Arcturian Quantum Cosmic Healing

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Calling all healers who want to work on a quantum level. Activate your divine cosmic presence and learn how to update your cosmic potential, through light-harmonizing energy attunements, so you can access the dimensions of supreme healing.
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Calling all healers who want to work on a quantum level with Arcturian Methods of Healing.

Activate your Divine Cosmic Presence, and learn how to update your cosmic potential, through light-harmonizing energy attunements; so you can access the dimensions of supreme healing.

This 2-day Master Class helps you to access, awaken and remember the Supreme Divine Healer within you.

You will be working with a Master Healer, who channels the attunements and energies, from the Arcturian Master Healers and Archangel Metatron.

When you access the Supreme Divine Healer within, you reconnect with the Universal Life Force Divine Matrix, thereby enabling life blocks to money, success, health and fulfilment, to be lifted from your own energy fields.

Within the Universal Life Force Divine Matrix, are light activation energy codes. By accessing these light activation energy codes, you open the gates to your soul and eternal bliss.

You will work with telepathic light language, and the pure crystalline blue energy, and the violet rays of the universal energy, to increase your own vibrational rate, so you can access and move into your higher dimensional self of love, unity, consciousness and peace.

This process is a spiritual evolutionary process, designed to change the molecular structure of your physical body, evolve and advance your core DNA, so you can exist in a spiritual state of higher consciousness, and experience dimensional evolution.

Through utilising the light-activation energy codes of the Life Force Divine matrix, you will reconnect with your true divine essence so you can step into the empowered divine spiritual being you are.

Your Master Teacher, Jill Harrison, will help you to awaken and activate your ability to exist from a higher soul level, so that you merge with the essence of love and experience powerful spiritual and soul transitioning into the higher dimensions.

This programme has been trance-channelled by Jill Harrison from Archangel Metatron and The Arcturian Master Healers.

  1. Activating your divine potential - Accessing the Divine Source of your soul.
  2. The Octagonal Arcturian Healing Temple - Quantum healing activations
  3. Atlantis Energetic Links
  4. Atlantis Method of Channelling Light Language
  5. Channelling Your Own Stargate for healing and harmonisation
  6. Meeting & Channelling your own Starseed Ascensed Master
  7. Quantum Therapy Sessions - Total Healing on a Quantum Level
  8. Trans-personal Journeying
  9. Accessing The Divine Matrix
What's in it for you?
  • Learn how to heal yourself and others at a quantum level.
  • Come away with an additional skill to add on to your healing skills.
  • Learn a highly advanced form of healing.
  • Learn the original healing methods used in Atlantis.
  • Work with Arcturian healing methods.
  • Gain knowledge of how to heal with energy vibration.
  • Learn how to channel Arcturian energies.
  • Become a more advanced healer.
  • You will not just direct energy, you learn to channel it, like a Master.

  • INCREASE your ability to heal yourself and others on a cosmic level.
  • Feel more aligned and connected with your spiritual healing guides and helpers.
  • Gain skills that will help you to transform energy to cleanse, clear and transform daily problems.
  • Understand your soul's purpose and destiny
  • Align with your spiritual pathway
  • Feel more confident as an energy healer
  • Channel your spiritual healing team for greater diagnosis of issues and blocks
  • Explore your soul's natural healing and intuitive abilities
When? - Email us for the next dates
Where? - Retford DN227JJ - UK
What time? - 9.30 to 5.00pm  for 2 days
How much? - £179.00



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Myra Luz Martinez from Astoria, NY, USA -
Jills knowledge and experience allows me to open fully to the new information and absorb it easily. The meditations, healng, practice and instruction were most useful. You are AWESOME!!
Katerina Zvonaric from Wigan, UK -
Jill was very good and knowledgeable and I learned a lot from her over the weekend. Learning a new healing modality and working with the Arcturian energy was outstanding.
Susan Beebe from Alaska, USA -
OUTSTANDING - These are all the techniques that I will be able to use when I start a practice in California. The Octogan healing, tapping into the planets, these are very advanced techniques and I'm so thankful that you are sharing them with us.
Schabo from UK -
You seem to have known and touched on all relevant points I need to know to step forward towards my goals on my spiritual journey. Helping people and animals passing over, using planetary energies to heal. FANTASTIC ENERGIES, well borught over knowledge, great exercises - OUTSTANDING!
Julie Jewitt from Wakefield, UK -
OUTSTANDING - AMAZING - This was a very powerful and profound experience in using energies and integrating with the Arcturians. Immense energy block release of past karmic connections. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of going home. Feel as if I have achieved a major shift in my spiritual journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Feel more confident in channelling and that fear is diminishing. The Group participation healing session, the feelings of love were over-whelming.
Ian Newton from Sheffield, UK -
Each class I attend, the teachings and energies get higher and higher, thank you Jill for a great experience, and the teachings were out of this world.
Sue Scott from Chesterfield, UK -
The methods and energies are so different to other types of healing, but are complimentary so can work together. Connecting to the Arcturian healers and planetary energies for healing was very powerful and emotional. Fascinating information and ideas, outstanding.
Timothy Ollerenshaw from Folkestone, UK -
It was an amazing experience and I am happy that I experienced this course. Should be most useful to compliment my other healing abilities. The Arcturian healing sessions were very powerful. Outstanding!
Justin Hounkpatin from London, UK -
The energy experienced during the exercises was outstanding. The connection with the planets as well as the group work, a very nice experience. On and off the classes, non-believers would definitely believe. Thank you.
Marta Maciejko from London, UK -
OUTSTANDING - Amazing knowledge, amazing healing and AMAZING TEACHER :) Everything was useful. Thank for everything.
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