egyptian past lives and also of my wish to become a channel and the obstacles that appear to be in my way. I have read through the reading a number of times and the more I read it the more I understand what it is trying to say to me. I would highly recommend this reading.
Susie Beebe from Alaska USA -
Hi Jill, thank you so much for my Arcturian Oracle Reading! It's probably a big relief to my soul that I got this reading. You have given me a lot of things to work towards and I know that though this process I will be making my soul very happy. With all the information that you gave me I will be able to help my soul get what it needs in order to move forward in its evolution.
Brendan Hill from USA -
Heart-breakingly true.... Typing that just now brought tears to my eyes... Before we can move forward, we must face the truth of how we are. This reading helped me to discover a part of myself I never knew I had - only to reveal that is the soul part of what is holding me back. This reading helped me to listen to the voice inside my head that would tell me "People should not be expressing their authentic truth". This painful truth of my sub-conscious made me discover where that voice was really coming from, and it has allowed me to heal that part of my past. It has made me more aware of how negatively I treat myself sometimes which to me is so great because being aware of the problem is the first step towards solving it.
Becky Prante from Castroville, CA -
I appreciate and have found benefit from all the work of Jill and other reading I have received through her. This reading I will say is the best reading I have had in my life so far. This reading focuses upon where I am and what I need to do to reach Higher Dimensional consicousness and the goals I have set in this life and before embodying. I didn't need to ask questions or give any background information, the oracle brought through exact truth. It wasn't sugar coated, nor harsh, the truth is given in a loving, informative and supportive way. It covered many aspects of life, physical, mental, emotional, work, relationship and how to bring all into balance to move forward into higher consciousness being and living. I HIGHLY recommend this reading. I have only read it once, and I look forward to really spending time with the abundance of wisdom it contains.
Thankyou for the most beautiful reading, it resonated with me from the moment I began to read the text. I have always been fascinated with medieval times and it was mentioned in my reading that I had a previous life during this period, which made total sense to me. There were also lots of other things that were mentioned that made total sense to me and who I am.
It was really a wonderful reading one that I will always treasure.
S. Parker from New Zealand -
You asked for feedback from me. Your reading is incredibly accurate. You spoke of a death; you spoke of my struggles to move on from this; you spoke of this acting as a catalyst for my pursuit of spiritual incite - amazing, and I thank you wholeheartedly.
Lisa Farndon from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK -
Wow. When I first got my reading I had to read it several times before it all went in. Even my friend thought it was out of this world. I have always felt connected to owls, in fact my house is full of owl things and my friends are always buying me owl themed presents. Jill said in my reading I had a connection with Owls. She said I had an Egyptian past life. I have been to Egypt around 9 times and love it there, my children have Egyptian names! She also motioned I was deeply drawn to medieval times which is totally true. I felt such a connection to these times I got
married in a castle several years ago! She knew all about my childhood and my life now. She knew so much about I was knocked sideways. I could go on and on about how accurate my reading was and how much it has helped me. I would highly recommend this reading to everyone! Lisa F
Isabel from Mediterenean -
It's funny how sometimes things that seem so foggy and then you finally admit you want an answer and when you hear the answer to your question life puzzle starts making sense. In my opinion this reading showed me the sense in my past, the path I walk on and gave me guidance on how to apply my free will and nutlike others will. In short, it's great :D :P
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